LL Cool J’s verses “Don’t consider it a comeback, I’ve been here for years” are particularly set up with regards to Bvlgari’s watches. With the new Octo Finissimo watches, they are tossing some acceptable punches. We’ve been raving about the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo watches various occasions, it has become one of our number one new watches.

You are likely additionally mindful that Bvlgari is an appropriate watch make, situated in a few spots in Switzerland. We visited the Pôle Habillage in Saignelégier,  the get together atelier in Neuchâtel, and the Bvlgari Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie in Le Sentier. In this article, we show you how things are done at Bvlgari.

Bvlgari Manufacture Visit Report

Our trip begins with a visit to the Pôle Habillage in Saignelégier. It is here where we witness the creation of cases, wristbands, and dials. It is likewise here where we will see the Octo Finissimo case get their delightful sandblast finish. In this area, we will likewise discover the craftsmanship of hand-painting the dials, for example.

Bvlgari’s dial production

A dial begins with making a (little) metal plate. From that first metal part to the last dial, everything is being done in-house. Counting the craftsman work for a dial like in the image above. In the photos beneath, you can follow the interaction of dial creation, including painting and applying the printing of the Bvlgari logo.


Unlike a considerable lot of different brands that have a place with a greater gathering, Bvlgari produces its own cases. The creation happens in similar area as the dials, in Saignelégier. Much the same as most different produces, you’ll fundamentally discover a story loaded with CNC and penetrating machines. I can guarantee you that regardless of how regularly we see those, it generally remains pretty noteworthy. After a piece of steel has been changed into something that seems as though a watch case, the boring beginnings. Subsequent stage is the completing of surfaces. In the event of the Octo (Finissimo) watches, there’s a variety of surfaces to deal with. What I had never seen, was the machine used to do the sandblast wrapping up. With 5G power, the cases are dependent upon this cycle. The administrator is holding the cases inside, wearing extraordinary gloves that are appended to the machine. In the display underneath, an impression of the hardware and activities important to create Bvlgari cases.

Assembly in Neuchâtel

So far, we’ve seen the dial producing measure and the case making offices. In any case, eventually, all parts must be collected, tried, and ship off to the stores. In Neuchâtel, where the Bvlgari watchmaking division has its central command, there’s likewise the office that deals with the last gathering and test techniques. With the lake see out of sight, we are being acquainted with the Bvlgari “workstations” where the watches are being amassed by a computerized arranging board.

We have not seen the development creation at this stage, which happens in Le Sentier. I will return to that later. In Neuchâtel, they get all the parts from the diverse production areas for the last get together, QC methods, and shipping.

Bvlgari Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie

For me, the feature of visiting Bvlgari was their Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie in Le Sentier. Not in the last spot for the actual structure, a superb recorded structure that once had a place with Gérald Genta and Daniel Roth. Bvlgari added another “wing” for their watchmaking tasks. It is in this area where Bvlgari creates and fabricates its in-house developments, just as the complicated watches.

Movement Design

The Bvlgari development plan division is a little gathering of gave individuals who are continually growing new developments. I likewise inquired as to whether they a few times think back on existing developments and check whether they can improve or streamline them. Also, they do. Now and again, they will roll out a little improvement to a current development, to make it more proficient, for instance. This group utilizes Autodesk Inventor (some of you may have known about Autodesk’s AutoCAD), an answer for 3D mechanical displaying to make computerized models. It is utilized by different businesses too, obviously. At any rate, we got an incredible show of how you can manage this product. We even gotten a little virtual visit “inside” a development, pretty cool.

Production of development parts

Where the plan division was loaded with huge screens, a couple of moments later we wind up in a workshop where there’s a machine that cuts metal into pieces. A machine workshop, practically the specific inverse of the development plan division. However, here’s where the initial steps happen while delivering a mechanical movement.

Movement production

Next, we are going into a live with machines we’ve seen all the more frequently. The “famous” Willemin ones, that are utilized to make the development plates, spans and so forth Everything actually feels like I am in the machine manufacturing plant of my progression father, numerous moons back. The smell of oil and metal helps me to remember years and years prior. Be that as it may, rather than assembling immense water and oil siphons, it is about minuscule components for watches here.

Finishing parts

As you can envision, the development parts that are the aftereffect of the cutting and penetrating interaction aren’t precisely prepared to utilize. They should be done first, which means they are documented, cleaned, brushed until it meets the assumption for the watchmakers. In a stay with gifted polishers, utilizing a wide range of antiquated looking instruments, the little parts are being transformed into wonderful little objects.

Movement assembly

The development parts are then brought to the watchmaking division. It is here where the developments are being rejuvenated. From the straightforward three handers to the ones with complications. The average wooden watchmaker seats with green tops are involved by watchmakers, everything being equal, yet one thing they share practically speaking. Inconceivable abilities. Furthermore, we’re not saying that on the grounds that our personality was helped after one of the watchmakers remembered us from this website.

After the developments are done, checked, and tried, they are sent to the Bvlgari working in Neuchâtel for the last assembly.

Bvlgari Manufacture

Although I knew about the way that Bvlgari is a genuine production, I didn’t hope to see this. Bvlgari is the complete bundle, from the plan of a watch to conveying it to the customer, you. Everything in the middle is incorporated into the creation interaction in one of Bvlgari’s areas in Switzerland. It made my “appetite” to possess a Bvlgari Octo Finissimo significantly greater. Regularly, a brand is acceptable in either planning watches, or delivering developments, or completing dials/hands and cases, and so forth, yet not on the whole angles. A few times you will discover an unfathomably very much completed case, dial, and hands, yet ghastly plan. Or on the other hand the other way around. Or on the other hand an excessively pleasant watch, and development, however with an arm band that doesn’t do the watch equity. Not at Bvlgari. They deal with everything. They have an astonishing fashioner (Fabrizio Buonamassa), yet additionally incredible assembling offices for all components and steps that are important to fabricate that ideal watch.

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