Have you saw what number of brands have committed to the coordinating tie dial pattern? Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a striking plan that conforms to this year’s most sizzling look. Dark red compared with a tempered steel case offers JLC’s most acclaimed model a chance in the arm. This Reverso One has sacks of character and requests your attention.

If you’re into intense tones, your supplications have been answered. The following time you’re checking your watch assortment for something striking, remember  Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘s take on red. The rectangular plan includes a 30-m water-safe case that is 40mm length, 20mm width, and 7.9 mm thick. Made of treated steel, it highlights 27 splendid cut jewels (0.3 ct) that permeate the bezel with an alluring class deserving of this watch’s notoriety. As a matter of fact I love the wonderful way the method of masterminding precious stones features the parity of the case, white Arabic numerals, and gleaming hour and moment hands.


The dial of Reverso One is the most impressive element of this watch. The dark red sunray guilloché lacquered dial accentuates the example put on the internal piece of the case. Be that as it may, this model comes with an undecorated etching. That leaves space for a touch of personalization should its proprietor so want. The sparkling gator tie is a last, outlandish prosper, to an extremely energetic timepiece.

Caliber 657

For those Jaeger-LeCoultre’s fans who appreciate its unique model as well as adoration to wind their watches, I have pitiful news. This Reverso One is furnished with JLC type 657, a quartz development that guarantees the right time without winding.

Watches in intense tones are a simple styling stunt. The mid year is embodied by brilliant shades and a total surrender in their application. It is the ideal time for a brand to take a risk on a more uncommon tone. Essentially, it’s likewise the ideal time for clients to face a challenge. In the event that you need to flavor up your base with one component in a strong tone or hype the shades of red, this Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One may be your mystery weapon.

The Power of Re(d)verso?

The Reverso is a watch that permits the independence of the individual wearing it to sparkle. This model is tied in with wedding the advanced with a feeling of custom. With its new red attire, the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso One has never been chicer. Albeit the expansion of a coordinating tie is not really momentous, it looks the bomb. Above all, notwithstanding, is the way that the decision of shading is very carefully conceived. The unprecedented allure of red may be an assertion that’s difficult to disregard. However, had JLC cushioned its lines when it went to the actual shading, we’d all be turning in the other direction.

Watches for ladies obviously moving toward strong tones and away from plain pomp. The dainty lines of precious stones on this model are a comforting remnant, yet their quality is unpretentious. The plan may not be new, yet this was the ideal method to explore different avenues regarding shading. In that capacity, I’m certain it will strike and move numerous ladies who love clear however neoclassical ideas. Visit the authority site .