For some time, when I was a child, I think I was the teacher’s pet. I’m not totally sure how comfortable I am with recognizing that, however looking back, I’m sure it should be valid. I hadn’t acknowledged how simple I’d had it until I began to examine the situation of the (three) Nezumi Voiture watches in my assortment. Finally. I’ve discovered my fellow spirit…

Everybody has things in their lives that don’t bode well when stacked close to the remainder of one’s presence. These little inconsistencies make us fascinating. They are all the time the best pieces of us. The unusual dashes of frenzy that make our generally beige presences fly with shading. From outside the business glancing in, it is reasonable to propose that a fixation on watches was my “thing”. Besides in present company that abandons saying. Indeed, if you’re not fixated on watches for what reason are you actually perusing this overlong intro?

Hi. I’m accepting you’re still with me since you, similar to me, are snared on horology. In the event that you’ve read any of my articles previously, you’ll realize I see “acceptable” watchmaking as a lovely wide church. I like to pass judgment on watches on their individual benefits. Comparing everything to Submariners and Speedmasters is silly. It’s like saying there is just one acceptable painting, or one hero of “sports”. Assortment is vital. What’s more, what does assortment give us? Space to explore, that’s what. Furthermore, when you’re feeling especially devilish, why not trial with this novel marvel known as meca-quartz? I did. Furthermore, I absolutely don’t lament it…

Nezumi Voiture Chronograph

The Nezumi Voiture Chronograph was the primary watch made by Nezumi Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. It arose on Kickstarter back in 2015. 243 patrons rejuvenated the venture and, if the other 242 supporters feel equivalent to me, they will be happy they did. The 40mm case (barring crown) has a carry to-haul length of 47mm. Initially, the Voiture was 11.5mm thick including the domed sapphire gem, however now, on the off chance that you mine through the specs on the authority site, you will see the current variant is recorded as 11.5mm thick excluding the sapphire.

How has that occurred, you may ponder? All things considered, the gem profile, among other little subtleties, has been refreshed. Truth be told, these little updates (which incorporate changes to the logo utilized on the dial and the accompanying content) are something I truly like about this watch. It is continually developing as David Campo, the author returns to and improves their design.

While the Voiture isn’t restricted, it very well may be delegated a “batch production” watch. Many of the little brands I’m keen on — especially — adopt this strategy. It is an indication of a company progressing. Albeit numerous brands discharge a plan and live by it, these more modest, more high quality brands search out approaches to better their products continually. What’s more, the cool thing for a client is that your watch, at whatever point you buy it, will be a period case forevermore.


Perhaps the main thing one should specify with regards to the Nezumi Voiture is its wearability. We are seeing an industry-wide interest in more modest watches. The Voiture, which has one of the crispest dial designs for a chronograph I’ve at any point seen, is an illustration of how to do this well. It benefits, obviously, from the dainty meca-quartz development inside. To get this sort of vintage look controlled by a mechanical development, you’d need a physically twisted caliber.

That’s something I’m sure a ton of you couldn’t want anything more than to see for a plan this way. Obviously, that idea has not sidestepped the personalities of the people pulling the strings at Nezumi. Be that as it may, such an endeavor requires significant investment and a great deal of preparation with regards to keeping a brief and reasonable brand message.

The company is, hitherto, most popular for its meca-quartz. And keeping in mind that a basic, time-just mechanical has advanced into the setup (the Baleine model), a chronograph is fundamentally more testing to execute without estranging a group of people that is acquainted with a specific cost point.

The price

And with regards to watches like the Nezumi Voiture, the value point is critical. When you venture outside of the style watch domain (and go several hundred Euros) you’re entering an intriguing area. You’re excessively costly for a non-watch sweetheart to purchase and, maybe, not costly enough to arrive on the radar of extravagance watch fanatics.

Tougher still to overcome is the way that in this circle — the €300-500 section — you have the choice of a great deal of fundamental automatics. A portion of those automobiles even element Swiss-made developments. That’s likely going to be more uncommon with the spike in costs for accessible types from ETA or Sellita, for instance, yet it’s still evident in some cases.

For EU clients, the Nezumi Voiture current retails at €366.75. As I would see it, it nails it as a joyful end of the week wear for watch sweethearts that don’t need to chance their four or five-figure watches while improvising on a sea shore, on their bicycle, or in the slopes, yet need something cool and believable lashed to their wrist to stay with them. I say this from individual experience. I even referenced it in my new article on the Nezumi Corbeau . These are the watches I wear when I’m accomplishing something dynamic that doesn’t require extraordinary water opposition. Also, significantly to me, they are the watches I recommend for individuals simply getting into the hobby.

A great beginning point

Why do I do that? You would figure I may recommend any individual who needs to purchase their first “good” watch to purchase a Speedmaster. And keeping in mind that that’s a strong speculation, it would be distraught of me to expect any individual who has never spent a lot of cash on a wristwatch would feel comfortable plunging into that domain. It is so critical to continually remind oneself what we — an accomplished watch purchasing gathering — consider a unimportant venture may appear to be absolutely insane to somebody that needs to plunge their toes in this unlimited pool for the first time.

And so I return to a brand that does what it set out to do well indeed — to underline plan and high usefulness at a sensible cost. Certainly, it is more costly than a Daniel Wellington, however it has a great deal more about it. It is an uncompromising tribute to the past that realizes when to fire and when to keep its powder dry.

A host of options

As you can see from the photographs, I have the most recent blue-dialed adaptation and a somewhat more seasoned dark dialed form with the gold bezel and pushers. The last isn’t on the site right now as it is as of now sold out, however it hasn’t been ended and is scheduled to get back for certain changes to align it with the current contribution. In the event that you look carefully, you will see the dark dialed model has the old gem profile. The upgraded one is vigorously chamfered at the edges, giving it a taller position and a more vintage tasteful. Talk is, a significantly bigger precious stone advance is being considered for the future. I’m eager to see that close by these two existing options.

The absolute first model I purchased was the white dial rendition. The current reference for that unpictured model is VQ2.101. I discarded it from this review since it has such countless various components it isn’t at all delegate of the current model. The logo, the dial printing, the gem, the clasp, and (I think) even the lume are unique. It may spring up sometime in the future in a 52Mondayz article if the Fratelli appear to be keen on hearing more about it…

Additionally, the Voiture is a tie beast. You can see that I’ve flipped my gold/steel rendition onto a decent earthy colored shell cordovan having worn the lash it made advances on residue. I likewise explored different avenues regarding the blue dial on a Forstner JB Komfit band, which I presently have on the first white dial (and wear in any event double seven days). It is a radiant combo, and with a combined retail of under €500 a solid look I would stand by.


I’ve purchased a ton of watches. During my time filling in as a watch columnist, I’ve got the opportunity to wear and audit hundreds more. I’m in an extremely blessed situation for somebody that eats, breaths, and dozes this specialty. My appraisal of how great something is infrequently comes right away. For the most part, an assessment arises over the long run. I like to go through months dunking all through wearing a watch before I choose a takeaway.

After four years of possessing Nezumi Voiture watches I can say this: I am not baffled. Truth be told, as far as fulfillment, they rank exceptionally in my assortment. They out-punch numerous far “better” watches with far more exorbitant costs and far more prominent name acknowledgment basically due to their incentive. Furthermore, I’m not saying briefly that any of these watches will make you cash. However, I accept, they will satisfy you. What’s more, for under 400 Euros, you can’t say a lot more pleasant than that. Find out more .