The most recent Yema restricted version discharge with a blue-white-red French Air Force emblem is heartlessly cool and affirms the self-evident. The Yema Superman is a “magnifique” watch.

Yema has prepared the French Air Force with indestructible and high-exactness watches since the 1970s. The principal models that left the Yema produce were designed to serve the Air Force Diver Rescue group during helicopter-borne ocean salvage missions. Over the course of the following five decades, Yema watches were additionally utilized by military pilots. In this way, the Superman  model turned into a unique sea-air military device watch.

The most recent Yema Superman discharge was together designed with the French Air Force. The combination of the first Yema design and useful codes with the insightfully positioned mystical blue-white-red badge carries a new look to the celebrated line.

Yema goes PVD

The Yema Superman French Air Force is accessible in steel as well as dark PVD. The secretive dark clothing fits the new Superman the most, as it underlines its military roots. The dark PVD gives this model a completely new point of view. The case, bezel, and dial are ordinarily very prevailing differentiating components on Superman’s picture. In French Air Force Black, all the components mix into one moderate, yet completely readable utility watch.

Super(man) details

Concentric blue-white-red circles wonderfully supplant the 6 o’clock index. The consideration of this notable emblem will no uncertainty trigger all the brave affiliations you have gathered throughout the long periods of watching military aircraft in many war movies. The images connecting Yema Superman to the military are the lone brilliant features, however they stand apart unmistakably, surely ready to get the attention at a glance.

In-house movement

A dark PVD treatment is applied to the hour and moment hands too. The notable second hand with its head molded like a digging tool gets a similar treatment too. A scratch-safe sapphire gem is domed as a source of perspective to the past. This positively provides the Yema French Air Force Superman with an identifiable profile and character.

The wristband with a protected lock comes with a jumpers expansion so it very well may be effectively and immediately changed over a plunging suit. In the event that you plan to deep jump. In the event that you favor lashes, there is a material choice. It is profoundly safe — completely designed for the most extraordinary conditions. The inside of the band is decorated with France’s Air Force logo for an added flourish.

In-house movement

The MBP1000 type is the cherry on top of the cake. Yema presented its own in-house self-winding mechanical development in 2011, following two years of innovative work and a venture of over €3,000,000. Military watches are common. What is more uncommon, notwithstanding, is a military watch designed and collected in the country it is intended to serve.

From that point of view, the French Air Force Superman is an extraordinary piece as of now. Designed by the French, fabricated in France, amassed in France, serving France. It doesn’t have to see a wrist and you as of now have an account of public brilliance and pride.

Helping veterans

Every watch includes a chronic number somewhere in the range of 0001 and 1948. One extraordinarily engaging part of this design is the selection of breadths. Abnormally, Yema is offering this model in both 39 and 41mm. Ideally, these two case sizes will make the Yema French Air Force Superman more comfortable for considerably more customers.

Additionally, The Yema French Air Force Superman shows up in a blue calfskin travel case decorated with the French Air Force logo. To respect each one of the individuals who served respectably in the French Air Force, Yema is giving piece of the deals to the authority French Veterans Foundation. To get familiar with the brand and organization, visit Yema’s official site .