Who’s not a devotee of the Omega Seamaster 300M?

I surmise there are some of you out there. Particularly in-your-face Speedmaster fans. I get it; the Seamaster 300M assortment isn’t just about as homogenous as the Speedmaster’s. However, I surmise this is important for its appeal. It incorporates watches that actually look extraordinary 25 years after they initially showed up on James Bond’s wrist in Goldeneye (1995). Obviously, after some time, they changed a considerable amount, yet the huge highlights continued as before. Thus, I thought the time had come to take the new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph for a turn. For this situation, the turn is, as you probably are aware, seven days on the wrist. Is it going to wear weighty following a couple of days, or will I be charmed with it? We will see. Despite the fact that I have an inclination after the week is finished, I might not have any desire to take it off my wrist.

Seamaster 300M Chronograph

We have covered different models of the Seamaster 300M previously. I composed an article about James Bond looks too. This watch has a great spot on that rundown as well. In 2018 Omega invigorated the Seamaster 300M line, and, a year ago, they delivered the chronograph variants. This is the specific watch I’m going to take on a week’s ride. At the point when we talk about the 300M, we often fail to remember the way that there is a chronograph rendition of this notable watch. Without a doubt, it never made it to the wrist of Her Majesty’s Secret Agent, however this doesn’t detract from its sparkle. Notorious New Zealand yachtsman, America’s Cup Winner, and Omega diplomat Sir Peter Blake wore it before his less than ideal demise. The Seamaster 300M Chronograph has been available for very nearly 30 years, and this most recent release is similarly however beguiling as the first might have been back in 1993.


In 2018 during the last Baselworld worth joining in (as Swatch Group was all the while displaying), we saw the most recent forms of the Seamaster 300M line. We covered them in those days, obviously. After a year, at the first Time to Move occasion, Omega revealed the following clump, and those were the invigorated Seamaster 300M Chronograph models. This rundown incorporated my watch just as eight different models. Steel, two-tone, or Sedna gold cases with coordinating wristbands or elastic lashes. The dial tones are dark, silver, blue, and on account of the Sedna adaptation, dark, and gold. It is essentially unimaginable not to locate a most loved execution from the setup; the assortment is simply so immense. I’m a straightforward person, so I went with the steel case, dark dial rendition on a dark elastic tie. It’s an extraordinary and adaptable combo, I think.

Wrist presence

What do you think the primary response is of any individual who sees the Seamaster 300M Chronograph on the wrist? Gracious, that’s a significant watch! With its 44mm case, 17.2mm thickness, and 52.2mm haul to-drag length that perception is not really lost. It surely is an enormous piece. In any case, on the elastic tie, the weight isn’t upsetting in any way. Indeed, you feel that there is a delightful piece of metal lashed to your wrist, however it’s not very unbalanced or distressingly unwieldy. Plus, a watch that has a water opposition of 300m must have a solid case. Besides, despite the fact that it doesn’t need to do much with the size, the Seamaster 300M Chronograph is hostile to attractive and has a presentation case back. Not very ratty for a diver.

The Look

You can locate the typical plunging watch includes on it. The Helium Valve at 10 o’clock, a fired unidirectional pivoting bezel, and expansive files with Super-Luminova covering. One thing I love about the Seamaster 300M Chronograph is the way that Omega kept a similar style blade hands as you’d find on the 1993 models. In general the watch doesn’t look that changed. Indeed, it has grown somewhat, the materials utilized in it are more contemporary, and the development is further developed (more about that beneath). In any case, the general look has not changed a lot. The bezel, the dial plan, the pusher, or the hands referenced above are generally qualities of the old model. Where you see the development is the chronograph sub-dials. The early form had a 6-9-12 format because of the ETA 7750 development that Omega utilized in those models. Later forms highlighted the 3-6-9 format — AKA grinning dial.

For this new form, Omega improved on the look. They moved the 12-hour and the hour long sub-dials into one at the 3 o’clock position. While the running seconds sub-dial stayed at the 9 o’clock position. There are two little sub-dial surrenders one another, one showing the minutes while the more limited hand under is intended to give you the passed hours.


The central core of my watch-for seven days is additionally something unprecedented. The Seamaster 300M Chronograph has Omega’s type 9900 beating inside. As you’d anticipate from a Seamaster 300M chronograph model, we are discussing a programmed development. The 9900, nonetheless, is pretty much progressed with a silicon balance spring, section wheel instrument, Co-Axial escapement, a 60-hour power hold, and 54 (!) Jewels. The watch is a METAS-affirmed Master Chronometer and impervious to attractive fields up to 15,000 Gauss. It isn’t just an awesome development yet a marvel as well. The 9900 has rhodium plating with Geneva wave improvement in arabesque. Much the same as each new Omega watch, this one additionally comes with a 5-year guarantee. All things considered, I think this is a quite decent bundle our companions in Biel set up. This will be enjoyable. However, as I said, I might not have any desire to take it off. If you need to look at Omega’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .