Just two days after we said on our webcast that Seiko will most likely have some more deliveries anticipated this year’s 55th commemoration, we’ve been blessed to receive two more restricted release Prospex watches. Meet the Seiko Prospex SLA043J1 and the SPB183J1.

The Seiko SLA043J1 is a re-translation of the Seiko 62MAS that traces all the way back to 1965 ( click here for the first 1965 model ). The other one, the SPB183J1, helps us to remember the Seiko 6105-8110 “Captain Willard” from 1970 ( click here for a top to bottom article on the 6105-8110 ). We are anticipating that the watches should show up on our work areas soon, empowering us to complete an active audit and video.

Until at that point, let’s have a more intensive gander at the SLA043J1 and SPB183J1.

Seiko SLA043J1

Let me start with the one I find generally fascinating, the Seiko SLA043J1. To put it plainly, the first watch (62MAS) was presented in 1965 by Seiko and MAS represents “autoMAtic Selfdater”. This watch has a water opposition of 150 meters — the primary Seiko that could deal with more than 50 meters/5ATM of pressing factor (by determinations). This 37mm hardened steel case was fitted with the Seiko type 6217 development. Back in 2017, Seiko presented an incredible proliferation of the 62MAS, the SLA017. The Seiko SLA043J1 is fundamentally the same as yet has a couple of contrasts. What stays as before is the more current breadth of 39.9mm. The Seiko SLA043J1 has a thickness of 14.1mm.

Special highlights of the SLA043J1

One of the main contrasts is the utilization of Seiko’s “Ever-Brilliant Steel”. It is called this, due to the splendid white tint that gives this watch its extraordinary look. Additionally, this evaluation of steel is more consumption safe than common steel types utilized for watches. Other than that, it is the dial shading that is extraordinary. The Seiko SLA043J1 utilizes a wonderful blue for its dial and has a light blue second hand. The SLA0431J1 comes in an extraordinary box with an extra blue silicon lash. Inside, there’s the celebrated Seiko 8L35 self-winding development that gives 50 hours of force reserve.

Price and availability

The water-obstruction of this watch is 200 meters, a smidgen more than the first 62MAS. It has a sapphire precious stone, screw-down crown, strung case back, and, as referenced, a silicon lash. The Seiko Prospex SLA043J1 will be accessible beginning November 2020 and the retail cost is €4,800. Critically, this watch is restricted to 1,700 pieces.

Seiko SPB183J1

The other Seiko Diver 55th Anniversary watch is the SPB183J1. The first is the Seiko reference 6105-8110, otherwise called “Captain Willard”. Cherished by numerous gatherers and fans, it was likewise utilized by the Japanese traveler Naomi Uemura (1941) who wore it during his eighteen months (1974–1976) solo canine sled run from Greenland to Alaska — an excursion of 12,000 kilometers. Likewise, in 1970, he was the primary Japanese resident to climb Mount Everest. The new Seiko SPB183J1 is another understanding of the watch that Uemura wore during his experience. This time, it has a blue dial, blue bezel, and a yellow seconds hand. An attractive combination!


The Seiko SPB183J1 has a 42.7mm distance across case with a thickness of 13.2mm. The haul to-carry estimates 46.6mm. It comes on a hardened steel arm band with a security fasten and jump expansion, yet in addition with a blue silicon lash. Inside, there’s Seiko’s 6R35 development. One of the brand’s frequently utilized developments it appears, for watches in this cost range.

Price and availability

This watch will likewise be accessible in November 2020. The retail cost of the Seiko SPB183J1 will be €1,450. This watch is restricted to 5,500 pieces.

First Thoughts

My starting inclination is that, out of these two new models, I love the Seiko SLA043J1 the most. I know how exceptional the “Captain Willard” is, yet the case shape makes it something I wouldn’t wear consistently some way or another. The first 6105-8110 are really well known, and costs appear to be everywhere. The €1,450 is by all accounts spot on for a motivated watch with present day specifications.

The Seiko SLA043J1 is something else, obviously. It inclines a touch more towards the high-spec Grand Seikos and previous Marinemasters, with its 8L35 development. Seiko increased their valuing game a piece, which to some is a touch of stun, while others feel it is defended. Compared to what’s out there from different brands, the costs don’t appear to be off the diagram to me.

But when you’re used to the old costs or are curious about Seiko’s all the more top of the line watches, it may feel steep. That’s why we are anticipating going active with these new Seiko Prospex looks for the 55th commemoration of the Seiko Diver. Eventually, it is tied in with encountering the watch and its quality close by. More data through Seiko .