The Grand Seiko SBGA231G from their Sport Collection isn’t the principal model that comes to mind when pondering their watches. Maybe it is the competitive market for plunging watches, though in the market, all things considered, the Grand Seikos appear to do quite well. So how can it be that we don’t see very little discussion about the Grand Seiko SBGA231G or SBGA229G for instance? Is it since its looks are excessively near those jumping watches from Switzerland? How about we have a more critical glance at the SBGA231.

Grand Seiko SBGA231G

The SBGA231G is the ‘Grand Seiko’ update of the ‘Seiko’ SBGA031. This implies that after Seiko and Grand Seiko were isolated two years prior, all models got another dial that just designates ‘Grand Seiko’ rather than the twofold naming (‘Seiko’ and ‘Grand Seiko’) they had previously. The SBGA231G is the titanium partner of the treated steel Grand Seiko SBGA229G (once SBGA029G).


Let me start by revealing to you that I am not a devotee of titanium. It is one reason I didn’t accepting the popular Grand Seiko ‘Snowflake’ SBGA211 . It is too light-weight for me, as I like a watch to have some presence (in weight) on my wrist. All things considered, with 137 grams, this SBGA231G isn’t incredibly light-weight by the same token. The steel reference SBGA229G weighs 201 grams, so that is a significant piece without a doubt. As a comparison, a Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN weighs approx. 155 grams. On the wrist, the titanium Grand Seiko SBGA231G wears and feels adequately generous in the event that you have similar issues with titanium as I have.

Divers Watch

Now that I referenced the Submariner in any case, there’s one thing that I regularly hear when it is about this Grand Seiko SBGA229G and SBGA231G model: it looks pretty darn like the Rolex Submariner. Partially, that is exceptionally obvious and it is doesn’t bode well to reject that it has a great deal of similitudes. Then again, a great deal of plunging watches have a comparable look due to those ordinary jumping watch highlights. This goes for the Breitling SuperOcean, the Omega Seamaster 300M and Planet Ocean, maybe even the Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms also. In any case, the dark uni-directional plunging bezel, the crown watches, the dark dial and white hour markers (with rings) of this specific Grand Seiko SBGA231G are in fact somewhat like those from the Rolex Submariner. Is that something terrible? All things considered, it doesn’t merit a cost for innovation maybe, yet all these ‘Submariner’ highlights do make this a utilitarian watch (both the Rolex and Grand Seiko). On the off chance that you’re not troubled by it, there’s definitely no issue. There are likewise enough contrasts and Grand Seiko highlights that make this watch still intriguing and not simply a ‘tribute’ to the Submariner. Maybe it is additionally here that the titanium may be a significant factor for the individuals who lean toward a light jumping watch, as Rolex doesn’t offer their Submariner in titanium.

Spring Drive

Then there’s the Spring Drive development, obviously. I’ve been clarifying crafted by the Spring Drive development a couple of times before, so I recommend you read this or this article in the event that you need to have more insights regarding this development. As far as I might be concerned, the Spring Drive development is certainly an or more, as I love its precision and execution. The constant ‘electric’ clear of the second hand is consistently a delight to notice. There’s just a single disadvantage to Spring Drive as I would like to think, which is the force hold pointer that comes with it. Completely superfluous for a self-winding watch. On the off chance that it shows unfilled, you should wind or wear it. In the event that it is as yet running, just put it on and it will increment once more. I don’t get the purpose of this marker except if a watch has a hand-wound development. All things considered, the Spring Drive development as such is only magnificent in my book.


Where this watch varies from the vast majority of its competition is the plan of the case and particularly the completing of the case. Grand Seiko utilizes Zaratsu (reflect) cleaning strategies for their cases, which brings about a wonderful sparkle. It is something I appreciate most with my own Seiko Marinemaster and Grand Seiko Hi-Beat. The completion looking into the issue is essentially astounding and leaves its immediate competition a long ways behind. The drawback is that a jumping watch is likely likewise going to be utilized as plunging (or device) watch, so it will get a few scratches. Indeed, even the watch we have here for survey has seen some legitimate use. Also, that shows, which can be troublesome for the individuals who need to keep their watches in flawless conditions consistently. Obviously, the Grand Seiko SBGA231G can be restored during administration, and in the event that it irritates you that much you could likewise contemplate whether you shouldn’t utilize a more moderate watch for jumping purposes and simply utilize this one for being pretty. A few group assume that titanium is more scratch safe than steel, however you will get it scratched simply during use. So you definitely should choose for titanium on the off chance that you love the light-weight factor and maybe the hazier shade of the material, in any case the steel SBGA229G is comparably fine (and a €1000 cheaper).

The titanium case doesn’t have a showcase back, which is a pity, as I like to see their type 9R65 development at work. Notwithstanding, perfectionists may differ and get a kick out of the chance to see the case shut. The force hold of the Grand Seiko type 9R65 is 72 hours and it has an exactness of approx. 1 second of deviation each day. Obviously, this watch comes with a screw-down crown. No artistic bezel for this Grand Seiko, however a high cleaned steel bezel, much the same as the MM300 SBDX001 and SBDX017 for instance. The high cleaned finish may make you think it is artistic however, yet it isn’t.


As I previously referenced, some dial components are common for jumpers’ watches. What’s not so common is the degree of finish that Grand Seiko does with their dials. Delightfully cleaned hour markers and GS logo, brushed hands and everything is checked and applied by hand. The solitary thing I don’t care for about this dial is the force hold pointer. In any case, I don’t care for it on any of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive models, including the Snowflake. It ‘breaks’ the dial excessively and makes it all in all too jumbled. The date is situated at 3 o’clock in differentiating colors, which means the plate is white and the printing is dark. Simply the manner in which I like it, all things considered much better lucid this path than on a dark circle with white printing. Stylishly I get it that it is more pleasant when things are coordinating. I wouldn’t have see any problems to have no date by any means, truth be told, however it is kinda useful for day by day use.

The church hands are brushed and loaded up with Lumibrite, (Grand)Seiko’s own radiant compound. It has additionally been applied to the hour markers on the dial. My Seiko and Grand Seiko watches are the best brilliant watches in my assortment, so no analysis here. I love the gold tone GS and Grand Seiko logos on the dial at 12 o’clock, it gives a decent difference with the highly contrasting. At 6 o’clock, simply over the rectangular hour marker, there’s the pointer of the 200 meters of water obstruction. Slight above, you will likewise peruse that this Grand Seiko SBGA231G is controlled by a Spring Drive movement.


The arm band on this Grand Seiko SBGA231G looks very much like the other Grand Seiko wristbands. Three lines of brushed connections and the middle connection as two cleaned interfaces in the middle. So altogether, there are 5 lines of connections. It is fundamentally the same as the cutting edge Omega Speedmaster arm band plan. I’m not actually a fanatic of its style truth be told (the Speedmaster arm band and the Grand Seiko wristband), as I might suspect it would be a lot simpler on the eyes when everything was simply brushed. The quality is excellent however, and the degree of finish is extraordinary also. There’s a simple framework in the catch for broadening the arm band in the event that you need to wear it over your plunging suit, or simply resize it a piece during warm late spring days for instance. It works simple, yet the framework looks somewhat modest, truth be told. A similar augmentation framework can be found on the arm band of the Marinemaster 300 and where I previously thought that it was modest on that watch (with a retail cost of approx. 2500 Euro at that point), it’s not improving when the retail cost of the watch is 7200 Euro.


Make no error, this Grand Seiko SBGA231G is much the same as some other Grand Seiko an incredible piece of designing. The completing is unfathomable, yet it feels a piece as I am rehashing myself again and again with regards to Grand Seiko. I likewise must be reasonable here: I feel that Grand Seiko is (still) a great deal of value for the money, yet the measure of bucks expected to obtain one of their watches has been expanding in the previous few years. The retail cost of 7200 Euro for this titanium jumper is as yet under the 7850 Euro sticker price of a Rolex Submariner Date or a titanium Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M (7900 Euro), however it is drawing near. There’s no uncertainty as a main priority that this Grand Seiko SBGA231G couldn’t measure up to both of these two. Be that as it may, for 7200 Euro a clay bezel would have been overall quite the expansion framework in the catch could utilize a redesign too, particularly compared to the two different watches referenced previously. I figure I would go for the steel SBGA229G variant of this watch myself, for a 1000 Euro, I could live with the 64 grams extra weight.

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