Seiko is having some fantastic luck with its Street Series. For the Seiko Prospex “Tuna” and “Arnie” models, the Japanese brand is adding Urban Safari versions to the lineup.

It is really cool to see that the “Tuna” is doing so well. At the point when I attempted the 6159-7010 and the SDBX011 back in 2015, it seemed like I was wearing something exceptional. You still don’t see them on each wrist, obviously, however with the quantity of varieties that Seiko has, it is certainly more normal at this point. The other adaptation depends on the “Arnie” H558 or its later references SNJ025 and SNJ028.

Urban Safari Tuna

The Seiko 6159-7010 “Tuna” was presented in 1975 and this expert diver’s watch is still a lot of alive in the Seiko Prospex assortments. There are such countless varieties, that it is somewhat of a minefield. Nonetheless, we distributed an outline that will help you out . Seiko is currently offering another expansion to this well known watch, the Urban Safari. Two unique renditions of the Urban Safari will be accessible, the Seiko Prospex SRPE29 and SRPE31.

SRPE29 and SRPE31

Both the Seiko Prospex Urban Safari SRPE29 and SRPE31 have the 4R36 development. This development has a force hold of roughly 40 hours and ticks at 21,600vph. It is a straightforward development utilized in various Seiko automatics. The Urban Safari Tuna has a distance across of 43.2mm (a lot more modest than the “Grandfather Tuna’s” 50.5mm width) and a thickness of 12.67mm. Therefore, it is an entirely wearable watch.

The hardened steel cases have a hard dark covering. The SRPE31 has a “elephant gray” dial, while the SRPE29 has a genuine “safari” feel with its khaki tone. The uni-directional plunging bezels are shading coordinated. The lashes are made of silicon and furthermore arrange with the dial and bezel. Albeit the elephant dark variant is a looker, it is the khaki form that got most praise from the group here.

Prices and Availability

These watches are viewed as expert jump watches (“Prospex”) and have a water opposition of 200 meters. The extra-long silicone lash can be worn over your plunging suit. These watches likewise look cool with a shirt and pants. The Seiko Prospex Urban Safari SRPE29 and SRPE31 will retail for €580 (counting VAT) and will be accessible toward the finish of May or in early June.

The unique “Arnie”

Urban Safari “Arnie”

One of my own buys a year ago was the Seiko Prospex SNJ028, “Arnie” re-version with a bit of gold. I wear it now and again, and I am constantly flabbergasted by how comfortable it is. This is regardless of its (scaring on-paper) 47.8mm measurement. The new Urban Safari “Arnies” have comparative specifications.

SNJ029 and SNJ031

What separates these SNJ029 and SNJ031 from the current SNJ025 and my SNJ028 is the “Urban Safari” shading plan, obviously. The SNJ029 has the khaki-shaded silicon lash and khaki-hued files and scales. The steel case has a cover (external defender) of extra solid plastic. Plastic consistently has this negative tone, however trust me, it is solid! The SNJ031 has a dull green hued dial, silicon lash, and cover. I like the dash of red that Seiko utilized on these models. The second hand is red just as the pushers on the left side. An extremely cool feature.

Inside these watches, you will discover Seiko’s type H851. This ana-digi development returns to 1982 when the H558 was presented. As a child, I had an ana-digi watch (from another brand) that was one of my first watches. It was one reason for me to get the SNJ028 numerous years after the fact. The thickness of these watches is 14.43, so not for the weak hearted.

Price and Availability

The Khaki rendition is my top choice here, albeit a dull green watch without a doubt is a pleasant change. The two watches have a water opposition of 200 meters. The cost of both Urban Safari “Arnies” is €530 (counting VAT). These will be accessible finish of May, early June. More data by means of Seiko .