Some articles require more exertion to compose than others. Yet, this will be a simple one. Why? Since I love the Seamaster PloProf. It took me too long to even consider buying one, and when I was prepared for it, Omega suspended it.

But I was fortunate, Omega had the option to assist. Since May 2019, I am the exceptionally cheerful proprietor of a Seamaster PloProf. I love that watch. It watches completely awesome. From across the room, it looks uncomfortable, awkward, and substantial. Substantial it is without a doubt, yet because of the shape and measurements, it really wears pleasantly and “compact” on the wrist. Don’t trust me? Attempt one.

Omega actually creates the titanium models, with a fresher development and without a date. Notwithstanding, I favor the Seamaster PloProf in steel. It is the means by which it was, and how it ought to be, as I would see it. In this article, I chose a couple of utilized Seamaster PloProf watches from Chrono24. Present day ones (2009-2019) and vintage ones. Presently, the vintage ones have a few viewpoints you need to put some time in. It is difficult to locate an appropriate vintage Seamaster PloProf.

Buying a utilized Seamaster PloProf

Before I purchased my Seamaster PloProf, I set aside some effort to choose whether I needed a vintage or a cutting edge Seamaster PloProf. Some time prior, I did a comparison article between the vintage Seamaster PloProf 600M and an advanced 1200M here . Despite the fact that I think the 2009 presentation of the cutting edge Ploprof was the brand’s best re-release ever, there are a couple of contrasts. Other than aesthetical changes, there are various specialized updates also. There’s the crown framework that just works in an unexpected way, and afterward there’s the case development that is extraordinary. While the vintage PloProf is a monoblock case, the cutting edge PloProf has a screw-down case back.


Important for your choice is whether you need to wear this watch consistently, or possibly regularly, or only sometimes. On the off chance that you need to give it some legitimate wearing time, I would (and selected) an advanced Seamaster PloProf ( click here for our Wrist Game, Crying Shame article on the ended PloProf ). It has an advanced in-house created type 8500, scratches won’t hurt so a lot and you can’t commit numerous errors when getting one (pre-owned).

A vintage one is an enthusiast’s dear, without a doubt. The old type 1002 isn’t the most dependable, and regardless of whether you locate an appropriate working one, there’s the issue of the multitude of various emphasess of the watch out there. You will frequently discover dials have been traded. Instead of firsts, it isn’t unexpected to discover administration dials utilized all things being equal. More regrettable still, it isn’t that irregular to discover these offered as original.

As continually, purchasing vintage can be a snakepit ( click here for an article on that topic ), and you need to come arranged. At the point when it comes down to costs, there’s not that much distinction among current and vintage. An awesome vintage with box and papers will cost you a fine buck, yet regularly talking it is about your inclination for current or vintage. Right away, let’s have a more critical glance at my determination of utilized Omega Seamaster PloProf watches.

2012 Seamaster PloProf 1200M on elastic (€5,900)

The last retail cost of the steel Seamaster PloProf 1200M in 2019 was €8,200. That’s a great deal of cash (despite the fact that compared to the competition out there, it isn’t even half awful), however for €5,900, you are buying most likely the best jumpers watch you can purchase for that cash. This specific present day Seamaster PloProf 1200M traces all the way back to 2012 and comes with a container and papers. The case is very cool incidentally — a softshell box with a zipper. The dealer is from Spain and cases the watch is in generally excellent condition. The image authenticates this. One yet however, I love to wear my PloProf 1200M on the cross section shark arm band, and that is excluded with this watch. This PloProf comes on the orange elastic lash with the collapsing fasten. .

2013 Seamaster PloProf 1200M in Japan (€4,575)

The same as above, yet a piece more current. This should be the best arrangement ever, you think. What’s more, that may be the situation in the event that you don’t need to manage customs. This watch is situated in Japan, so make a point to appropriately compute the extra costs when bringing in this watch to the USA or Europe, for instance. Here in The Netherlands, you can add in any event 25% of extra expenses (hi 21% VAT) and in some European nations, it is much more terrible. Additionally, observe the length of the tie! Typically, these elastic ties are long and slit to your wrist size. This tie has a length of 180mm, ensure that this is sufficient for you. An extra elastic tie will hinder you another €280.

2010 Seamaster PloProf 1200M on Mesh (€6,780)

This is the manner by which I like the Omega Seamaster PloProf best, present day rendition with a steel network arm band. Here’s an early current PloProf from 2010, with a case and papers. This is an appropriate full set, with everything there, including some help papers. With the cross section wristband on, this watch weighs around 265 grams, contingent upon the length of the arm band obviously. As indicated by the German merchant from Munich, this utilized Seamaster PloProf 1200M is in excellent condition. .

1970 Seamaster PloProf 600M (€6,430)

Here’s a wonderful vintage Seamaster PloProf 600 from 1970, offered to one of the renowned vintage watch sellers from Munich, Germany. It is a Mark 2 case PloProf (in view of the c-shape crown cut-out) and has an assistance dial and hands. That’s not actually an issue as I would see it, as a significant number of the first dials endured and were supplanted eventually. The watch is in acceptable and reestablished condition, which is reflected in the sticker price of €6,430. The vender is straightforward in the depiction of this watch, and that has frequently all the effect. A lovely vintage piece, that comes on a cowhide lash.

1974 Seamaster PloProf 600M (€6,735)

If you like your Seamaster PloProf 600M to be in an all unique condition, investigate this one. The dial on this one doubtlessly a contextual investigation in wabi-sabi, however it is all unique. It is additionally the motivation behind why you’ll find so numerous vintage Seamaster PloProf 600M watches with administration dial and hands. This reference 166.077 traces all the way back to 1974 and has the first dial, hands, and bezel. It additionally has the Mark 1 case. The “600” on the dial is between the “Seamaster” and “Professional” phrasing, which is the cycle you don’t see that frequently (however is unique). Truth be told, this dial configuration was presented after some criticism from COMEX on the primary dial forms they considered to light and not give sufficient difference. .

…or another one!

I am almost certain that you will actually want to source another and unused Seamaster PloProf 1200M at approved sellers or stores. These have not been simple venders, as these are for the lifelong devotees of Seamaster PloProf watches. So you may attempt your karma and settle on certain decisions in the event that you like to purchase another one in steel. Omega additionally has the Seamaster PloProf 1200M in titanium in the ebb and flow inventory, so in the event that you don’t disapprove of titanium, that is obviously an alternative also. The retail cost of these beginnings at €11,300.

Happy chasing, and in the interim, click here for Jorg’s encounters on wearing a PloProf 1200M .