If you are a Haute Horlogerie and additionally vehicle lover, the name Singer Reimagined should ring a bell. Albeit the brand is still moderately new to the watch scene, it as of now has a devoted fan base comprising both petroleum heads and watch folks. The brand’s new model, the Flytrack, looks somewhat like its elder sibling, the Track 1. It is, nonetheless, an easier yet similarly fun timepiece.

On this event, we figured it is amusing to plunk down with Marco Borraccino, the man behind Singer Reimagined. We went right back to the start. Marco was adequately caring to impart his way to us. From his adolescence in Italy, encircled by present day plan. Right to his first occupation in the watch business with Panerai. Lastly building up Singer Reimagined and collaborating with Rob Dickinson from Singer Vehicle Desing.

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Marco Borraccino

Despite his young age Marco Borraccino has appreciated a fairly astounding proficient life. Coming from a group of present day craftsmanship fans and gatherers, he was affected by these items early. Ultimately, an enthusiasm created, which drove him to configuration school. As a youngster in Italy, he wanted to become a vehicle architect (clearly). Fortunately for the watch business, he before long understood that that was not his path.

While the adoration for vehicles remained, he turned his enthusiasm to watches. Marco was in the perfect spot at the perfect time and turned into the absolute first creator at the at that point gestating Panerai. Indeed, that Panerai — an Italian-established watch brand that surprised the world a couple of years after the fact. That’s somewhat because of Marco and his plans. Along with the brand, he encountered incredible achievement however ultimately proceeded onward. The following stop was Geneva, and this is the place where his story became really interesting.


Marco didn’t show up in Geneva keeping in mind the desire to go to the watch business as an architect. He accepted a corporate position yet soon, he understood that he was unable to battle his longing to remain in the watch business. So after only a couple weeks, he quit his job.  The arrangement currently was to set up his own plan studio. Absent a lot of involvement (beside Panerai) or the capacity to communicate in french, this was a gaudy wish. However, it appears to be that Marco Borraccino was brought into the world under a fortunate star. His studio was at last fully operational, and the tasks continued moving in.

Marco likewise began to encourage watch plan in Geneva. Through this met many key individuals in the business. Notwithstanding, the craving to make something that was really his was still there. An undertaking in which he could combine his enthusiasm for watch and cars.

Marco Borraccino (left) and Rob Dickinson (right)

Singer Reimagined

By sheer karma, he connected with Rob Dickinson, the man behind Singer Vehicle Design. On the off chance that you think Marco has a fascinating biography, stand by till you hear Rob’s. They understood soon that their drive for configuration, watches, and vehicles are fundamentally the same as. So Marco and Rob collaborated to rejuvenate Singer Reimagined. The plans were there. Rob’s motivation and backing were additionally an incredible assistance, however a significant component was missing — a movement.

But Fortuna was paying special mind to him, once more. Marco introduced the plan to an individual Genevan Jean-Marc Wiederrecht from Agenhor, who had been dealing with a mysterious venture for a long time by that point. As it would turn out, this type was the ideal counterpart for Marco’s thoughts. So Jean-Marc came installed, lastly, everything was prepared for Singer Reimagined. The brand’s first model, the Track 1, was a colossal achievement. Presently, they have another model out, the Flytrack .

The new Singer Reimagined Flytrack Pulsation

In this scene, Balazs and Marco will discuss the new model, why it went to the market, and future. We trust that in the wake of tuning in to this scene, you will take a gander at Singer Reimagined in an unexpected way. One thing is without a doubt, the main impetus (no joke proposed) is there just as innovativeness and eagerness. We trust you’ll appreciate the podcast.