I am not a G-Shock authority as is Gerard, but rather I do have a lot of them in my watch assortment. G-Shock is acquiring a considerable amount of prominence among our perusers, and we can most likely envision why. There’s a great deal of significant worth for cash, and they’re additionally only enjoyable to gather and wear.

The first G-Shock I purchased was a 2003 twentieth commemoration model of the first watch. A couple of more followed, taking all things together kinds of shapes and tones, however generally made of sap. This new G-Shock MTG-B2000PH Blue Phoenix is made of metal and tar. Generally significant however is the theme looking into the issue. A rainbow particle plating looking into it and bezel of the MTG-B2000PH.


The G-Shock that is presently presented, is unmistakably something uncommon. Not just as a result of the multi-shaded dial and rainbow particle plating applied to its bezel and case, yet additionally on account of the particulars of the MTG-B2000PH. Yet, let’s talk about the plan first. The case, bezel, and dial are roused by the Blue Phoenix, a bird of Eastern folklore. The Blue Phoenix can consume itself to death and afterward recover from its own remains. I’m glad that G-Shock added this to the public statement of the watch in light of the fact that dependent on the actual watch I wouldn’t have guessed.

On the light-blue particle plated bezel and case, you’ll discover layers of yellow-to-red degree applied. Transversely on the bezel, the long way working on it. Each MTG-B2000PH will have its own novel shading variety because of the plating interaction. On the dial, you’ll discover shaded accents coordinating the rainbow tones looking into the issue and bezel. The pushers are gold-shaded, just as the 4 electrical discharges bezel. The G-Shock MTG-B2000PH comes with a clear naval force blue tie. The lash has a gold-hued attendant and clasp to coordinate the pushers and bezel parts.

The development of the MTG-B2000PH comprises of G-Shock’s Triple G Resist (stun safe, diffusive power safe, vibration-safe). It has a water obstruction of 200 meters. The elements of the Blue Phoenix are 55.1 ×51.0 × 15.9mm, in no way, shape or form a little watch. Much the same as the other MTG models, this one additionally has a sapphire gem. It is fueled by G-Shock’s Tough Solar force framework, guaranteeing around 29 months of nonstop use with the force saving capacity exchanged on.

G-Shock’s MTG-B2000PH has various capacities: every day caution, double time (27 time regions), home time trading, auto late spring (DST) exchanging, power saving, full auto-schedule, LED light. day and date show. On top, you can utilize it along with your cell phone (by means of Bluetooth) to oversee programmed time setting, simple watch setting, world time for more than 3000 urban communities, a telephone locater, etc.  The watch has a radio wave time alignment also. Implying that you don’t need the devoted application to set the right time.

So far, just the cost in Japanese Yen has been communicated, which is 143,000 JPY (approximately 1100 Euros). The cost for different business sectors will be communicated sometime in the future by G-Shock. The MTG-B2000PH will become accessible May 2021.

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