The make from Le Sentier had huge designs to appropriately dispatch the new and refreshed Master Control arrangement in Geneva this year yet shockingly needed to change track to make it an advanced presentation only.

Too terrible, I need to add, since I couldn’t imagine anything better than to go active with the new Master Control watches. The whole line gets an update, from the Master Control Date to the Master Control Chronograph Calendar. My number one JLC complication for a long time, the Geographic, likewise is essential for the new line-up.

The Master Control assortment is an exemplary looking watch, without being excessively exemplary. The threat with monochrome looking exemplary watches is that they will in general look or becoming exhausting. No one needs to wear a watch that partners you with some red jeans and an old Volvo domain. With the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control arrangement, that’s something that won’t occur. The presser that Jaeger-LeCoultre conveyed discusses utilizing immortal plan codes with a contemporary bend. What’s more, that is by and large what it is.

Master Control Collection Updated

Besides the plan update, Jaeger-LeCoultre likewise dealt with two different things: new developments and new calfskin calf ties. I think we’ve all become a smidgen more mindful of our current circumstance, and outlandish ties are the subject of conversation now like never before. In spite of the fact that I am not especially more a devotee of a crocodile nor gator over a calf, I do accept that we (people) need to place more idea and sense into the things we do and particularly how we do them, to safeguard our environment.

No Alligator For Steel Models

Jaeger-LeCoultre utilizes another calfskin cowhide tie for all the Master Control watches presented during Watches & Wonders 2020. It is a delicate matt completion lash, utilizing Novonappa calf cowhide in a tan tone. These ties are created in France, utilizing a vegetable-based tanning measure. After some time, the Novanappa lashes will acquire a specific patina that makes them look far better. As most Richemont watch brands have nowadays, Jaeger-LeCoultre likewise utilizes a fast delivery framework so you can trade or substitute lashes without the requirement for an uncommon device. Some way or another, brands are raving about this for a couple of years (I think it began at the SIHH two years prior), yet truth be told, Patek Philippe utilized this framework for some (many) years as of now. All things considered, the rose gold cases actually come with an exemplary looking croc tie. I wouldn’t have disapproved having a croc grain calf tie instead.

Caliber 899 Movement

For the development updates, Jaeger-LeCoultre reconsidered and re-designed the type 899 development which has become the column for the Master Control assortment. Everything being equal, Jaeger-LeCoultre is the producer with the most noteworthy number of development types and types they can look over. The 15-year-old development has been refreshed after some time, however this time for certain lovely uncommon improvements. The type 899 currently has a silicon escapement, an updated barrel, and various upgrades that make them more energy proficient. Obviously —   and we’ve shown it to you here on Fratello  —all developments are planned, created, and produced in-house by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Without further ado, let’s have a more critical gander at the new Master Control collection.

JLC Master Control Date Q4018420

The Master Control Date is the three-hander in the assortment, yet in no way, shape or form viewed as passage level with regards to quality and the degree of meticulousness. The 40mm case has been marginally restyled, giving it a fresher appearance. In stature, this watch just estimates 8.78mm, predominantly because of the utilization of the thin type 899 development (just 3.3mm thick). Type 899 has a force hold of 70 hours. Not noticeable in the pictures JLC sent us, but rather the watch has a sapphire case back that shows the development. As you can find in the image over, the watch has the new tan calfskin cowhide tie fitted, making it an extremely adaptable watch. Cost will be €7050.


JLC Master Control Calendar Q4148420

This 40mm Master Control Calendar will be accessible in two flavors: steel and gold. Envisioned here is (clearly) the hardened steel adaptation on the calf cowhide tie. Controlled by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s refreshed type 866 development, with similar improvements as the previously mentioned type 899. In spite of the fact that Jaeger-LeCoultre likes to babble its variety of in-house made developments, simply take a gander at how excellent this watch is. It has an extremely spotless plan without becoming boring.

A parcel is occurring in those subtleties on the dial. The day and month gaps are available beneath the JLC wordmark on the dial, and the applied files and Arabic numerals are encircled by a calendar scale. In the event that you take a gander at the base piece of the dial, you will see a colossal hole between the 15th and the 16th! Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watchmakers made a touch of bouncing date-hand complication, not to impede the delightful moonphase circle. That’s pretty cool! Cost will be €11,500.

JLC Master Control Geographic Q4128420

If I am not mixed up, this model used to be called “Geographique” previously, however I surmise JLC needs to ensure that everybody comprehends what is the issue here (maybe great to likewise change “Automatique” to ‘Automatic’ at that point). That’s about the solitary analysis (which it truly isn’t) have about this watch. It is dazzling. A force hold pointer that shows you what amount is left of the 70 hours when it has its greatest limit and a humble date marker in a subdial on the opposite side. A hometime pointer at 6 o’clock with a little yet entirely obvious day/night marker at 9 o’clock.

In Harmony

By utilizing the city plate, you set the subsequent time region. So no count required, simply select a city in the favored timezone and there you go. This watch is somewhat thicker than the Master Control Date obviously, with such a complication yet keeps it at a truly adequate 10.96mm. Inside is JLC’s type 939. With such countless things going on this dial, it is very noteworthy how JLC figured out how to keep it so perfect and amicable. This watch is additionally accessible in their Le Grand Rose gold composite, under reference number Q4122520.

JLC Master Control Chronograph Calendar Q4138420

Remember I composed that the Geographic was my top pick? Well. That changed as of now. The Master Control Chronograph Calendar is a stunning looking watch. Since I am not voyaging in any case, I could truly make due with one of these. It is the thickest Master Control watch of the bundle, with a stature of 12.05mm. Yet, it additionally has the most complications ready. Three marginally depressed sub-dials show the running seconds, minute counter, date, and moonphase. Fueled by JLC’s type 759, which includes a section wheel chronograph instrument with a vertical grasp and gives 65 hours of force save when completely twisted. Wanna be a hotshot (shot-guest)? Attempt the variant in JLC’s Le Grand Rose gold combination, reference Q4132520. Cost will be €15,200 (steel model).

Jaeger-LeCoultre didn’t need to communicate all costs (yet), yet that will likely change over the course of the following not many hours (or days). More data through .