Last Friday we coordinated an event along with Seiko Nederland and Dutch print magazine Watching for devotees of Grand Seiko watches. At the point when we declared this Grand Seiko event a number of weeks prior, our letter box was overwhelmed with messages from individuals who joined. Nonetheless, we could just choose 20 individuals as it was chosen to keep it little and selective. Eventually, it was extended to 22 individuals that were welcome to come to Amsterdam and go along with us for an evening loaded with Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko Event

Grand Seiko is something you actually need to disclose to individuals occasionally. The excellent is obvious once you will deal with a Grand Seiko watch yourself, so we figured it would be a good thought to have a little event along with media accomplice Watching and Seiko Nederland, the Dutch wholesaler for Grand Seiko watches. We went to Japan to visit the (Grand) Seiko fabricates ourselves, in 2015 and 2017 (you can discover our Grand Seiko make visit reports here and here ), and acquired a ton of regard for the commitment and enthusiasm we found in those spots. It is additionally reflected in the excellent and completing norms of the Grand Seiko watch. Since not every person finds the opportunity or has the chance to go to Japan, it was chosen to carry the watchmaker to Amsterdam. A ‘Meister’ watchmaker with a gold award was flown in from Japan to show the Spring Drive development to the guests.


All visitors assembled in the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, where the Grand Seiko event began in one of the dance halls. After an expression of welcome by Marketing Director Paul Daniels of Seiko Nederland, Robert-Jan conversed with the visitors about the Grand Seiko brand from 1960 till now, featuring a portion of the novel qualities for this producer. After this concise discussion about Grand Seiko, all visitors delighted in a Japanese lunch in the Okura in Amsterdam.

After the lunch, we as a whole left to the focal point of Amsterdam where the recently re-opened (Grand) Seiko shop is found. An enormous passenger vehicle manoeuvred through the packed city of Amsterdam, to get as near our objective as conceivable on this blustery day.


The restored store in The Netherlands is moderately little however has a first floor with a little gathering room. The gathering of visitors were partitioned in two and one gathering remained down the stairs to see the watches (counting a couple of Credor models) that Grand Seiko got on top of the generally accessible stock and the other gathering joined Robert-Jan higher up for an introduction about the Grand Seiko fabricate in Japan. Essentially, a recap of the excursions to the Grand Seiko fabricates in Japan, one in Morioka liable for the mechanical watches and one in Shiojiri where the quartz (9F) and Spring Drive watches are being created and produced.

Of course, additionally higher up were various watches accessible to notice all the more intently, including the absolute first Grand Seiko from 1960 and the 44GS reference from 1967.

On the ground floor, the Meister watchmaker from Japan showed the system and complexity of the Spring Drive development. Maybe perhaps the most inventive watch development that has been presented over the most recent couple of many years. You could say the Spring Drive development is a crossover development, a combination of mechanical and quartz (yet without a battery, as the energy is being burned-through straight-away). The mainstream Grand Seiko Snowflake was subject of conversation commonly last Friday and was additionally the watch that the Meister from Japan worked on.

It was surely an intriguing event and we are content with the help we got from Seiko Nederland and Grand Seiko. We were amazed that so many of the visitors previously possessed a Grand Seiko and the individuals who weren’t, surely showed a great deal of interest in the brand. It is consistently ideal to see that a gathering of totally different individuals, from better places, can get along so well and can undoubtedly go through hours discussing our most loved subject: watches. Other than expressing gratitude toward , we likewise might want to thank all visitors who turned up at our event in Amsterdam. We trust all of you made some great memories last Friday and we would be glad to see you back at one of our other future events in 2019.


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