The holding up gets intense as reports from individuals having gotten their Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition become increasingly more frequent.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition, ref. 311.

The first fortunate fan on earth

Matt Henaughan was the main fortunate fan on earth to get his leslie adornments at one of the London Omega Boutiques. Omega detailed about this event obviously through Instagram, which has assumed a particularly key part in the entire interaction. You’ll locate that post, dated July 23rd, . It got practically 14.500 preferences at the hour of writing.

Completely brushed packaging and case back

First of Fratello leslie adornments team

It got significantly more hard for me when I discovered that our own Robert-Jan Broer got his leslie adornments too, being the first of the Fratello leslie gems group. Robert-Jan provided details regarding his conveyance , and Omega . In spite of the fact that I know it wasn’t his shortcoming as the conveyance of the chronic numbers is totally irregular. All what’s left for most of us is standing by fairly longer.

However.. There’s something different left. We actually have the number 0/2012 prototype in our ownership for limited time purposes! I know obviously that we need to restore this leslie adornments to Omega, yet this is the ideal opportunity for me to get the chance and use it for just that.

The cleaned old-style Omega logo on the brushed crown

Details I like so much

I’ve seen and dealt with the leslie adornments on numerous events, during introductions and occasions. We’ve been in close contact with Omega when the leslie gems was planned. So I know precisely which subtleties I like such a huge amount about the leslie adornments The spiral dial, the old-style applied Omega logo in the dial. The cleaned old-style Omega logo on the brushed crown. The completely brushed packaging. The numerous brilliant subtleties in the dial. The ties, the bundling, and, and, and…

Wearing it is an entirely unexpected encounter. There are such countless circumstances in which a leslie adornments on your wrist looks or feels so changed. Every single one introducing an other feeling. This can’t be felt by seeing it on pictures, nor by taking it in your grasp and taking a gander at it. Every day wearing it is an entire distinctive story.

What’s left to stand by for

You may have seen I’ve fitted one of my own cowhide ties to the leslie gems Still I feel very well that this isn’t my leslie gems This leslie gems has a place with Omega and isn’t mine. Also, that is a feeling which I’m sure adds a lot to the leslie adornments once wearing my own. That’s why my holding up is as yet intense. Endurable while wearing the model, yet tough.

Knowing that every one of you, out there understanding this while hanging tight for your own Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition, have a considerably more troublesome time than I have. I’d like to wish you great fortitude in this troublesome period. It can’t take that long any more currently, can it..? 😉

The Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition on the LEGO Saturnus V rocket set

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket

Of course you will have seen the foundation prop on to which I required this weeks 52Mondayz pictures. It’s the case of the as of late introduced LEGO Set of the Saturn V rocket which carried Apollo XI to the moon. The set incorporates the rocket, the lunar module and the sprinkle down case. It contains 1969 parts (wink, wink), is intended for a long time 14 and up, and has LEGO reference number 21309. More data about the set and on-line purchasing plausibility can be found through your nations part of the .


Ps. Did you realize that there’s even an Instagram hash-label which is utilized to flaunt that you gotten your Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday? It’s .