When Omega presented the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary in 2017, it was something major! It was an accolade for the first Speedmaster reference CK2915, yet with the type 1861 development. At that point, in 2020, Omega presented the 105.003 recognition with its type 321. How do these two watches compare? Is it worth pursuing a Speedmaster 60th commemoration, or would you like to set aside somewhat more for the Speedmaster Caliber 321?

After distributing , I got a few solicitations to view the Speedmaster 60th commemoration too. And afterward, a week ago in the #SpeedyTuesday Facebook gathering, somebody (Markus) requested that we do a no holds barred between the Caliber 321 and the 60th Anniversary. Things being what they are, the reason not? I’m sufficiently fortunate to possess the two watches, so all it took was an appropriate photoshoot and some an ideal opportunity to study and compare the two watches next to each other. Right away, let’s have a nearer look.

Speedmaster 60th Vs Speedmaster Caliber 321

Interestingly, many begin to compare the ceased Speedmaster FOiS (First Omega in Space) model to the Speedmaster Caliber 321, as a moderate other option. Yet, as I would like to think, the Speedmaster 60th commemoration is more fitting. I never got used to the Speedmaster FOiS. I know how mainstream the Speedmaster FOiS has become ( perused our article on the suspended FOiS here ) so I am likely all wrong.

However, I feel that the Speedmaster 60th (and Caliber 321) are more genuine to their sources. Each has its own cutting edge credits, so nor is equivalent to the CK2915 and 105.003, yet both are unquestionably close. As I would see it, the two models are nearer to their source material than the FOiS is to the first Speedmaster reference CK2998.

Speedmaster 60th Anniversary

Without going into absolute recap mode, a couple of words on the Speedmaster 60th commemoration from an owner’s point of view: this watch was presented as a feature of a set of three arrangement of 557 pieces and as a different watch (3,557 pieces). There’s just a single contrast between the Speedmaster 60th from a Trilogy set and the “stand-alone” form. The Trilogy set watches (Railmaster, Seamaster 300, and Speedmaster) have the one of a kind number (of 557) imprinted on the dial. In my assortment, I have the Speedmaster 60th-commemoration reference 311. — one of the 3,557 pieces. It was really my first in a row drag Speedmaster (with a 38.6mm distance across) to hit my assortment. It appeared with a cost of €6,800, which was well over the €4,600 retail of a standard Speedmaster Moonwatch with Hesalite gem at the time.

I’ve worn the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary just irregularly, I need to concede. Not on the grounds that I don’t like it, but since that year I purchased various Speedmaster watches. I figure Omega worked effectively with the Speedmaster 60th commemoration. Indeed, even the “faux patina” hasn’t troubled me briefly. The lone thing I experience issues with is the wristband. That’s why you will see it in this straight on article with the Caliber 321 on its NATO lash. The wristband is too thick and too substantial, as I would like to think. Furthermore, the catch is really cumbersome as well.

Speedmaster Caliber 321

The Speedmaster Caliber 321 was presented in 2020 and dependent on the first reference 105.003 (from space explorer Gene Cernan). As you probably are aware, this is additionally a straight-carry Speedmaster. It estimates 39.7mm in breadth. The initial three Speedmaster ages all utilized a similar case. That implies that references CK2915, CK2998, and 105.003 all had this equivalent straight-drag plan. The distinction between the breadth of 39.7mm for the Speedmaster Caliber 321 and 38.6mm for the 60th commemoration is brought about by the bezel. Notwithstanding, there’s more to it, as you will peruse in this article.

Unlike the 60th commemoration, the Caliber 321 has opened conveniently into my every day pivot. It has little to do with the case size or shape (as that’s pretty much indistinguishable from the 60th), yet more to do with the wristband. The new level connection style wristband on the Speedmaster Caliber 321 is basically astonishing. Some of you requested that I put a tie on it, however I basically don’t need to eliminate it. I favor the bracelet.

Lémania Calibres

The principle contrast in these watches, and furthermore somewhat answerable at the cost distinction, can be found in the developments. In the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary, you’ll discover the type 1861 hand-wound chronograph. Utilized from 1996 till the finish of 2020 in the Speedmaster Professional. It is a bus cam chronograph, though the type 321 development utilizes a segment wheel.

The 321 development has chronicled importance, as it was utilized on the moon in the Speedmaster 105.003, 105.012, and 145.012 references. Afterward, Lémania’s form of this development was additionally utilized in chronographs from Patek Philippe and other top of the line brands. Beginning in 1968, Omega chose to begin utilizing type 861 (later 1861) all things being equal. It had a higher recurrence (3Hz) than type 321 (2.5Hz/18,000vph).

Calibre 1861

If you need a type 321 on your wrist, there’s just a single alternative here. However, on the off chance that the development is of less significance (additionally maybe because of the cost of €14,000 for the Speedmaster Caliber 321 reference 311., the Speedmaster 60th may be an excellent alternative.

The Caliber 321 watch gladly shows the development through a sapphire case back, while the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary remains somewhat more genuine to the first, utilizing a shut case back engraved with the “Seahorse”/Hippocampus logo. Both case backs have the incline, which likewise made its comeback on the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer .

Straight-hauls head-to-head

One of the main things to see, when comparing the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary with the Caliber 321, is the diverse handset and bezel. The Speedmaster CK2915 had “broad arrow” hands and a steel bezel. Omega essentially duplicated these for this 60th-commemoration release. The steel bezel is a touch more modest and the steel gives the watch an alternate vibe without a doubt. Be that as it may, in any case, it is a lot of a Speedmaster.

Some of you are somewhat furious about the utilization of “faux patina”. Essentially on the grounds that it attempts to appear as though something it isn’t. I consent to a limited degree, yet additionally might want to add that there’s nothing amiss with it from a simply stylish viewpoint. It simply looks more pleasant with the velvety looking Super-LumiNova on all fours. In any case, that’s every one of the a matter of taste, I think.

If you look nearer, it becomes evident that the case completing is diverse also. On the Speedmaster 60th, you will locate that the drags have a serious critical slant. As per Omega, the initial three ages didn’t come with such a slope. All Speedmaster models that left the producer back then, had no slant on the drags. Just thereafter, during administration and even at Omega in Switzerland, they got a slant on the lugs.

Now, we see some negating conversations and messages about this, as there are observes evidently “untouched” that have this slant. Yet, we likewise see old ads and CK2915s that don’t show an incline. This article isn’t to discuss the presence of the incline on the initial three Speedmaster ages however, yet we see that Omega utilized one on the Speedmaster 60th commemoration. Regardless of whether the carry incline was never more than a post-retail expansion, it has become broadly connected with those early cases and feels comfortable on this commemoration model.

On the Speedmaster Caliber 321, there’s no such slope on the carries. Hence, the profile likewise looks somewhat changed. What’s more, is that the pushers on the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary are slimmer. The Speedmaster Caliber 321 has all the earmarks of being a greater watch by and large. This isn’t simply because of the bigger bezel distance across yet in addition due to the white implement hands and dark clay bezel. There’s additionally the progression dial and more profound recessed subdials on the Speedmaster Caliber 321.

Last yet not least, there’s the precious stone. While the Speedmaster 60th regards the materials of the first CK2915 maybe somewhat more, utilizing Hesalite and steel, the 321 uses a twofold domed sapphire and an earthenware bezel. Here once more, it is every one of the a matter of inclination. For day by day wear, I need to say that sapphire and pottery do have a bit of leeway. For looks and legacy, Hesalite is obviously a victor here. I can likewise envision, that repeating the Ed White taking all things together its greatness, so steel case back, aluminum bezel, and Hesalite gem would put off a many individuals who own a unique 105.003.

The Caliber 321 wristband is supreme

One of the principle reasons the Speedmaster Caliber 321 got one of my every day wearers, is the wristband. It is extraordinarily comfortable, light-weight, but then offers a serious strong feel. The arm band on the Speedmaster 60th highlights a miniature change in the catch (without tinkering with instruments), yet it is thick and cumbersome. It makes the Speedmaster 60th 38.6mm superfluously hefty and stout. That’s why I either wear it on NATO (as imagined) or on a 19mm calfskin strap.

However, the uplifting news is — and I attempted it myself — that the wristband of the Speedmaster Caliber 321 fits the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary. The instance of the Speedmaster Caliber 321 has a little score between the carries, and the end connection of the wristband has a lip that fits directly in. Nonetheless, it fitted my Speedmaster 60th, yet I can likewise envision that for the best outcome, you need to scrape down the lip of the end interface a little bit.

A few thoughts

Choosing between these two Speedmaster watches isn’t simple. The Speedmaster 60th Anniversary is an incredible purchase. It offers a ton that Speedmaster aficionados are after: a straight-drag case, “Broad Arrow” hands, steel bezel, and so on The significant defect is maybe that it doesn’t have a similar development as the first Speedmaster CK2915.

The other blemish, as I would see it, is the cumbersome arm band. I additionally need to add that I’ve addressed various proprietors of this watch, and they generally approved of it at all. The Speedmaster 60th Anniversary is ceased and authoritatively sold out. The quantity of delivered watches — for a restricted version — is very high, so you could possibly locate an unused one on a presentation some place. The used market likewise offers various them, for just beneath the first retail cost. Simply ensure you get the full bundle (huge box, desk work, booklets, etc.).

The Speedmaster Caliber 321 is an alternate story. I don’t need to go into the subject of the greater expense compared to the next steel Speedmasters again and again, we shrouded that in video and in various articles. The retail cost is €14,000 and the creation is extremely restricted. This has to do with the manner in which this watch is being made. It is being gathered by hand, and, obviously, highlights the type 321 chronograph development. This development has its own uncommonly committed workshop at the Omega fabricate. Omega’s greatest creation limit with respect to the type 321 is somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 2,000 units for every year.

However, given the way that the production was shut a year ago because of Covid-19, gives me the feeling that far less have been made up until now. Is the utilization of the type 321 and the new arm band worth twofold the measure of the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary to you? That’s an inquiry no one but you can reply (however we’d love to know your contemplations in the comments underneath). Would I have purchased the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary knowing the Speedmaster Caliber 321 would hit the market three years after the fact? I would. I like the watch a great deal, and it has a cool vintage vibe to it. Much more so than the Speedmaster Caliber 321.

Which model could you pick? Cast your vote and advise us why!