Woohoo! The Speedmaster World Cup amazing last is here! The Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White” versus the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 45th Anniversary release. Restricted creation versus restricted release, an intriguing fight, for sure.

Here we are, the two significant parts in this Speedmaster World Cup! Before we clash with the finalists, we might want to communicate our THANKS to every one of you who casted a ballot. It has been an incredible cup, brimming with shocks, discussion, and magnificent victories.

Speedmaster World Cup Finals

In the left corner: The Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 45th commemoration that was presented in 2015 as a restricted release of only 1,970 pieces. A watch that transformed the whole watch industry and got known as the Omega Speedmaster that changed the game with regards to restricted editions.

It sold out inside only a couple minutes on that first morning of Baselworld 2015. Of the Fratelli, just RJ figured out how to get a grip of one, and no, it’s anything but a protected sovereign nor being indulged. That watch is for wearing and has even been endorsed by an Apollo astronaut.

In the privilege corner: A general newcomer to the Speedmaster assortment. The Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White” could likewise have been called “Gene Cernan”, as it was the watch of that specific space traveler (Apollo 17, keep going man on the Moon) that filled in as the plan for the new “105.003” with type 321. It’s anything but a restricted release, however it will be restricted underway. Omega has shown that it plans to make somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 2,000 type 321 developments for each year.

RJ — Silver Snoopy Award 2015

First of all, I am extremely glad that the finals comprise of these two watches. They are merited spots, in spite of the fact that, from an individual outlook, I wouldn’t have disapproved of seeing the Speedy Tuesday “Tribute to Alaska III” or the Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman” in the finals. In any case, it is the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award that was presented in 2015. I’m not astounded it is the Speedmaster winding up in the finals of this Speedmaster World Cup.

Let’s not discussion about the association among Snoopy and NASA once more. In the event that you’re new to that, click here to get up to speed. I’m getting somewhat burnt out on individuals who complain about this beagle on the dial of a Speedmaster. They’re either savaging or they don’t think about the set of experiences among NASA and this specific guard dog. In any case, so far these complainers have been in the minority, so I am glad that common sense prevails.

Celebration of success

Sure, the Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White” is a stunning piece, and I am glad to possess one, yet it is a genuinely ordinary Speedmaster. Up until this point, the Caliber 321 has been significantly more ridiculous than the Snoopy at any point was. That may sound weird, yet Omega crushed out 1,970 of these excellent Snoopies with hand-put forth defense moves in approximately a year, while the non-restricted version Caliber 321 is practically harder to get than a steel Daytona. Let’s all concur both Speedmasters here are more pleasant than any Daytona though.

While the €14,000 Speedmaster Caliber 321 is a wonderful re-formation of a current reference from an earlier time, the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award is a watch made from a practically fresh start. To praise the achievement of the protected return of Apollo 13 and the renowned NASA grant Omega got for its job during that mission, Omega planned an astonishing tribute!

I feel fortunate that I’ve met with the planner of the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award and I love the impeccable subtleties she has placed into this watch. Albeit the canine and text are somewhat gimmicky on the dial, it is acceptable fun and a sign you shouldn’t pay attention to yourself as well. Genuine business is the situation back however, astonishing craftsmanship showed with a real silver reproduction of the Snoopy lapel nail to a brilliant sky. This dim blue sky has been made from veneer with silver powder utilized for the stars.

What’s not to like here?

Sure, you “need” an ordinary Moonwatch too. A Speedmaster Professional with Hesalite precious stone or even the new Speedmaster Caliber 321 “Ed White” will fit any assortment and particularly for that customary Speedmaster, there’s no reason not to get one. However, this white dialed Snoopy, is a recognition rendition to the best chronograph at any point made in combination with its fruitful part during Apollo 13. What’s not to like here?

This Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award has likewise been the beginning stage for some to become keen on gathering Speedmasters and its restricted releases. As far as I might be concerned, it has been acceptable fun from that point forward and I am more than glad for my unobtrusive assortment of Moonwatch models. This Silver Snoopy Award takes a significant spot in my assortment, not at all spot since it is so unique in relation to those dark dialed Moonwatch varieties. I think about the high resale estimation of this watch, however that shouldn’t assume a part in picking this watch as a victor of the Speedmaster World Cup. It is about the plan, the foundation story of this watch, and its significance for the brand and Speedmaster assortment in general.

Balazs — 321 Ed White

I genuinely didn’t see this coming. At the point when I got my underlying four Speedies toward the start of the Fratello Speedmaster World Cup, I plainly saw the most potential in the 321 Ed White. Be that as it may, I was likewise ready for an amazement. Yet, this is a generally new watch, and the rundown had numerous other notable competitors. Simply think about the as of late fallen ST1, for example.

Or maybe the Apollo XI 45th I conflicted with in the semi-finals . Also my undisputed top choice from my initial Group E article: the Japanese Racing. As RJ said, it would’ve been ideal to see one of Fratello’s watches in the last, however hello, you folks chose something else. What strikes me the most is the means by which diverse the Snoopy and the 321 Ed White are. They are night and day. Or then again even better, highly contrasting, much the same as their dials.

Less is more

I could get into slamming the Snoopy, revealing to you why the Ed White is better, more pleasant, more wonderful watch is, yet for what reason ought to I get it done? That is to say, the two watches arrived on the grounds that you folks love them to such an extent. This likewise reveals to me something else: you love odd, white-dialed Speedies however much you love the ones that look essentially like any customary Speedmaster Pro. So now let me converse with the folks who casted a ballot the Snoopy into the finals. I’m sure you have your motivation behind why you picked the little white canine however I likewise realize that its past adversaries were not fair and square of the 321 Ed White.

I mean the First Omega in Space is adorable however come on. Or on the other hand the Tintin, a watch I profoundly love, is no Snoopy indeed… Much less would it be able to compare to the Ed White. There must be one champ. Would it be a good idea for it to truly be a white dial Speedmaster with Snoopy on the dial? The champ of the Speedmaster World Cup? Or on the other hand would it be advisable for it to be a lovely, clean Speedmaster that has both the famous look and an incredible development? You tell me.


Throughout this competition, I’ve been advising individuals not to compare costs. I need the watches to be compared as items. This is the thing that I’m revealing to you now. Let’s not gander at how much a Silver Snoopy Award 2015 is compared to the 321 Ed White (we as a whole know the appropriate response). Or maybe, consider which watch you would prefer own.

Can you stroll into an Omega Boutique and purchase or put your name down for a Silver Snoopy Award? I don’t think so. You can go to the typical suspects and pay an insane premium. Nor would you be able to stroll into said Boutique, have a pleasant talk, take a stab at some different models, drink an espresso, catch a Lifetime Magazine, and leave with an Ed White yet certainly put your name down for one.


If the Silver Snoopy Award 2015 is a critical watch as RJ says, at that point what is the 321 Ed White? On the off chance that you have seen my past articles about this astounding watch kindly quit understanding at this point. Look over a chomped down and pick admirably. In the event that, out of the blue, you have missed those pieces here is somewhat of a recap for you.

The 321 Ed White got its epithet from an incredible Astronaut. Ed White was the main American to play out an EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity). He participated in two missions (Gemini 4 and Apollo 1) individually. For what reason does the watch bear his name? Since he utilized the archetype of this model on his missions. That was a watch he bought himself. The new 321 development inside the watch, in any case, is associated with in all honesty Gene Cernan, the keep going man to stroll on the Moon.

It was Cernan’s watch that Omega utilized as the diagram to reproduce this notable type, the very development that “stepped” on the Moon in 1969. Peruse, think, consider, and settle on the best choice by tuning in to your heart. Up to a Speedmaster wins, we as a whole success. Much thanks to you for your vote in advance.

Dear Speedmaster companions and electors, the ball is currently in your court. Vote wisely!

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