Ever since the originators of Eza discovered their approach to us we’ve stayed in contact with them. It helps that we live in a similar region and offer a few interests including watches, lager and stogies. Other than that, we just like the Eza models and their sharp recommendation. We’ve covered the Eza Sealander  shortly after it was dispatched trailed by the Eza AirFighter. Furthermore, today they authoritatively present another variant of that watch. Well not actually another form as it is a variety which gives you something to choose.

Eza AirFighter Blue

This new form of the Eza AirFighter comes with a similar 41mm hardened steel case however has a pleasant dark blue dial. Where the dark variant comes with blued hands the blue rendition has impeccable hands which coordinate the case consummately. When taking a gander at the case you notice some inconspicuous subtleties in the completion. From the front the watch looks brushed however when you take a gander at it from a point you perceive how the side of bezel is pleasantly polished.

Another intriguing thing is that the dial comes without a logo and model name. What you see is really laser scratched on the posterior of the gem that likewise has an enemy of intelligent coating.  It is something other than what’s expected and it simply looks great. You can perceive how the light puts the shade of the logo on the dial. A few dials can be somewhat exhausting yet on the Eza AirFighter this isn’t the case. Thanks to a little advance in the dial there is some additional profundity which just looks good.

Subtle plan details

When taking a gander at the case back you will locate a carved picture of the development that controls this watch. Furthermore, believe it or not, who needs an open case back on a watch like this in any case? In the event that you have a complicated development that is exceptionally completed or potentially finished you would need a glass base. However, inside is the solid type ETA 2824-2 development and to make it far and away superior it’s been changed in accordance with 6 situations for most extreme exactness. This development has a force save of 40 hours and programmed winding.


We referenced the inconspicuous subtleties previously and you will most likely wind up valuing them significantly more over the long haul. Regardless of how little they may appear to some, as a watch devotee you will see them. Different watches that make it to our hands for audits come with off the rack ties and clasps, for instance. On Eza watches you will discover decent marked hardened steel clasps and each watch comes with an extra NATO lash. At the point when you consider the cost of just shy of 600 Euro +VAT (if appropriate) the Eza AirFighter gives you a great deal of blast for the buck.

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