We acquainted our Fratello shop with you a couple of months prior. Presently, we are growing it with a determination of used and suspended Omega Speedmaster restricted release watches.

We consistently said that a shop on Fratello should just have watches that we love. What’s more, you know that we do adore our Omega Speedmaster watches. We additionally know a great deal with regards to Omega and Speedmasters, which is significant with regards to offering used watches. We’ve carefully concentrated each piece. Furthermore, nitty gritty portrayals accompany every one of the Speedmaster models we’ve curated for you. Subsequently, we can vouch for all of them.

Limited or numbered editions

Furthermore, the entirety of the Omega Speedmaster models we are offering are restricted or if nothing else numbered versions (like the Omega Speedmaster From Moon to Mars release). None of the models we offer come from our private assortments, nor from Omega. They are totally bought by us. A few models we would unquestionably rather save for our own wrists. Shockingly, it doesn’t work that way. Yet, it does reveal to us we have an extraordinary choice of watches torn up pretty bad. We cautiously curated a decent assortment of used Omega Speedmaster models, most in totally mint condition, some even unworn.

The refreshed shop

One of the models we offer is right on target for now, an Omega Speedmaster Professional “Snoopy Award” from 2003 . A wonderful mint condition Snoopy with box and papers, ideal for the 50th commemoration of the Apollo 13 mission.

In the refreshed shop you will likewise discover a few models we’ve audited on Fratello previously. There’s an  Omega Speedmaster Gemini IV 40th Anniversary (Blue Panda) . Following that is a surge of Apollo commemoration models including an Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 25th Anniversary , an Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 35th Anniversary (Panda) , an Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 40th Anniversary, an Omega Speedmaster Apollo XV 35th Anniversary , and an Omega Speedmaster Apollo XVII 30th Anniversary. For those looking for a specialty alternative, we have an awesome Omega Speedmaster From Moon to Mars. For the classicists, there is an Omega Speedmaster Pro 50th Anniversary. Furthermore, for fanatics of guileful dials, we likewise have an especially decent Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Enamel Dial for your pleasure.

All watches are being sent safeguarded and overall for nothing out of pocket or can be gotten on arrangement in The Netherlands. .

We will be continually dealing with our Fratello Shop to offer you something pleasant and special.  Make sure to pursue our pamphlet, so you will be kept up-to-date.