I worked for NOMOS Glashütte for a very long time. I voyaged everywhere on the northern side of the equator for the benefit of the brand. Any place I went, the inquiries were consistently the equivalent. “Will NOMOS at any point make a bracelet?” things being what they are, no doubt, the brand did precisely that in mid 2019. I thought it was fine, yet I never required my NOMOS watches on wristbands in any case. No, I was more inspired by the second (at that point), ludicrous inquiry: “Will NOMOS Glashütte at any point make the Lambda model in impeccable steel?” Hahaha. No. Never. Or on the other hand so we thought…

LIVE FROM GLASHÜTTE: NOMOS Glashütte HAS delivered the Lambda in hardened steel. I wager you never saw that coming (what do you mean I parted with it in the title?). I am sorry. I’m energized. Despite the fact that I am a watchmaker, a brand rep, an author, blah, blah, blah, before the entirety of that jabber I am a watch sweetheart. Also, I love the Lambda model. In particular, I love its development — the DUW 1001. This is the development NOMOS said could never be conveyed in anything other than a gold case. Indeed, the brand backpedaled on that word today (at last) and, subsequently, we have one of the absolute best dress watches available to enjoy.

And I’m truly not overstating. At the point when you see the value, you will hear what I’m saying. Remember that the rose gold Lambdas start at €12,477 in the 39mm cases. The 41mm white gold variant with a blue dial retails for €14,816. Bank that information and revel in it later when you get to the lower part of this article…

But for how long?

This year points the 175th commemoration of watchmaking in Glashütte. In that capacity, NOMOS has delivered two or three 175-piece restricted runs. For the steel Lambda, it is the same. There will be three “enamel” (paint) dials delivered. One in white, one in blue, and one in dark. There will be 175 bits of each. Ordinarily, I don’t love gleaming polish paint dials, however these do look exceptionally tasteful with the Lambda’s typeface and wonderfully considered dial format. The blue one is — as blue NOMOS dials frequently are — a thing of sweet serenity.

If Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam at any point produce a level dark rendition with white and red printing as a component of their Amsterdam arrangement, you can sign me up — particularly in the event that it came in 39mm, which was forever my favored size for the Lambda.

But in such manner, I was in the minority. By far most of individuals I met and partners I talked with were unyielding that the 41mm (really 40.5mm × 8.9mm) Lambda is better. Also, I do see their point from a “purity of design” viewpoint. The watch was intended to be huge. Also, albeit 41mm sounds emphatically humble on paper, be cautioned that this thing is a wrist devourer. It is, without a sorry excuse for an uncertainty, the greatest 41mm item you will at any point experience. What’s more, it is odd on the grounds that that clear dimensional swelling gives it an immense measure of essence while its inconspicuous and exact dial configuration keeps things humble).

In a nutshell, this one will fly, fly, take off the racks. Thus it ought to. The DUW 1001, with its sun-beam Glashütte ribbing, screw-down gold chatons, and hand-engraved equilibrium rooster is a wonderful thing. In the gold cases it was scarcely feasible (and a span for even the most enthusiastic NOMOS sweetheart). In steel, at this value, it is the best worth dress watch available at this moment. There. I said it. What’s more, I’m adhering to it.

The end of an era

But this news proclaims more than the firecrackers and bubble of festivity. It is the finish of a period. Exactly the same words that broke the information on the steel Lambda’s birth more likely than not murmured the death of its gold archetype. Given that this hardened steel adaptation will be valued at €5,800 — for mercy’s sake, I wish I could underwrite numbers — paying an additional 10,000 (or something like that) for a gold case presently appears, as the Germans would say, “ganz bescheuert”.

And thus lies the interest of this delivery. A considerable number of very good quality extravagance watch marks that produce certain or all models in gold cases are frequently asked by would-be clients to create a similar watch in steel. At times these clients basically lean toward the solidness of the metal. That’s all good. The lion’s share, in any case, envision that this will tremendously lessen the cost of the piece. In all actuality, much of the time, that when you’re managing pricey developments, you nearly might as well put them in a gold case in light of the fact that it seems to add a touch more generally legitimization to the expense. Honestly, in numerous examples, in the event that you change out the gold for steel, you end up with an intolerably costly steel observe instead of an attractively estimated gold alternative.

Here, in any case, NOMOS has completely overturned the apple truck. Furthermore, as apples move around my lower legs I end up gazing at this delivery in amazement. I’m not recently stunned that it has, finally, come to pass, however gobsmacked that the Lambda is currently truly reasonable. Indeed, this is as yet an extravagance item and a genuine advantage to possess, however at under 50% of the Lambda’s past expense, I can’t envision my assortment will stay without one for any longer (particularly if this opens the entryway for future varieties of the idea, as I envision it will). Get familiar with NOMOS Glashütte .