I’m going truth be told: this isn’t only elite of my five current most loved Rolex watches. This is a showdown with an inquiry that has been at the forefront of my thoughts for quite a while. Is purchasing another Rolex gradually transforming into the tingle you can’t scratch? I don’t like to think as such, yet who I am joking? As I was composing it, I realized this rundown was actually a long-past due farewell to purchasing another Rolex. Consider me a miserable sentimental, yet there is something else entirely to this than essentially accessibility. So let’s proceed to close this book for once and for all.

I have been lucky enough to compose a few sections in our Sunday Morning Showdown segment with my associate Ben. What’s more, throughout the span of these most recent couple of months, we have coordinated up a few Rolex watches against generally Omega or Grand Seiko watches. Here and there Ben is shielding a Rolex that he cherishes, and once in a while it’s my chance to help myself and some to remember our perusers what the fascination of the Crown is. Furthermore, we love doing that since you are helped to remember the brand’s extraordinary history, staggering plans, and innovative advancements.

The shroud of unavailability

At a similar time — pretty much each and every time — the possible cherry on top in these conversations is: you can’t get one at list cost from an AD. Also, that’s disappointing in a conversation. It’s not something that ought to be a factor in these all around hypothetical back-and-forths we are having about which of the two watches offers most to you. All things considered, each time I read a comment that specifies the dissatisfaction of inaccessibility, I can do nothing else except for quietly agree.

Mike additionally addressed the subject in his piece about the new Submariner . An always expanding number of devoted Rolex devotees are profoundly irritated with the circumstance. I don’t view myself as a committed Rolex devotee — not in any way. In any case, I perceive the dissatisfactions. Finding out about them brought up the private matter of which of the current Rolex watches I truly like, and which I would think about purchasing new at an approved seller (in the event that I could)?

And to my own shock, for all of my five most loved flow Rolex watches, I have just come up with other Rolex choices. So this is fundamentally my rundown of five Rolexes I won’t ever purchase new in light of the fact that there is something better looking out for the horizon.

5. Rolex Day-Date President

I love me some gold with regards to watches. Quite possibly the most amazing deliveries I got an opportunity of seeing very close a year ago, was the staggering rose gold Breguet Marine Alarme Musicale 5547 . That watch actually carries a grin to my face, simply considering it. In any case, with regards to a full yellow gold watch, there is just a single approach: the Rolex Day-Date President . It’s a particularly fantastic assertion, and on the off chance that you are searching for supervisor like status, look no further.

Almost twenty years prior, when Fratello author Robert-Jan and I were in our twenties, we built up a preference for the full gold Day-Date. What’s more, we would tongue in cheek say, “When we grow up, we just need a full gold Day-Date.” That idea has consistently stayed with me. Right now, neither one of us possesses one, however our energy for the Day-Date remains unchanged.

And, in a new visit I had with Robert-Jan, we examined Day-Dates again. We both concurred that a vintage piece is the route forward. Focusing on our favored exemplary 36mm Day-Date ref. 118238 saves us a ton of cash compared to another one, and in my book, it is cooler than any of the new ones. It’s simply a question of sorting out when we have grown up. All things considered, the current Day-Date model turned into the first of the brand to die…

4. Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi.”

The first taste of Rolex I really got was wearing a GMT-Master ref. 1675 when I was in my mid twenties. What’s more, it was anything but a terrible taste at that! I never truly got used to the GMT-Master II as I did to the ref. 1675. That was until the principal GMT-Master II Pepsi (ref. 116719BLRO) returned in white gold with a Cerachrom bezel. There was one issue: it was in white gold. Like so many, I was sitting tight for that equivalent watch in pure steel…but not on a Jubilee arm band! Goodness, how I wasn’t right. Putting the ref. 126710BLRO on my wrist used to be sufficient to settle that complaint for good.

The current GMT-Master II Pepsi is a watch that I might want to claim without a doubt. In any case, it is one of those watches you can’t get at an AD, nor at a reasonable cost on the dim market. Used costs have ascended to silly levels. With costs beginning at generally 16K in Euros and rapidly hustling past 20K, it is double its rundown cost. Also, that is simply crazy. It is a figure something I could never at any point think about paying. The other option? A vintage ref. 1675/16750.

I have developed to cherish a vintage GMT-Master in any event, when it is really thumped. Our own Fratello colleague Balazs possesses a ref. 1675 and each time I see him wearing it, I’m reminded how much fun it was wearing that equivalent watch 20 years prior. With costs beginning at 10K, the two references have become very expensive. Nonetheless, it actually saves you a critical wad of cash compared to purchasing another one.

3. Rolex Explorer II Black Dial

The Rolex Explorer II is a Fratello group top pick. I realize Robert-Jan, Ben, and Rob all like the Explorer II a ton. Ransack expounded on the Explorer II as one of the three Rolex watches he was thinking about prior to winding up with his Oysterdate Precision 6694 . One of his challenges with the watch is its 42mm size, and it’s one reason I love it. I’m significantly taller than Rob. That’s why his inquiry is my answer with regards to the Explorer II. Furthermore, I love the downplayed presence that has barely sufficient punch with the orange GMT-hand and orange printing to carry it to life.

I likewise love the Explorer II ref. 216570 in light of the fact that it helps me to remember my number one vintage Rolex, the Explorer II ref. 1655. Better believe it no doubt, I know the dial of the ref. 1655 is an agony to peruse in light of the fact that there is so much going on. Much the same as Rob, I additionally feel that is the thing that makes it a particularly eccentric and cool watch in any case . Furthermore, before clarity becomes a real issue, the odds I’ll be spending the vital 25-30k on a ref. 1655 are getting slimmer constantly. Yet, that’s a fantasy I’ll set out to settle in an alternate article.

There is one issue with the current Explorer II, nonetheless. The odds of you getting one at your neighborhood AD are practically nothing. The beneficial thing, nonetheless, is that you won’t need to search for an alternate watch. Current used costs have not soar, so this may be my most obvious opportunity with regards to claiming a current model Rolex I really like. It’s a miracle!

2. Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose Gold

For many, this will be the curve in this rundown. Yet, I totally love this watch. From the second the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 in Everose gold (ref. 116655) was delivered in 2015, I was stricken. The combination of rose gold with the matte dark bezel embed and the dark dial is splendid. This is a downplayed watch that can undoubtedly be your rose gold day by day wearer without being too flashy.

There are many Rolex fans that say the Everose gold Daytona with a similar Oysterflex arm band is a tastefully comparative watch and the better pick. The lone thing I can say is that I firmly can’t help contradicting you. There is an explanation there is no Daytona in this rundown and let’s leave it at that. In 2019 Rolex refreshed the Yacht-Master 40 in Everose gold (ref. 126655) with the new Caliber 3235. Also, Rolex supplanted the simple connection catch with the glidelock clasp.

Is that reason enough to visit an AD and request one for €26,000? The short answer is no. The more extended answer is that this is one of the current Rolex watches that doesn’t sell above rundown cost used. You could rapidly several thousand Euros by purchasing a dim market or a used one. Also, a subsequent choice is go for the original ref. 116655 and save significantly more. In any case, I would not be en route to my neighborhood AD for this gem.

1. Rolex Submariner

The number one can’t be an astonishment. Both on the grounds that it is presumably the most famous Rolex look out there and on the grounds that I have made its a well known fact that this is my #1 current Rolex. I really incline toward the new ref. 124060 without a date over the ref. 126610LN you find in this picture. What’s more, I figure Rolex worked really hard making the following stride in the advancement of the Submariner. Also, I would be setting aside up the money and be headed to an AD on the off chance that I could get my hands on one.  But we know the response to that. What’s more, getting one for far over 10K Euros is additionally not what I’m keen on. My adoration for the Submariner is extraordinary, yet not that great.

No, the appropriate response lies by and by before. A long time back, I had a Sea-Dweller ref. 16600 on my wrist for a long while, and I cherished that watch. The somewhat chunkier profile of the Sea-Dweller fit my wrist consummately, and that is the thing that started my affection for the Rolex plunge watches. Throughout the long term, I changed to the Submariner since I essentially didn’t care for the fresher age Sea-Dwellers for a few reasons. The momentum age Sea-Dweller is too enormous, and I’m not very attached to the bustling bezel with an entire hour long scale. It’s why the current Submariner is at the highest point of my list.

But the ref. 16600 exemplifies consummately what I love about both the Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller. Also, interestingly, the costs of a used one have not gone up as hysterically as numerous current Submariners and Sea Dwellers. At generally 8K Euros this is my ideal swap for the current Submariner and the Rolex watch at the highest point of my own wishlist.

Final Thoughts

Some of you may feel that a portion of the watches referenced are not legitimate options for the current models since they are not all cutting edge Rolexes. In any case, I would say you are overlooking the main issue. I totally love every one of the five of the current models referenced in this Top-5. What’s more, I would readily get them all at list cost with the exception of the Yacht-Master — that is in the event that I had the cash. Yet, I am not, at this point keen on aching for something I can’t purchase or am not able to pay the premium for. Also, consequently the watches referenced are the ideal option for me to supplant the current Rolex models. The Sea-Dweller is my main, as it essentially carries the greatest grin to my face. In any case, what might you pick in the current environment? Tell us in the comments segment beneath.