In this meeting with Rolf Studer (Oris co-CEO) and Katsu Manabe (Momotaro), we talk about their new cooperation watch. The Oris Divers 65 Momotaro, with its turquoise dial and denim tie, is the result of these two free players.

The bi-shading (steel and bronze) Oris Divers 65 × Momotaro watch is certifiably not a restricted release, yet an expansion to Oris’s standard assortment. We converse with Rolf Studer about doing uncommon release watches like these, and how these joint efforts come to life. Katsu Manabe discusses the denim culture in Japan and how he connected with Oris. Both are completely rational individuals as you will find in our video meeting and open to talk about any inquiries. Considering that, I arranged my meeting and attempted to make it as easygoing as could be expected. The way that it was performed from home, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, assisted with keeping it loose and informal.

Oris Divers 65 Momotaro

The discussion with Oris and Momotaro gives you bits of knowledge into how the joint effort piece became animated, including the decision for the turquoise dial. Studer — a denim fan himself — clarifies how he met Manabe in Japan and how they resulted in these present circumstances execution of the Divers 65. We additionally contact the subjects of doing uncommon releases (and how the Oris community reacts to them). Ordinarily, I would have flown to Switzerland to visit Oris in Hölstein to do the meeting. Coronavirus keeps me from doing as such, so I will pardon myself for the picture nature of the video (utilizing Zoom). Be that as it may, I trust you will appreciate this video regardless.

You will before long discover an involved survey of the Oris Divers 65 × Momotaro watch here on Fratello. Then, all determinations of the watch can be found in the table below.

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