Oh kid, I resemble a child in a treats shop at this moment. This is the sort of stuff that truly gets my horological spidey faculties shivering. Recently, I have made no mystery of the reality I am a hotshot URWERK fanboy. I have no second thoughts and make no conciliatory sentiments for the reality. Today I will enjoy this veneration by going active with perhaps the most recent contribution from the Swiss experts of development: the UR-220 Falcon Project.

There is a well-known adage that you should never meet your saints in light of the fact that you’ll just be frustrated. I think this has a specific degree of fitness for the watch world as well. At the point when you see a few watches in the metal interestingly, ones that you’ve envisioned about, here and there that experience can be a touch of disappointing. That was not the situation with the UR-220 C81 — not in any way. This was all that I had longed for, and afterward some.

The Falcon is reborn

Before the fantastic UR-100’s dispatch in late 2019, the UR-210 was my #1 model. While the majority of URWERK ‘s watches have an unmistakable futurist, spaceship vibe about them, the UR-210 was the encapsulation of that figure of speech in my eyes. The smooth, steel, and titanium behemoth was so alluring. The case as well as the time show was hypnotizing. Watching the hour “hand” clear across the lower part of the dial, just for it to satisfyingly snap back as the following satellite entered the casing was mystical. It still is.

Now, URWERK chose it’s time for the UR-210 to develop. Something I love about the brand is its consistent endeavor to advance and develop. That is to say, the UR-210 was at that point pretty progressed. Indeed, even back in 2012, when the Maltese Falcon originally landed, it was progressed. That’s still the case today. Notwithstanding, Herr Frei and Herr Baumgartner saw the chance to make the UR-210 stunningly better, so they did. Enter the UR-220, the natural development of the UR-210.

“Come in, Falcon Project”

Nicknamed “Falcon Project”, the UR-220 is the as good as ever kin of the first “Maltese Falcon”. From the start, you could be pardoned for speculation not a great deal has changed, but then, along these lines, so much is new. Albeit a portion of the key visual parts of the UR-210 have been persisted, the whole development has been overhauled starting from the earliest stage. The case, which looks so like its archetype, is additionally fundamentally extraordinary. It’s extraordinarily cunning what amount is new, but then to the eye, the UR-220 is so clearly part of this equivalent lineage.

Carbon fiber composite

Let’s start with that fantastic case. The UR-220 really comes with two case material alternatives. The more conventional “All-Black” rendition with its DLC steel and titanium case is adequately staggering, however it is the CTP carbon instance of the “Falcon Project”, which truly takes the roll. The CTP carbon was the material that URWERK decided to lead the UR-220 dispatch, with the “All-Black” coming a month or so later. It’s this shocking carbon-clad magnificence I had in my grasp, and goodness. Simply goodness. Now and again words don’t do equity, and I wish I could simply stay with “wow” to depict this thing, however I can’t. That’d be lazy.

So, as I said, this is the CTP carbon. What is CTP carbon? Great inquiry! The CTP represents “Carbon Thin Ply”. Basically, the composite is made of flimsy layers of carbon strands built up in a thermoset epoxy sap. As the carbon strands are painstakingly layered, the subsequent composite shows the delightful example you can find in the pictures after cautious CNC machining. This is very unique in relation to the next carbon composite commonly utilized in watchmaking, fashioned carbon. The carbon strands are haphazardly set in that material, so the subsequent material is more “chaotic” in its last debut. The visual consistency and request of the CTP carbon are all the more undeniably fit to the UR-220 and its futuristic orderliness.

I trust you tuned in science class

Apart from the conspicuous tasteful advantages (general boss vibes), the more unmistakable advantages are different. Given that carbon composites have for some time been utilized in the car and aviation ventures, that in itself says a ton. Carbon fiber is an extremely low-thickness material with a high solidarity to-weight proportion. That’s right; the material is both lightweight (lighter than titanium!) and solid. The two of which are characteristics valued by watchmakers and devotees alike.

Additionally, carbon fiber is naturally impervious to oxidization because of the carbon-to-carbon bonds’ strength in the compound composition. Obviously, focusing in science class was absolutely beneficial — that science stuff really bodes well! This implies that carbon fiber is appropriate for conditions where it very well may be presented to destructive components, like salt-water. Staying with the science, carbon fiber likewise has a low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). This implies it is more warmth safe and more averse to have its shape adjusted by heat exposure. However two additional characteristics that are valuable for watch cases. Along these lines, while the CTP carbon fiber case looks vastly cool and befitting a futuristic watch, the related structural advantages are very beneficial.

A fresh out of the plastic new engine

Urwerk’s fresh out of the plastic new Caliber UR-7.20 has 59 gems and stockpiles to 48 hours of force save, working with a 4Hz recurrence. A cursory look at the development from the front would have handily tricked most into accepting that the motor architecture was the equivalent, however no. The development has had a similar degree of investigation applied to it as the case, and it has been overhauled and reconstructed from the beginning/p>

No stone has been left unturned on URWERK’s journey of horological development. Sure, the brand’s signature satellite meandering hours complication is ever-present. The trapezoidal crystals used to show the hours command the eye’s look as they get across the lower minute track. The “Falcon’s beak” snaps to the new hour as the past one passes. The upper corners of the dial show two pointers, equivalent to the UR-210, however here we have the first change.

Previously these pointers were for two unique employments. One was the force save, while the different was a winding productivity marker. The Falcon Project sheds the last mentioned and rather features a couple of force save pointers, each showing 24 hours. At the point when the development is wound, the right-hand measure tops off first, and when it arrives at 24 hours of force hold, the left-hand check follows suit.

Splitting the force save into two separate markers was an altogether complex errand, requiring 83 individual mechanical parts to accomplish. Things being what they are, the reason did URWERK eliminate the winding proficiency pointer? All things considered, the UR-210’s programmed development clears a path for hand-twisting in the UR-220, making the winding effectiveness pointer to some degree excess. This likewise takes into account a more slender development generally and a decrease for the situation thickness (more on that later), which must be seen positively!

Crack out the motor oil

Flip the UR-220 over, and you’ll quickly be hit with something novel. The case back has a “Oil Change” pointer. Don’t stress; this isn’t something you need to do yourself. You are not needed to open up your 145,000 CHF watch and top up the oil levels. This interesting little complication could all the more accurately be portrayed as an assistance pointer. It basically tells you when it’s time to take your watch in for a service…and an oil change. The more I pondered this, the more I loved it. The slipped by time encourages the wearer to follow their journey with the watch. Combined with the new hand-wound development, the degree of individual collaboration you have with this watch is definitely more than you would with a programmed watch.

The oil change pointer takes the state of a mathematical counter aligned in months and is appeared on two next to each other rollers. The thought is that the watch’s proprietor begins the meter after purchase by eliminating a security pin and squeezing the pusher on the watch’s back. I consider it a meter as it truly helps me to remember the old pay-more only as costs arise power meters from my days in my understudy accommodation — and I imply that emphatically. Starting there onwards, the counter shows the collected running season of the watch in months. At the point when it arrives at 39 months, the time has come to take the watch to URWERK for an assistance and oil change — so, all things considered the pin is supplanted and the counter reset back to nothing. In the photo, the pin has just been taken out. Shockingly, I didn’t get the delight of doing that myself.


Velvet rubber

Even the tie on the UR-220 gets a makeover. Explicitly made to complement the carbon case’s contours and lines, the Falcon Project’s lash is the first run through URWERK has utilized elastic. Nonetheless, this isn’t simply any old elastic; it’s vulcarbonized elastic, giving is a smooth velvet-like feel on the skin. It’s excellent. Wonderful estimating is accomplished by Velcro fastening.

I have for some time been a fanatic of elastic lashes – I have many the things in my tie box, yet nothing very compares to this strap’s comfort. Not even my roared FKM elastic lashes, which I thought were the second coming of Christ in the elastic tie world when I originally found them. The UR-220 is pure luxurious comfort on the wrist, in no little part because of this lash. At the point when a watch costs as much as the UR-220, the tie nearly becomes a bit of hindsight. All things considered, how might a tie truly coordinate? In Falcon Project’s case, the tie is a piece of the plan, as opposed to simply a way to join the watch to a wrist.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Now it’s reasonable for say that if you’ve dished out the necessary moolah to purchase this watch, you anticipate that it should wear well. You expect a watch that feels worth the cost you’ve paid. I’m happy to say that this watch’s wearability and comfort permit you to zero in on the outstanding horological show-stopper inside. It might sting like a honey bee on visual effect, yet it skims like a wonderful butterfly on the wrist.

I’m not going to attempt to say this is a little and under-the-radar watch. It’s not, however it’s not intended to be. In any case, the size has been improved across the advancement from the UR-210. The hand-wound development takes into account a lot slimmer case profile, decreasing the thickness from a weighty 17.8mm to a truly wearable 14.8mm. While 14.8mm isn’t precisely thin fundamentally, it’s slimmer than many jump watches and chronographs. The 43.8mm case width is additionally entirely sensible, particularly combined with the freshly discovered svelteness.

The L2L is a long 52.9mm, however I discovered this was counterbalanced hugely by incorporating the tie to the case. The lash calculated down entirely on my wrist to permit the case to sit completely on my wrist. In fact, when I originally got the watch, prior to tying it on, I truly anticipated that it should be ungraceful, however it was an enjoyment to wear. There’s a possibility that my captivation by the watch might be a little contributing variable to this delight!

Mission successful

In all, this is a phenomenal watch, but one out of the classes of simple humans like me. I’ve heard individuals recommend that URWERK’s watches are only oddities for the rich, yet my contradiction was just cemented after investing energy with the UR-220. This is an intense piece of horological advancement. It rises above being a curiosity and is URWERK showing its watchmaking chops in manners that different brands could just dream of. The Falcon Project is a reverberating achievement. Need to understand more? Investigate .