Full divulgence first thing: I worked for NOMOS Glashütte for a very long time in International Sales. You may think, in this way, I am unjustifiably one-sided. What’s more, perhaps I am towards models like the Zürich Weltzeit or Orion, however not to all. In the event that there is one family that never got my adoration, it was the Ahoi range. Yet, because of a convenient joint effort with Doctors Without Borders, the tide of assessment may at long last be turning for NOMOS Glashütte’s most rough timepiece.

It consistently struck me as odd that, as a man whose watch assortment is packed with dive and device watches, the Ahoi never impacted me. Of course, in spite of the fact that NOMOS likes to showcase this attractive ticker as a go anyplace, do anything terrible kid, it is really the same amount of a refined and smooth toady as the remainder of the catalog.

And there’s nothing amiss with that by any stretch of the imagination. All my #1 brands do a certain something and one thing admirably. With regards to sharp, mentally planned, unendingly wearable watches, NOMOS Glashütte positions directly close to the highest point of my list.

A little history

So before I “dive” into why this cycle of the Ahoi is the awesome (as I would like to think), let’s help us to remember how we arrived. First and foremost, this model is the furthest down the line expansion to the Doctors Without Borders joint effort assortment. The DWB (or MSF in French and AOG in Deutsch) arrangement watches are constantly restricted and have, previously, focused on the Tangente and Tetra families. By far most of deliveries came out under the Tangente line, and every one was restricted and (much of the time) confined to specific regions (recognized by the dial printing being in a zone fitting lingo). This one has German dial printing and is accessible worldwide.

This time around we have the Ahoi model making its introduction in this restricted assortment that is occasionally turned out to fund-raise for the fundamental, life-saving administrations given by DWB. There are two renditions accessible, one in the “classic” Ahoi measurement of 40mm, and the other in the “neoclassic” distance across of 36mm. The previous highlights the conventional DUW 5101 programmed date development, while the more modest one — the one I decided to acquire — utilizes the DUW 3001 neomatik caliber.

The neomatik type hit the market in 2015 and was a disclosure for the brand. It was a summit of long stretches of examination. At 3.1mm thick/dainty it gave NOMOS Glashütte another base type around which the future heading of the brand could be arranged. All through my vocation with NOMOS, I never shut up about the benefits of this little component and how it merited each euro penny spent on its turn of events. Furthermore, trust me, a ton of euro pennies were spent on the DUW 3001.

A new era

As such, the cost of the principal models fitted with the neomatik type were higher than many set up NOMOS fans were utilized to. Incidentally, because of the manner in which clients compare size to esteem, it made disarray by these new, more modest watches being valued the equivalent or lower than greater (likewise programmed) models from the brand.

As with any new pursuit, it took effort to be perceived. These days, the view of NOMOS appears to have moved, or possibly began to move towards that of a globally perceived and regarded make, as opposed to a gifted and unwavering creator of decent looking watches.


The first time the Ahoi showed up in the neomatik line-up (back in the apparently inaccessible long periods of 2017 as a feature of the Aqua assortment) it neglected to pull in inescapable praise. Consideration, because of the staggeringly brilliant Siren Red and Siren Blue models, indeed, yet approval was delayed to arrive.

That was a genuine disgrace on the grounds that, inside that discharge, there was one genuine jewel. Maybe the most alluring watch I’d seen come out of the brand since the Zürich Weltzeit. The Ahoi 36 neomatik Atlantic, with its turbulent blue dial and fluorescent orange dial specifying, was a shocker. I would have gotten it myself yet for one issue: It wore excessively little. This baffled me as the greater Ahoi consistently wore too big.

However, presently the Ahoi 36 neomatik DWB is tied to my wrist I at last acknowledge where I missed the point. It wasn’t the breadth that made it look so little on my wrist; it was the color.

My most loved combination

The fresh, silver-plated dial of this Ahoi is the same old thing. There was a white dial delivered in 2017 alongside the Sirens and the Atlantic. Aside from the rest of the dial printing cleaned it out. It was all orange and illustrious blue. Lamentably, however appealing as it seemed to be, it was a seriously female look I couldn’t pull off.

Here, be that as it may, we have something altogether unique. The red 12 that is utilized by all DWB models is amazing, in the first place. Past that, the sharp dark printing, the regular Ahoi typeface (which I like to the Tangente’s), and the reward of glowing hands and markers (an extraordinariness on NOMOS models) give this watch a considerably more huge presence on the wrist and — delight of delights — I love it. It at long last suits me. Indeed, with regards to Tangente/Tangente Sport/Ahoi DNA (which is all firmly connected) this is, unmistakably, my number one combination so far.

The bracelet

NOMOS Glashütte at last delivered a wristband. For quite a long time it was top of retailers’ and consumers’ lists of things to get. What’s more, the manner in which the brand went about it shocked me. The development is intriguing. The connections space together like three-dimensional jigsaw pieces. On the posterior, they are held set up by two little screws.

Now, as a watchmaker, you may envision these screws represent no issues for me. Lamentably, during this Covid-19 circumstance, that isn’t the situation. Absurdly, I left my whole tool stash in another country that I right now can’t get to. All I have left with me in Germany a few tie change tools…

Fortunately, I had the option to uncover an old 18mm NOMOS Glashütte Shell Cordovan tie (XS). I popped this onto the new Ahoi to find out about the wearing experience. It was now I understood the amount I enjoyed the watch, and how I could truly see myself adding it to my assortment one day. Remember, that is an assortment that as of now contains four NOMOS watches (and would contain five out of a heartbeat if my tragically missing Weltzeit at any point turns up in one piece). Thus compelling me to add another to the stable would take a genuine accomplishment on NOMOS Glashütte’s part.

Final thoughts

Who knows? maybe that achievement is lashed to my wrist as I type. Let’s perceive how the remainder of the week goes first. In any case, at €3,440 I am woefully enticed. In the event that this model looks excessively little for you, . That one comes in at €3,780. That’s a little premium for the additional complication. I like them both outwardly, however my heart’s with the little one! To study the Ahoi, and NOMOS Glashütte visit the authority site . To find out about Doctors Without Borders look at the .