Today, we’re investigating a valid Omega Seamaster 300M and an exceptionally high devotion replica. It used to be easy to differentiate. Fakes were modest thump offs. They regularly committed evident errors. A large number of the key subtleties weren’t right. Now and again, everything wasn’t right. However, in today’s world,  replica watches are improving and better. At times, they are terribly near the original.

The counterfeit Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond restricted version for the 50th commemoration of “On her majesty’s secret service” we have here, is being offered online at costs that come exceptionally near 25% beneath retail. Furthermore, it is being offered as a real watch. So this isn’t a watch for the individuals who need to have a modest knock-off with a well known name on the dial.

It is purchased by individuals who are simply being deceived. Upon introductory assessment, the watches show up practically the equivalent. In any event, when you grasp the watch, you need to investigate. Really at that time you’ll see what’s amiss with it. In this video, I clarify the contrasts between the real Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond and the replica. What are the things you need to focus to?

Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond Real vs Fake

As talked about in the video over, the principle contrasts can be found in the subtleties. The completing is messy on the replica, yet not all that messy so you’ll need a loupe or a large scale focal point to ensure. The dial on the replica is OK-ish from a little distance, however very close you will see that the printing isn’t however flawless as it seems to be on the first. Moreover, the etching of the weapon barrel theme is likewise not however sharp as it could be on the valid Seamaster 300M James Bond.

I’ll encourage you to watch the video, however I will put a portion of the definite large scale shots that we took here as well.

Replica Seamaster 300M Dial

As you can see, there are a couple of giveaways. The hour marker in the image beneath is a genuine model, yet barely observable without a loupe or large scale focal point. The completing on all the pieces of the dial and hands is somewhat unpleasant, compared to the original.

Authentic Seamaster 300M Dial

You will discover a few pictures of the valid Seamaster 300M James Bond dial beneath. Much cleaner printing, great applied hour markers, and better materials have been employed.

Replica Seamaster 300M Case

The case has more clear signs that we’re managing a phony here. As should be obvious, the plaque looking into the issue band has a peculiar gold tone and the etchings are defective. The hauls need sharpness also. They have a non-abrasiveness to them where they ought to have a sharp edge. Curiously, the crown of the helium valve is longer (when unscrewed) than the first one. The issue with the majority of these distinctions is, that you need to have the credible watch as a source of perspective point. The most effortless approach to recognize the phony is from the arrangement of the case back. The real Seamaster 300M has a NAIAD lock. This implies it will adjust impeccably. The phony, basically, does not.

The red-filled etching on the rotor is likewise a lot more keen on the valid Seamaster 300M. As shown in the video, a nearby of the phony will show that plainly. As though somebody tipped over a little cup of Revell paint.

Authentic Seamaster 300M Case

As you can find in the photos beneath, the etching is of much better quality on the valid Seamaster 300M James Bond. The case back is adjusted because of the utilization of a NAIAD lock. Likewise, the gold composition and logo working on this issue back is done in a superior manner. The tone is all the more near gold and the printing is all the more clear. A more definite clarification of this can be found in the video.

Identifying the easy way: Master Chronometer

Now, you would feel that the most effortless approach to recognize a phony watch is to view the development. With modest thump offs, that’s certainly the case. Open any of them and you’ll locate some modest Chinese based development inside, in some cases even quartz in a “mechanical model”. Not with the phony Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond restricted version we have here. They even attempted to replicate the development of the development (from the outset sight) and attempted to duplicate the particular Geneva wave Arabesque wrapping up. The equilibrium wheel is a brisk giveaway, however in the event that you’re new to watches, maybe not the thing you center on.


As you can find in the video, we took a magnet and held it to the watch. The credible Seamaster 300M James Bond kept running, as it is Master Chronometer ensured by METAS. One of the particulars of the Master Chronometer certificate is that the watch can withstand an attractive field up to 15,000 gauss. Then, we held the magnet to the phony Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond and it promptly quit running. On the off chance that you haven’t done as such, I recommend you watch the video to see that.

Not a modest thump off

After watching the video, perusing this article, and considering the photos, you will most likely concur with me that this isn’t some modest knock-off. There are some fast checks you can do yourself, similar to the magnet, to distinguish that you’re managing a phony Omega Seamaster 300M that has a Master Chronometer development. In the event that you purchase your new watch from an approved seller, shop, or straightforwardly from Omega, there’s no motivation to be apprehensive you are winding up with a phony. The greatest issue with these great phony watches is that you can’t effectively recognize them as such dependent on the photos that merchants put on the web. On the off chance that these watches are offered for $500, or even $1,500 to $2,000, you know it can’t be valid. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you see this watch, with clear yet little estimated pictures available to be purchased on a site with – 20% to – 25% off the retail price?

Be Careful

We aren’t saying you should just purchase new and in shops, yet we do encourage you to be cautious. The best thing is see the watch in the metal, do a portion of the checks we recorded here (bring a magnet). Obviously, that doesn’t consistently work, particularly when the watch is offered on the web and there isn’t an approach to see it before you click “buy”. Try to ask the dealer for definite pictures. On the off chance that you have any uncertainty dependent on those, fair don’t seek after the purchase.

We utilized this Seamaster 300M James Bond “On her majesty’s secret service” restricted version for instance, however we’ve additionally seen other 300M models being cloned. In the event that you don’t need to manage this stuff, you realize what to do. Go to a store, request straightforwardly from , or go to an approved seller. Discover all our other Omega related articles here .