French brand Yema never stops to stun me. Its destined to-be-delivered Kickstarter mission will offer a lead Yema Superman model in bronze helped by a GMT model constructed onto an in-house development. The entirety of that (with a sapphire bezel for sure) at the eye-popping cost tag of 750. That sounds forcefully great to me and very unnerving to the competition.

To get a look and feel we don’t need to stand by until the Kickstarter lobby is finished. Yema sent us at Fratello a fresh model so we can review it intently! You be the adjudicator of what’s in the game and join our perusers vote to check whether the new Yema Superman GMT merits going through certain bucks on.

Bronze Yema Superman with extra hand

One significant note to myself: I am truly astonished by the amount Yema can extract from their Superman Heritage model. Truly, in the event that you revealed to me any brand would be delivering a similar watch once more, I would dismiss with a yawn. I took a gander at the Yema site a couple of seconds prior, there are three other the very same Superman GMT watches. Furthermore there are two bronze models and a couple of others with square lists. Be that as it may, here we are, another Superman discharge and again I’m slobbering over the offer. Why?

Kickstarter works for Yema

Time for another “déjà vu” second. It’s June a year ago, I am sitting behind my work area and composing a survey of the Bronze Superman Heritage crusade on Kickstarter. I was similarly energized on the grounds that it was the first run through we’d seen a bronze Superman furnished with an in-house MBP1000 development. Also the amazing €699 sticker price. In case you’re pondering about the eventual outcome, there were around 1,200 other also energized watch fans that promised nearly €1,000,000 in total.

Fifteen months after the fact, Yema is back on Kickstarter once more. I was unable to have envisioned a preferable arrangement over a year ago’s Bronze Heritage. Be that as it may, it turns out my creative mind is deficient. Yema has truly brought the fire this time. A GMT complication assembled onto the brand’s own in-house development at a similar cost? That’s insane talk, correct? Most likely I’ve made a mistake.

Allow me to reality watch that for you: Yema’s three ETA-fueled Superman GMTs in steel retail for €1,499. The new Bronze GMT with an in-house type Yema 3000 will come in at a large portion of the price.

Two sizes to pick from

The project is set precisely as it was done a year ago. On the off chance that you choose to vow, you can pick if your model comes in 39mm or 41mm. A year ago I picked the 39mm and I was unable to be more joyful about it. Because of the completion, there is no uncertainty you are taking a gander at the cutting edge watch. The fair 39mm keeps the vintage DNA and all the components even. A year after my underlying buy, my inclination for the 39mm is even stronger.

Two tones to pick from

While a year ago it was just the measurement you could pick, this year Yema is making it really testing. This year, you have two dial/bezel alternatives to choose. Other than the black you are taking a gander at here, there will be likewise a blue adaptation. Shrewd perusers previously speculated my inclination. Also, I need to concede, it was fast decision.

I don’t think I went after the black since I purchased the blue one final year. They appear to be very much like, yet I see a colossal contrast. A year ago’s model had a blue dial, however the bezel was full-bronze. The numbers on the bezel were decorated. The new delivery comes with a hued sapphire bezel and, in my view, there is too much blue at this point. Press pictures show the blue model fitted on a black calfskin lash, which is likewise marginally off.

In comparison to the most recent year’s bronze Superman model, the significant change to the dial are the lume plots and the way the lume has been applied. The Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 is filled sparkling bronze casings that resemble minimal private lume lakes — saved for your eyes as it were. The date window likewise got a warm bronze edge, as did the rectangular file at six and nine. The expert three-sided list comes in a similar style — mathematical poetry.

Bronze art

After seven days on my wrist, I’ve come to a resolution. The new Superman GMT Black offers somewhat more on top of last year’s recommendation. It feels select. All the engravings with an overlaid impact seem as though they are framed of hot fluid bronze. The bronze application is impeccable even on the littlest letters. It makes for a stunning perspective under the amplifying glass. No jokes, I would not be embarrassed about sliding it in my watch move close to some extravagant jumpers with a ten times securing price.

Pale black

I likewise appreciate the black slope dial that feels paler as you progress to the middle. It’s abnormal and furthermore fits the lume. At the point when I said that the new Yema Superman GMT feels substantially more contemporary, that is the place where the scratch-safe sapphire precious stone bezel with an excellent, reflexive render comes in. The Yema licensed bezel lock and the digging tool hand are unquestionable requirements. Yema fortunately didn’t explore different avenues regarding the GMT hand. It’s simply a fair black stick with an average expansive three-sided tip in red to demonstrate the second time zone.


The just frustration for perusers will be the reality we can’t say a lot regarding the development that has been an advancement of the MBP1000 Caliber. The new development is a mystery until the authority dispatch. The model we got was fitted with a standard development. To the extent we know up until now, the new GMT Yema 3000 development will have 29 gems. “Yema 3000 will be the principal French GMT in-house type in this value range,” says Vanessa Ke, Yema Press and Public Relations Manager. It will be changed in 4 positions and the exactness rate will be conceded inside +/ – 10 seconds. The solitary slump of this audit is that we need to stand by until the delivery to reveal to you more about how the Yema 3000 swings and wears. The case back appears to be indistinguishable from the past one that shows the brand’s memorable crest beautifully decorated with a water powered press.

New discharge in COVID comeback

I got some information about the business foothold in a year ago’s model. “We had a couple of pieces left after the Kickstarter lobby and we were very amazed that individuals would buy it even at the maximum. It’s sold out now, not so much as one piece left.” Due to the second influx of Covid-19 blending through Europe, I am truly inquisitive to see where the last promised whole will end. After a short thought and a look at my wrist, my wager is it will not be fundamentally smaller.

Unexpected story

I posted my blue bronze Superman perhaps multiple times throughout the most recent a year and got two direct purchasing offers. As I was unable to leave behind it, I declined them. I was safe until the second an exceptionally unique individual reached me. It doesn’t occur frequently a regarded painter living in the US whose work you and your significant other respect, asks you for your watch. I was unable to say no. I’m glad I didn’t offer it to an outsider, but instead that I gave it to someone that gives it a more courageous life than the one it had sitting in my safe. However, I need to concede I have missed it from the moment FedEx picked it up.


Even on the off chance that I had kept my first bronze Superman, I would purchase this one as well. Why? This year, we’re being offered significantly more for a similar cash. I know the Yema portfolio very well. I have tried the greater part of the brand’s ongoing deliveries. A bronze Superman GMT with an in-house development for €750 is a ridiculously decent arrangement. I’m in and I pick the 39mm man dressed in black.

The Yema Superman Heritage Bronze GMT will be restricted to 1,948 pieces, each exclusively numbered. Furthermore, that’s the absolute run size. So to make it understood, there will not be 4 × 1,948 pieces, only one altered run of 1,948 pieces altogether.

What’s your interpretation of the new Yema Superman GMT Bronze?

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