If a book to be expounded on the historical backdrop of German watchmaking from the beginnings until the present time, and a watch to be chosen for the cover the outcome would be straightforward. Unequivocally the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 would take that spot. I can’t think about whatever other watch that an affected the business overall than this one model.

The Lange 1 was and still is the plan motivation for many different brands. The detail of the development, yet not the most complex, is the outline for development planners. The situation with the Lange 1 is irrefutable, and coincidentally this very symbol is commending its 25th birthday this year. Indeed, just a long time since the Lange 1 arose out of the hazy valley of Glashütte and turned into a ad imitandum (a guide to follow).


In this article, I will have a more intensive gander at one of the most recent from the German brand, the Lange 1 25th Anniversary model. To have the legitimate appreciation the watch merits, I need to speak somewhat about the start however. The company was established in 1846 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in Glashütte, Germany. The company worked in creating pocket watches and later wristwatches. Other than the early Lange pocket watches the main watches structure this ear were the Flieger Uhren (pilot’s watches) Lange made for the German Air Force during the Second World War. After the war, Glashütte being on the eastern piece of Germany fell under Soviet watch and the company stopped to exist. After the German reunification in 1990, Walter Lange (the extraordinary grandson of the author) and his colleague Günter Blümlein revived the brand.

Lange 1

Four years after the reunification and the restoration of A. Lange & Söhne , Walter Lange and Günter Blümlein introduced the initial four models of the new company. It was the 24th October 1994 when in the Dresden Palace they revealed four models, individually. The first was; the Lange 1. Over time the watch stayed a strong foundation of the brand that Lange regularly overhauled with new complications or modifications, for example, a moon stage or a tourbillon. The case size also “grew” from 38 to 41.9mm. Various dial adaptations showed up from silver to finish or mother of pearl. Also the naval force of valuable metals Lange 1 cases comprise of; white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, nectar gold, platinum, etc. The watch turned into an ironic expression, where the common Lange 1 plan continued as before yet completely new and unmistakable watches came to existence.

Lange 1 25th Anniversary

For this exceptional celebration, the brand made the Lange 1 the 25th Anniversary. The principle components of the watch didn’t change by any stretch of the imagination. 38.5mm case with a stature of 10.7mm in white gold. The dial is arganté silver with dark blue numerals and lists, all imprinted onto the face. To coordinate the shade of files on the dial the hands are blued steel. The design is equivalent to some other Lange 1 would be. The subdial to show the time is at 9 o’clock, the outsize date opening is a 2 o’clock. You can discover the force hold hand at 3 with the scale running from 2 and 4. Finally, the running seconds subdial is at 5. The deviated plan brought about somewhat of a commotion in 1994. Quick forward to 2019 and perceive the number of different brands attempt to copy this look.

Hinged back

While the silver dial, the white gold case and the blue lists and hands are totally lovely they are not by any means the only highlights satisfying to the eye. In the event that you turn the Lange 1 25th Anniversary over, you can see a shut case back. In the center, you’ll discover an etching of Lange’s settle with the words “25 Jahre” for “25 Years” above and  “Lange 1” beneath this image. To eternalize the two courteous fellows being the fundaments of the achievement of A. Lange & Söhne, Günter Blümlein and Walter Lange’s names are also on the back. This is anyway not all. As it is an official kind case back with a pivot you can open it to uncover the lovely type L121.1, Lange’s assembling development behind the sapphire precious stone showcase window. What grabs our eye initially is the hand-engraved equilibrium cockerel albeit the L121.1 has considerably more to offer.


While the plan of the Lange 1 hasn’t changed much consistently, its development has. The component reflects specialized advancement. The type in the Lange 1 25th Anniversary, the L121.1, is a manual breeze development that the brand presented in 2015. Much the same as its archetype, the L901.0 – the absolute first type in a Lange 1 –  the L121.1 is a delightfully brightened development that has a twin fountainhead barrel with a force hold of 72 hours. You can discover the Lange quality trademarks everywhere on the development; blued screws, engraved equilibrium cockerel, and a three-quarter plate made of German silver. This type is a watchmaking flawlessness both actually and outwardly. The L121.1 has 368 sections, 43 gems, and 8 gold chatons. Its recurrence is 21,600 semi-motions each hour and contains an equilibrium spring that Lange fabricates in house.


The Lange 1 25th anniversary comes on a hand-sewed gator cowhide tie in dim blue with dark sewing. The pin clasp is white gold to coordinate the case material. Because of the size, it sits comfortably on the wrist. This isn’t a games observe so the size is awesome, from legacy as well as from a dress watch perspective as well. As the watch is a commemorative piece it comes with a restriction of just 250 pieces. This is certainly not a colossal number using any and all means yet in the event that you are available for a Lange – and particularly a Lange 1 –  you realize that these watches will not come in huge numbers. The cost, as one would expect for such a piece, is robust. €43, 000 to be exact, yet in the event that you are a Lange fan it merits each penny. And afterward some.

But don’t stress, A. Lange & Söhne will present something extraordinary on each 24th of the month in 2019, until October. We keep you posted!

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