My affection for the Laventure brand is, at this point, presumably notable. I’ve been an eager ally of Clément Gaud and his watches since I previously discovered the Laventure Marine on Kickstarter what feels like an unfathomable length of time prior (it was really June 2017). Paying off (generally) renders as I was at that point, I had no chance to get of understanding what sort of item I would get. Would it satisfy the elevated assumptions its uncommonly excessive cost tag had unavoidably encouraged, or would it miss the mark and be relegated to the positions of “what if?” As I’ve communicated relentlessly, the previous substantiated. My fulfillment with the green-dialed Marine (I caught the last one accessible, ha!) settled on the choice to purchase the following model — the Laventure Sous-Marine — a cinch.

As you can see from the pictures, I picked the bronze case with the dark dial. For Gaud’s second delivery the choices extended to six. For the Sous-Marine, the famous green and blue remained, however the earthy colored was supplanted with a strong dark choice. By then in my gathering vocation, I was starting the move towards hazier dials. Accordingly, the dark alternative in the audacious bronze case (my first) appeared to be a no-brainer.

In the minority

I was somewhat astonished (perhaps somewhat annoyed) that the community didn’t concur with me. The green dials with the bronze cases sold out quickly. The green in the steel and the blue in the bronze before long followed. I’m told by Clément there was an open door to get the blue dial in the steel case (something I lament not doing right up ’til the present time) had I acted quicker, however soon they were gone too.

Both dark dials sat on the rack for half a month, with ten or so bits of each declining to move. I could unquestionably see the fascination of the blue and green models (the dials were simply so unusual at this value point), yet the dark one in bronze was, as far as I might be concerned, the most durable and suffering plan (and the most essentially not the same as the Marine family).

Still, I needn’t have stressed. A few months, every one of the six variations (restricted to 50 pieces each) were sold out. What’s more, doubtlessly, in doing as such, the Laventure family developed to the point that Gaud’s next delivery ( the Transatlantique we expounded on here ) sold out in around two hours. As I generally say: marking gets you the principal deal; the item gets you the second.

Two criticisms

Since I purchased my Laventure Sous-Marine I have not thought twice about it (or my determination) once. I have gladly shown it to all my watch-adoring companions and they all concur with me that it is — front and back — a victory of plan. Before I go down the fan-kid hare opening excessively far, in any case, I need to say that I don’t think this watch “perfect”. I have two reactions. Truth be told, in the two respects, the Marine is the prevalent watch, however I do think the expansion of the uni-directional turning bezel and the extravagantly engraved case back makes the Sous-Marine a by and large more alluring timepiece.


So what might I change? In spite of the fact that I completely, 100%, totally uphold the hardened steel case back for this and every bronze watch, I can’t comprehend the hesitance of brands to combine bronze cases with bronze clasps. Presently, this one is a simple fix. All Laventure requires to do, is to make a bronze clasp and sell it alongside its other (astounding) extras for 100 euros or thereabouts. I would get it instantly. I get that the regularly communicated explanation behind not having a bronze clasp is on the grounds that it is dealt with so every now and again it will patina more rapidly than the case, yet so what? It actually takes a gander at home close to the warm tones of the CuSn8 lodging that splendid white spotless steel.

Dating is never easy

The second problem I have is the dead crown position where a fast change date would be were this a date watch (as the Marine was). I needn’t bother with a date. Indeed, in a div watch not proposed to be utilized by immersion divers (as this one isn’t), I effectively really like to have no date. However, I additionally lean toward the right setting switch to be utilized. That is the sort of region I’m a genuine fanatic for. I’d sooner utilize an alternate development that is suitable for the watch plan than have a non-utilitarian crown position.

Product quality

The item quality, in any case, is blameless. The items turned-out by Laventure since its establishment have been, however much it is conceivable, impeccably made. I’m not commenting on the plan in this passage. Obviously, plan is emotional. On the off chance that you disdain dive watches, you will probably despise the Sous-Marine. In the event that you disdain the Patek Philippe Nautilus, it is impossible the Marine would grab your attention either . You can say what you like about the style, however trust me when I say, the manner in which these things are made is genuinely superb.

I’ve taken a great deal of warmth for staying by this affirmation throughout the long term. A considerable number watch darlings don’t see the “value” in a legacy less autonomous that charges around €3,000 for its products. Unmistakably, that comes down to one’s meaning of significant worth. On the off chance that you accept worth and reasonableness are equivalent, you would be totally right in calling attention to there are numerous other dive watch choices at much lower cost points.

If, nonetheless, you don’t accept each dive watch is made equivalent, the “value proposition” of Laventure becomes a lengthier conversation. Given that I pick the Sous-Marine over an Omega Seamaster 300M (a watch I have worn, dismantled, restored, overhauled, collected, and sold many occasions) should advise you something.

Ambassadors on the wrist

Do I love the Seamaster 300M? Indeed, I venerate it. I need one in my assortment. I simply needed the (carefully restricted) Sous-Marine more. Why? Since it was comparably top notch and more characterful. It was more unmistakable. It surely wasn’t as great actually (the Seamaster 300M is controlled by the heavenly co-hub 8800, which is roads in front of the ETA 2824 utilized here), however when it boiled down to choosing which watch would give me more joy to take a gander at on my wrist consistently, the choice was swift.

I purchase watches to wear. I don’t accepting watches to flip. Seldom do I think about the worth maintenance or enthusiasm for an expected buy. You may think that’s senseless. In the event that you do, you presumably think me frantic for spending this sort of cash on a no-name miniature. That’s fine. In view of those convictions, you have a point. Yet, I view at watches as something that improves our experience on Earth.

People don’t ponder spending a similar sum on a vacation. Why? You don’t get anything back from a vacation with the exception of some dodgy photographs, infuriating tan lines, and food contamination (obviously, I quip, however you understand what I mean). The sensation of sand between your toes is appallingly brief. A watch of character, of character, of value, be that as it may, truly lasts.

Design wins

For me, maybe shockingly given my more specialized foundation as a watchmaker, plan is everything. The development in a dive watch does a task. I need it to do that work well. Past that, I don’t pay it much brain. What I do think often about, nonetheless, are the feel of an apparatus intended to be utilized and perused altogether way of conditions.

I was quick to try out the Sous-Marine (water-impervious to 200m) in saltwater, so went swimming with it the main possibility I got. It performed super well, and in spite of the fact that there was no requirement for the lume at those profundities, it breezed through each assessment I could toss at it.

The comfort of the FKM elastic tie is unparalleled in my assortment, and the equilibrium of the watch on the wrist is wonderful. What I appreciate most, nonetheless, is the manner by which well this plan works with the bronze case. It is 41mm of unadulterated amicability. On the off chance that Laventure proceeds on its present direction one can just envision the sort of future that lies coming up. I’m anticipating being essential for it. Become familiar with Laventure .