I’m still not certain how comfortable I feel with Meca-quartz, however, apparently, that vulnerability tributes nothing to hinder me wearing Nezumi chronograph at any rate once every week. I’ve discussed my adoration for different models previously. Those pieces are simpler to process. This model, nonetheless, is something rather unique. The Nezumi Loews Reference LQ1.501 is definitely more lively than my typical toll. Let’s perceive how we got on…

I like tone. My fixation on games (particularly those of the American influence) implies my closet is jam-loaded with clear pullovers commending groups across the nation. Thusly, I don’t mind brandishing a sizzling shade. Strangely, be that as it may, this proclivity for shading infrequently means watches. My assortment is loaded with generally dark dials, with the silver-plated dials of NOMOS Glashütte and the splendid green of Laventures remarkable (and capturing) exceptions.

Until moderately as of late, I didn’t have a solitary blue-dialed watch in my assortment. Presently, I have a small bunch, however its a pattern that’s yet to get me altogether. The latest expansion to the stable is this incredibly blue Loews chronograph. I should let it out stunned me out of the crate, yet not half however much it did when I lashed it to my wrist for the first time.

Surprisingly versatile

Broken record time… Yes, in all honesty, this Nezumi , with it’s (I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it-so-let’s-say-“Beach-Boys”- blue), looks pretty damn great with a suit just as load up shorts. The blue/orange shading combo is maybe extraordinary to such an extent that it delivers the watch an assertion piece that could either organize or appear differently in relation to whatever else you’re wearing.

For those of you that don’t care at all about coordinating your watch to your outfit (particularly for those of you who might never allude to the group you’re wearing as a “outfit” in any case), the tones hang together extremely, well. Blue and orange sit opposite each other on the shading wheel so this is maybe obvious. In any case, it is ideal to see a particularly intense shading decision work where, regularly, they fail.


The Loews is controlled by a Seiko-assembled meca-quartz chronograph module. Strangely, this model exits the going seconds pointer you’d hope to discover on a Voiture or Corbeau model from the brand and doesn’t mess with the movement’s discretionary date work. That two or three things. Initially, it eliminates any visual update this is really a quartz chronograph. Without the venturing seconds hand, you could nearly mess with yourself into trusting it has a mechanical heart. Furthermore, with the quick venturing chronograph seconds hand (that progresses five times each second) it’s not a hallucination that is completely dissipated by inciting the stopwatch function.

The sub-dials show slipped by minutes (at 9 o’clock) and a 24hr pointer at 3 o’clock. Profoundly cleaned hour and moment hands are adequately lumed to give astounding clarity, day or night. Minuscule lume spots for the hour markers take care of their work without being excessively prominent during sunlight hours.

How it fits in the range

The Loews family is the cleanest set-up in the current Nezumi index. The programmed Baleine jumper, which isn’t right now highlighted on the site, had a period just presentation, however as we’re left with just chronographs in the center, competition for the “cleanest face” grant is greatly decreased. The white dial is truly attractive, however the pick of the pack, as far as I might be concerned, must be the restricted version . That is a truly tasteful looking watch, and one of only a handful few PVD-covered cases I would consider adding to my collection.

The tie of this model is appropriate to the watch head in style, however I that the would take a gander at home here long haul (that’s an alternative when you come to buy the watch). The Loews is 40mm wide, yet 11.75mm tall barring the sapphire. That’s 0.25mm taller than the Voiture and it really shows. Moreover, the Loews is totally cleaned which causes it to show up a lot chunkier on the wrist than different alternatives. That’s not an issue by any means, but rather I do lean toward the lower profile of the Voiture. And keeping in mind that the Corbeau has similar measurements, the turning bezel causes it to appear to be much smaller.

One for summer

I don’t intentionally change watches to coordinate the seasons. Nonetheless, it is somewhat unavoidable that my preferences change consistently. It comes down to exercises more than the actual climate, yet I guess the two go connected at the hip. I’ve waxed melodious (broadly) about my affection for these chronographs previously. They fill a significant hole in my watch box. This is actually the sort of thing I go for when I’m accomplishing something more dynamic. Cycling, go-karting, hanging out by the lake (with no expectation of really swimming). That’s where I see watches like this making their hay.

It’s fun. I think with a dial of this shading you can’t imagine that wasn’t proposed. However, past that, it is very much planned. With a particularly moderate cost ($399 including EU charge) I discover it, as I did with the other Nezumi Studios items I’ve checked on, to be a delightful buy. With the collaborate in Stockholm continually chipping away at new plans (and revising those current) I can’t stand by to see what’s next. Become familiar with this model and the brand all in all .