Singer entered the watch scene with a colossal sprinkle back in 2017. Not exclusively was the name new yet so too was the methodology the brand accompanied too. Singer Reimagined took motivation from Singer Vehicle Design to make Track 1. Quick forward to 2020, and Singer is once again at it once more. This time with another model, the Flytrack.

The Flytrack is unquestionably Singer down to the last screw. The case shape, the dial plan, even the development, convey the brand’s DNA. The brand likewise to its wheelhouse, which is chronograph dominance. They made something less difficult and simpler to utilize. However it actually fills a similar need. That is, to quantify passed time. So we should perceive what this new model is exactly.


The new Singer Flytrack is essentially a worked on chronograph. Recall those out of control 1970s Omega Seamaster/Geneve Chronostops? The thought here is the equivalent. The looks, development, and dial format are clearly further developed. Be that as it may, let’s start with the case.

The case state of the new Flytrack is very much like the Track 1′ s. We have an indistinguishable retro, pad shape lodging in Titanium. Much the same as in the past, the pusher is at 2 o’clock, while the crown is at 4. Proceeding with the likenesses, the Flytrack shows the time similarly as its elder sibling. The dark matte earthenware pivoting circle with the triangle shows you the hour. Encompassing the dial, you discover a rehaut in differentiating colors. This is your moment track. The Flytrack has 2 hands. While the sword formed hand discloses to us the minutes, the brilliant orange hand is for the chronograph. We’ll talk about the dial a piece later.

Flytrack Pulsometer

First, let’s perceive how the Flytrack really functions. As it’s a worked on chronograph, you can quantify 60 seconds with it. There is no sub-register for the minutes or hours. As per Marco Borraccino, organizer and originator of Singer, we for the most part utilize our chronographs for the initial 60 seconds.

Interestingly, this chronograph second hands runs continually. Except if you push down the pusher at two, it capacities as a typical seconds hand. To enact the chronograph, you should initially hold down that push. Discouraging it completely makes the hand snap back to 12 and be held there until you discharge the pusher. After doing as such, you can begin to follow slipped by time.

Flytrack Prime Editon

Which drives us to the Flytrack Prime Edition. It very well may be somewhat befuddling what these models are, so allowed me to clarify. The Flytrack will become another model in Singer’s portfolio. Nevertheless,  that won’t occur until the Spring of 2021. Up to that point, to introduce the new model, Singer is delivering its Flytrack Prime Edition at a semi Avant-premiere.

These models have an extraordinary plan and come in a restricted release of 10 pieces for every model. Since Singer offers three models in the Flytrack Prime Edition so we will have 30 pieces in particular. While the ordinary Flytrack will have a steel case, these models come in an evaluation 5 titanium case with a gold digit hand-applied to the case. This digit will convey the restricted version number of the watch. Furthermore, this is the part where we show up at the dial.

As I referenced, Singer’s Flytrack Prime Editon comes in three versions. Each watch is devoted to one exemplary chronograph estimating scale. So we have a Tachymeter (for speed), a Pulosmeter (for a heartbeat), and a Telemeter (for distance) release. The Flytrack Prime Edition Tachmyeter comes with a matte-dark velvet touch dial. A triple tachymeter scale takes up the watch face permitting to quantify normal speed going from 20 to 300km/h.

Secondly, the Pulosmeter is deciphered in a matte-tobacco dial with an ecru throb scale. The scale here is ordered to 15 throbs. Finally, the Flytrack Telemeter sports a matte-dark dial, and a telemeter scale up to 15km. While the rehaut is silver on the Tachymeter and brilliant on the Pulsometer, it is brushed dark on the telemeter, making that model the moodiest of them all.


What made the Track 1 an extraordinary watch was not simply its plan or progressive time show. It was likewise its perplexing movement.  For the subsequent time, Singer collaborated with Agenhor to do something amazing for the type. Obviously, the outcome is amazing. Albeit this development is a lot easier than the Agengraphe (the Track 1’s type), it is still shares a great deal of things for all intents and purpose with it.

Not to make reference to that its subtleties are similarly as staggering. The Singer Flytrack’s type has 350 sections. 60 hours of force save is ensured on account of the hand-wound movement’s twofold barrel—a masterpiece. Singer will be delivering these 30 uncommon pieces at 26,500CHF (before nearby duties). You can get them by means of the site or at chose retailers. In the event that you wish to visit Singer’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, click .