In late months, we get more inquiries regarding the 1990s Speedmaster Professional watches than at any other time. The ones with tritium dials and hands, that will in general age pleasantly and turn yellow.

It is something I’ve been saying from the beginning — the 1990s Moonwatch is the following best thing! You can in any case discover them with boxes and papers, and they do look wonderful with the tritium on the markers and in the hands turning yellow. Significantly more intriguing maybe, are the variants with show backs. A hesalite gem on the dial and a sapphire case back — what a combo! This article is initially from 2016 (go figure), however considering the new demands we got for more data about these watches, I chose to reexamine the first article and add some more data to it.

Image of the 3592.50 by means of HQMilton

Speedmasters With Display Back

In 1980, Omega presented the main Speedmaster Professional with a presentation back. As a rule, such a watch was a serious uncommon thing around then. In any case, it was just accessible for the 18-karat gold Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI numbered release — reference 345.0802. That watch is controlled by type 861L development, like what later would become the type 1861.

Speedmaster with type 863, picture by means of Sixfignig


That changed in 1985. Omega began utilizing type 863, which depended on the Lemania 1873 development. The principal Speedmaster Professional to highlight type 863 development was reference 345.0808. This reference was created somewhere in the range of 1985 and 1988. It was an ordinary creation watch, yet every watch was numbered. Altogether, Omega delivered 1,000 of these watches, with a copper finish type 863 development beating away within.

Speedmaster Professional 3592.50. Picture by Krlyuzh

345.0808 and 3592.50

Then, from 1988 onwards, Omega quit utilizing 345.0808 as the reference number and proceeded with its PIC coding framework. That implied that from that second on, Omega utilized 3592.50 as a source of perspective number for this watch.

345.0808 was additionally still utilized however as a kind of perspective for the case (and not for the whole watch). This regularly confounds perusers, we’ve took note. That’s reasonable. Particularly when it isn’t all that changed! Around a similar time, there was likewise a slight change to the development. The type 863 currently had a plated (yellow) finish rather than copper.

1988–1997 – 3592.50

When Omega presented the 3592.50 with its plated completed type 863, it was numbered to around 1,000 pieces (once more). Working on it back of these watches, you will discover the “Apollo XI” engraved. That etching was regularly mutilated so the model could be sold as an Apollo XI twentieth commemoration model (which it isn’t). This watch was created till around 1990.

Then, there’s additionally a 3592.50 with “Apollo XI” engraved for the situation back, yet not numbered. Omega realized how to confound individuals in those days (and even at this point). The 3592.50 with the “Apollo XI” etching for the situation back was utilized till 1995 for the unnumbered rendition. At that point, in 1996, another 3592.50 sees sunlight. One with similar particulars, however without the “Apollo XI” etching and with the new style arm band (reference 1499, see above). Until this point, Omega utilized the well known 1479, and the 1450 and 1447 on the prior (345.0808) models.

A 3952.50 reader’s story

You may recall the Speedy Tuesday article on the Speedmaster Mark 4.5 in NOS condition that we did as of late. The proprietor of that specific watch, who imparted his story to us, presently needs to share his Speedmaster Professional Caliber 863 with you. There is no specific story behind his buy, other than that he basically cherishes the Moonwatch and was after this specific reference.

Speedmaster Professional Caliber 863 3592.50

The Speedmaster we have for this week’s Speedy Tuesday portion is one of the later reference 3592.50 models. That implies it has the new wristband type (1499), and no “Apollo XI” etching for the situation back. It has the plated type 863 development and, obviously, tritium filled hands and hour markers.


This Speedmaster Professional type 863 has a dial with tritium markers and hands. Eventually during 1997, Omega changed from tritium to Super-LumiNova. As composed over, the tritium in these 3592.50 models is — in practically all cases — maturing pleasantly. We as a whole realize that a warm yellow patina is making waves when conveyed on new watches, however less gatherers would resent this natural patina similarly (in light of the fact that it is genuine).

Caliber 863

As I composed over, the type 863 development had a few cycles during its (creation) lifetime. The style of 863 utilized somewhere in the range of 1995 and 1997 had an overlaid finish and 18 gems rather than 17. In 1997, along for certain different changes with the Speedmaster Professional 3572.50 and 3570.50, the development was refreshed to type 1863. This type 1863 is as yet utilized today in some presentation back models of the Moonwatch. It has a rhodium finish.

Availability and price

These watches are accessible without burning through a lot of time looking for the correct piece. A decent Speedmaster Professional type 863 reference 3592.50 from the right on time to mid-1990s is offered for around €5,000. The cost relies upon the condition and whether the watch comes with box and papers. During the 1980s and previously, it was very common to leave the crates at the retailer or to discard them even. During the 1990s, with the dark and red calfskin boxes, a many individuals kept them. So could possibly get one for even less, however check whether the arm band is right and whether the hands are as yet the first tritium ones.

Later Versions

In 1997, Omega rolled out some exceptional improvements to the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” and went from the 359x.50 reference code to 357x.50. Omega types 1861 and 1863 were being utilized just as a fresher kind of wristband and Super-LumiNova rather than tritium.

Sapphire Sandwich (3573.50)

An fascinating Moonwatch with show back reference is the 3573.50. It is indistinguishable from the 3572.50 (replacement of the Speedmaster Professional type 863) however includes a sapphire precious stone on the front. It is frequently named “Sapphire Sandwich”. This model has been ended however was in the assortment from 2002 onwards. I really had one in my own assortment around 2004 yet sadly left behind it. The case back has a specific engraving. Rather than “First watch worn on the Moon”, like forerunning show back models, it says “The First and just watch worn on the Moon”. This is especially cool since we as a whole realize that it isn’t valid (there were other watch brands on the Moon also ).

Speedmaster Professional 311. (Image by Revolution)

Chocolate Dial

For a generally brief period, somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2012, Omega likewise delivered the “Sapphire Sandwich” with a chocolate earthy colored dial. This watch previously had the new reference coding, with nr. 311. The watch went ahead an earthy colored calfskin calf tie and collapsing fasten. These ones are uncommon and look wonderful with the earthy colored dial. This reference additionally has the “First and just watch worn on the Moon” engraving.

A large thank you to our peruser Ruby, who provided us with pictures of his valuable Omega Speedmaster Professional type 863.