Limited to 100 pieces in white gold (and another 700 in titanium), Citizen presents to us their ‘Caliber 0100’ (advertised as ‘The Citizen’ in Japan) with a precision of just +/ – 1 second out of each year, without depending on information from satellites or being radio controlled.

This year, Citizen overwhelmed us and presented something ‘high-end’ to us. Also, not even mechanical, yet a quartz controlled watch. Albeit the universe of watch devotees predominantly spins about mechanical watches, there’s additionally a group of people that focuses on the most ideal exactness. Indeed, even quartz watches need to manage a deviation, which is the place where radio controlled and GPS associated watches come set up, to address the time on a quartz observe likewise. However, obviously, there’s additionally such thing as a very good quality quartz watch, that can give preferable precision over the ease quartz developments you’ll essentially find in any modest watch.

Citizen Caliber 0100

Citizen isn’t the first to have an exceptional high exactness quartz development. Brands like Breitling, Grand Seiko, Cartier and even FP Journe have high precision quartz developments in their collection(s). Citizen, be that as it may, can guarantee a maximum. deviation of +-1 second out of every year with their new Caliber 0100 watch.

The Citizen Caliber 0100 is restricted to 100 pieces and just accessible in white gold. You could say it is some sort of extraordinary release or recognition, to commend this new development. Other than the white gold rendition with reference numberAQ6010-06A, Citizen additionally presents this Caliber 0100 development in two titanium watches (AQ6021-51E/AQ6020-53X). Additionally restricted releases, however with more pieces accessible and at a lower price.

Case and Dial

With a case width of simply 37.5mm and a thickness of 9.1mm, this watch isn’t for everybody. All things considered, it fit me well on my 18cm wrist and with its round shape and croco strap I would mark it as a dress watch without a doubt. The case is made of 18-carat white gold as is the fasten that comes with the cowhide tie. Working on it, we likewise locate a white gold setting crown looking like a gem. As indicated by Citizen, it represents exactness and crystallization of their advances. However, generally significant, it is only an extremely decent looking crown.

The ivory dial guarantees that the high cleaned markers and hands give a stunning differentiation. An exact arrangement can be found of the second hand with every one of the 60 files on the dial when seen from the front. The hand makes the ideal stop directly over the marker. It in every case kinda irritated me when costly watches with quartz developments don’t have this, however the Citizen Caliber 0100 shows it is should be possible perfectly.

As you can see, the hour markers have cleaned sides and silk brushed surface on top. The hands have cleaned aspects too and the second hand is somewhat bended towards the end. The hands are loaded up with lume as are the markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. This three-hands watch has no date, giving it a too spotless look. The Citizen logo is applied and situated at 12 o’clock. No further imprinting on the dial, just a little reference to Japan and the caliber number underneath the 6 o’clock hour marker.

Caliber 0100S Movement

To me, the plan of the watch is as of now a feature, with the lovely tone of white gold and dazzling ivory dial. In any case, the genuine accomplishment is in the engine with this watch, the new quartz caliber 0100S development. This development has various fascinating advancements ready, for example, the consistent checking of the precision and temperature movements of the watch and changing when important. The development sways at 8.4Mhz, multiple times higher than the typical 32Khz quartz developments. The higher recurrence guarantees that the watch isn’t influenced by temperature variances, impacts of gravity and age corruption. In any event this is the thing that Citizen claims, as far as I might be concerned, it isn’t clear how a gem with a higher recurrence is more impervious to temperature changes. As this caliber 0100S is an Eco-Drive development, and guarantees it can run a half year on a full charge without the presence of a light source. 8 months even, when the watch is on force save mode. Citizen asserts the development to be impervious to stuns and attraction because of a cunning and plan of the circuit. Eventually, Citizen guarantees that their caliber 0100S development is exact as long as 1 second deviation for each year.

Fitted in the 18-carat white gold case, the Caliber 0100S is made of dark ruthenium-plated material (discolouration and erosion safe), with a striped completion. Citizen ensured you can appreciate the development through the sapphire case back. On the bezel of the case back, you’ll locate the special number for your watch engraved as well.

Pricing and Some Thoughts

In all trustworthiness, the cost came a piece as a stunner to me, as Citizen retails this restricted version watch for $16.800USD (or €17.000,- ). For a white gold dress watch with a top of the line mechanical development that is now viewed as steep, yet putting a quartz development inside – be it a high exactness quartz development – is trying. Without a doubt. All things considered, nonetheless, the development is a feature of how Citizen can manage quartz developments and the exactness is exceptional. The craftsmanship looking into it, dial, hands and the development unquestionably check enough boxes to be viewed as a genuine assembling. Conceded, the watch looks incredibly great on the wrist.

The truth is additionally that this value opens up a ton of opportunities for watch fans. Furthermore, despite the fact that I am almost certain Citizen will sell 100 of these Caliber 0100 watches instantly, this may be an intense transfer speed ($7400 for the all titanium models up to $16.800 for this one). The titanium renditions come with two distinct dials, and I figured I could never say this, yet I incline toward the Mother-of-Pearl dial really. Likewise, I found that the titanium wristband on these models is pretty much as comfortable as they will come.

Price aside, or the readiness to spend that much on a quartz watch, I was exceptionally dazzled by the vibes of the Citizen Caliber 0100, particularly on the wrist. The completing of the multitude of parts is done on an unfathomably undeniable level, including the cleaning (Citizen let us realize they have no extraordinary name for their cleaning methods like Grand Seiko has with their Zaratsu).

The completing of these watches shows again that the Japanese watch industry can compete with the absolute most regarded Swiss and German fabricates. The pre-owned specialized (quartz) advancement probably won’t be the equivalent, however it is simpler to sentence it than to dive in more profound and find out about it. At that point you can generally choose to save the cash in your pockets for a mechanical piece. For myself, I am extremely intrigued by this watch, and the titanium adaptations, however my subsequent hands need to clear, particularly in this value range. I can envision however, that if the accounts are not an issue, it is a fascinating watch (and just 100 pieces around) to add to your collection.

More data can be found on the Citizen site .