In all genuineness, despite the fact that I love this brand from Glashütte, I don’t own a NOMOS leslie gems (yet) nor was there one – truly – on my radar. Reason? They are excessively little for me (or I am too large for them), that’s essentially the explanation. Presently, NOMOS presented 14 new leslie adornments as being important for their ‘At Work Series’.

These new NOMOS At Work Series are not altogether new however. They depend on existing leslie gems from the Tangente, Metro, Orion and Tetra assortment, however make them thing in common: they have large(r) widths, new dials and are ultra-thin.

NOMOS At Work Series in 39mm

As I’ve composed above, I love NOMOS leslie adornments and a few times I simply wish I had the little estimated arms of our patron Michael. Now and again he wears this cool FlikFlak and no one notification it, so little are his wrists. He adores NOMOS and has no reason not to get one I surmise (he may even possess one). All things considered, I surmise I am likewise without pardons any longer, as the new NOMOS At Work Series have a 39mm width. A size that fits me rather well, particularly as a dress watch.

I don’t get the ‘At Work’ thing to be straightforward. NOMOS clarifies it as new leslie adornments that focus on the basics: for men who work in the workplace or working together, instead of the individuals who are cruising or flying planes. That’s a nervy wink to a portion of the brands out there who center around individuals who work in the workplace however would have wanted to be that legend, pilot, moonwalker or COMEX jumper where at any rate their leslie adornments would have given them this ‘sensation’. I think about what NOMOS intended to say with the ‘At Work Series’ is that it is a leslie gems for genuine individuals, similar to you and me. An extraordinary looking piece for consistently wear and use, focusing on most of men without a space, jumping or race suit. Be that as it may, I don’t know why they picked the ‘At Work’ name for these 14 new leslie gems yet I am not a promoting master anyway.

That said, I love the new size and the three dial colors they come in: 12 PM blue, white silver and silver-cut. The cleaned silver-cut dials are simply astounding and would be totally my own pick.

The 14 leslie gems are extremely meager, yet absolutely not very slim (8.65mm for the Orion for instance). I lean toward my leslie gems to have a touch of body so I am completely fine with a 8.65mm thick (or flimsy) leslie adornments The proportion should be acceptable, that is the thing that includes in my book. A 35mm leslie adornments with a thickness of 15mm doesn’t sound good to me nor does a 45mm leslie gems with a thickness of 7mm. Likewise intriguing is that the Orion neomatik 39 is obviously tended to as a 39mm leslie adornments yet truth be told is 38.5mm. NOMOS stresses the way that the leslie gems quantifies an accurate 38.5mm however wears bigger because of the thin case and long hauls, yet gathering together 0.5mm doesn’t sound exceptionally German to me.

13 leslie adornments are in treated steel, and 1 is in 18 carat rose gold; the Metro Roségold neomatic 39 with a retail cost of 7200 Euro. It just gauges 6 gram more than its treated steel sibling, yet the appearance is completely different.

Caliber DUW 3001

All 14 leslie adornments have the NOMOS type DUW 3001 development inside. An in-house development from NOMOS, the 10th really, that is super meager (3.2mm in tallness). This self-winding type twists in the two ways, is comparably thick (or flimsy) as a portion of the manual injury developments out there. Great Glashütte custom is the purported three-quarter plate, a plate that covers the main wheels of the development. A development that has been utilized for more than 150 years thus does this NOMOS type DUW 3001. The development is done with their own NOMOS perlage, a sort of finish that can be found on the base plate, bed cockerel and equilibrium connect. The development can be appreciated by means of the sapphire case backs of these watches.

All 14 NOMOS At Work Models

Here’s an outline of every one of the 14 models. The Tangentes are most alluringly estimated, beginning at 2800 Euro. The most costly NOMOS At Work model is the rose gold Metro neomatik 39, with 7200 Euro. Nonetheless, most models (Tangente, Orion, Metro and Tetra) are around the 3000 Euro mark.

NOMOS Tangente neomatik 39 NOMOS Tangente neomatik 39 silvercut NOMOS Tangente neomatik 39 12 PM blue NOMOS Metro neomatik 39 silvercut NOMOS Metro neomatik 39 NOMOS Metro neomatik 39 12 PM blue NOMOS Metro Rosegold neomatik 39 NOMOS Orion neomatik 39 silvercut NOMOS Orion neomatik 39 NOMOS_ Orion neomatik 39 12 PM blue NOMOS Orion neomatik 39 white NOMOS Tetra neomatik 39 NOMOS Tetra neomatik 39 12 PM blue NOMOS Tetra neomatik 39 silvercut

The Tetra models being my least top picks (yet simply because of the reality I can’t ‘stand’ square watches), the Orion and Metro models are presumably my decision. I like the value purpose of these leslie adornments without question. Very unique in relation to where NOMOS used to be, I frequently hear, however throughout the years their leslie gems likewise improved a ton, particularly when it comes down to the mechanical heart of them. I think the cost is advocated for these leslie gems and would think of them as while being in the race for a fine and thin leslie gems on a strap. Whatever model I’d pick, in any event it would have the stunning looking new silver cut dial. Stunning!

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