Despite the retraction of Grand Seiko’s culmination, the new watches are being presented at any rate (credit for that). Accordingly, we’re commencing with the new Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Professional Diver’s 600M.

That’s right, Grand Seiko was brought into the world in 1960 and praises its 60th commemoration this year. Not by and large the festival they had as a primary concern in Japan, yet I am certain we will get a chance to see the watches live and to test drive them. For the time being, we’ll need to manage with the public statements they’ve imparted to us.

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Diver’s 600M

This watch may look natural to you. It appears to be like the Grand Seiko Diver SBGA231G ( that I evaluated here ) or maybe better said, to the SBGH255 and SBGH257. While the SBGA231G is a cycle more modest (and “only” water-impervious to 200 meters), it has a Spring Drive development inside. The SBGH255 has a couple of more similitudes to this new 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Diver’s 600M. It is somewhat bigger with its 46.9mm High-Intensity Titanium case, and it has a Hi-beat development. An image of the SBGH257 from 2017 can be found below.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Diver SBGH257

A few more differences

Although the new Grand Seiko Diver (SLGA001) watch looks very much like the 2017 models (like the abovementioned), there are — other than the dial — a couple of more contrasts obviously. First of all, the new Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Diver’s 600M highlights the spic and span Spring Drive type 9RA5 development. This newcomer flaunts an incredible 120 hours power save. This liberal run time is politeness of a double barrel framework. Bizarrely, the barrels are of various sizes. This empowers them to produce the necessary force while staying sufficiently compact to fit inside this new, slimline Spring Drive caliber.

Spring Drive Caliber 9RA5

But it is something beyond more force hold. To praise its 60th commemoration, Grand Seiko built up this new development to become slimmer and more exact than the other Spring Drive developments. Its month to month exactness rate has improved from ±15 seconds a month to ±10 (and ±0.5 each day). The thickness of the development has been decreased from 5.8mm to 5.0mm and the speed of the date change increased.

The decrease in thickness of the development likewise brings about a more slender watch (than the 17mm SBGH255 and SBGH257 for instance). This new Grand Seiko Diver reference SLGA001 has a thickness of 16mm. Alright, that’s still not an extremely slender watch. In any case, considering the 600m profundity rating, that’s pretty noteworthy. I’m sure we’ll locate this one on the wrist of numerous an immersion jumper, who are frequently needed to work at such depths.

Grand Seiko’s development architects diminished the size by repositioning the Magic Lever development. (Fabulous) Seiko has been utilizing the Magic Lever since 1959 and it is a sharp framework that supports the proficiency of oneself twisting instrument by utilizing the energy made by the bi-directional twisting of the rotor.  For the Grand Seiko type 9RA5, the (Offset) Magic Lever isn’t situated in the middle any longer, as the new name suggests. This assists with lessening the thickness of the development. Furthermore, the winding effectiveness stays unaffected by this new configuration.

Shock resistance

But pause, there are more 60th commemoration treats available. In spite of the slimness of this development, Grand Seiko improved the stun opposition of it by embracing another stuff train design. A focal extension (One-Piece Center Bridge) holds them all together, making it more inflexible and accomplishing a stun opposition that satisfies the ISO guideline for divers’ watches. Excellent Seiko imparted an attracting to us on what this new development looks like.

Last however not least, Grand Seiko updated the IC. It is currently outfitted with a sensor to quantify the temperature changes inside the development and compensate for any mistakes due to these in the wavering rate. Both the oscillator and sensor are vacuum-fixed into one bundle, to diminish conceivable outer impacts. Everything is done to keep up the most elevated conceivable precision of the development, and the outcomes are very astounding (+/ – 0.5 seconds per day).


As you can peruse, the SLGA001 is a specialized watch, hello tech, I’d say. The Spring Drive type 9RA5 development as well as the utilization of the brand’s focused energy titanium for the case and arm band. This material is 40% lighter than hardened steel. It is likewise more impervious to scratches, which some way or another consistently look more awful on titanium than on steel. In any event that’s from my own insight of wearing titanium watches. The case development is helium without valve for use by immersion jumpers, and the superior quality sapphire precious stone guarantees clear vision on the dial under practically all circumstances.

The finish looking into the issue, wristband, dial, hands, etcetera is pretty much as great as we’ve come to anticipate from Grand Seiko. There’s an explanation we’ve been raving about taking all things together these years. It’s essentially dazzling. There will be just 700 of these Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary restricted version Diver’s 600M watches. It retails for €11,500 including VAT. It will be conveyed in a Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary box and incorporates an extra blue silicone lash. We can’t hold on to go active with this new Grand Seiko reference. Also, since it is the 60th commemoration, there are stacks more deliveries to come! Stay tuned. More data by means of Grand Seiko .