Anyone who’s consistently been to a vehicle race on a circuit knows the inclination in your stomach when race vehicles cruise you by. The sound of the motors thundering that echoes back from the solid dividers of the tribune is so extreme you feel it in every last bit of your body. That, matched up with the smell of high-octane fuel and the warmth from the brilliant daylight make an inclination you scarcely at any point fail to remember. On account of HYT and the Panis-Barthez Competition we just got our portion this previous end of the week on the Red Bull Ring in Austria, everything being equal. We got a greeting from HYT to visit their accomplice Panis-Barthez Competition who’s hustling in the European Le Mans Series.

Panis-Barthez Competition

Sports fans know the names Panis and Barthez I’m sure. The two proprietors of the group are Formula 1 driver and 1996 F1 Monaco Grand Prix victor Olivier Panis and European and World Cup Champion, football goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. It would take us an entirely different article just to list the accomplishments these two fine athletes had during their “previous” professions. In 2016 their recently framed group, the Panis-Barthez Compétition entered the European Le Mans Series. The two of them are prepared race vehicle drivers taking part in races like the GT Series and the Porsche Carrera Cup just to give some examples. Panis with his times of involvement with vehicle dashing is filling in as the Team Manager, while Barthez is in the driver’s seat of the Ligier JS P2017. The group races with both LMP2 and LMP3 classification cars.


For a French group like the Panis-Barthez Competition one might have not wanted for a preferable accomplice over HYT. A brand that is associated with France with 1,000 different ways, in spite of having their creation in Switzerland, feels like an extraordinary fit to Panis-Barthez, and they definitely are. Both HYT and Panis-Barthez are free in their own field. Comparable foundation, comparable drive to accomplish and, in all honesty, pretty comparative innovation (somely). Barthez is a fanatic of the HYT H1 Ghost, he was brandishing one during our visit in their RV at the enclosure before the race. A HYT is likewise on his gloves as a decal. Olivier Panis then again has a preference for the “exemplary” HYT look. He wears a HYT Skull Bad Boy, a cool looking leslie gems with genuine HYT DNA.

European Le Mans Series

One thing I brought home with me was the warm and agreeable environment in the workshop. In some cases when you visit certain groups as a writer you need to become undetectable. Focus on where you stand, what to photo, whom to converse with and so forth It was nothing similar to that here. Everybody in the group was overall quite amicable to us, showed us around, and clarified how the vehicles work. Essentially dealt with us like old companions. Nothing was forbidden and the outcome is the astonishing photographs you see beneath. The European Le Mans Series is a lot more modest than the FIA WEC obviously, the groups are exclusive and self-financed. Drivers pay the groups so they could have a spot in their vehicles and the groups pay to have the option to race in the series.

We made some incredible memories with the Panis Barthez Competition and for that we are genuinely grateful for the awesome individuals there just as at .

Special because of Cloé Biessy and Didier Paris for making our visit essential. In any case, as it’s been said, an image tells 1,000 words so without a further ado if it’s not too much trouble, appreciate the astounding photographs of our own personal Bert: