Since numerous years, I am needing for a gold Rolex Day-Date. Not generally with a similar power, however since the time I attempted a Day-Date in my mid 20s, I chose I need one at some point.

That point is surrounding me now, 20 years after I attempted my first Rolex Day-Date or Rolex “President”, as they like to call them in the US. The “President” part mostly alludes to the wristband, obviously. Yet, it was a 1966 Rolex promotion that made a reference to the president, holding a red telephone and on his wrist, a Rolex Day-Date with “President” wristband. You can see it yourself in this reference article I did on the Day-Date .

Anyway, the gold Rolex Day-Date is a watch that has been on my rundown for quite a while. In any case, each opportunity I approached, I chose to go for something different. Or then again that it basically wasn’t the time yet. I have my gold watches then, yet a Rolex Day-Date is the one that falls flat. I have a lot had a lot of sports Rolex watches, from GMT-Masters to Submariners, Sea-Dwellers, and even a Yacht-Master. The current Submariner and a Datejust are the ones that are as yet in my assortment. I have no hankering for some other Rolex than the Day-Date. A year ago I even had a Daytona in my ownership for a brief timeframe, however that’s certainly not for me.

Pre-Owned Rolex Day-Date

The used market on Rolex Day-Date watches is immense. For this little Pre-Owned Picks outline of Day-Dates, I utilize the proposals on Chrono24. What I saw from the beginning, is that most Day-Date models are offered by merchants in the United States. Altogether, there are 3117 used Rolex Day-Dates offered on Chrono24, of which 2003 are in the US and the subsequent nation, Germany, “only” has 221. Really astounding. Then again, it is that ordinary American superficial point of interest to flaunt your achievement throughout everyday life. Notwithstanding my absence of progress (at any rate compared to a great deal of Day-Date wearers), it will be my next Rolex.

Day-Date 1803 – € 9.050

The days you could pick these vintage Rolex Day-Date reference 1803 models up for modest are a distant memory. I discovered this wonderful vintage Day-Date reference 1803 with President arm band and gold pie-skillet dial for €9050. Not very decrepit! It doesn’t have the first box, however accompanies the fitting administrative work. It has the Rolex type 1556 development, which means it doesn’t have snappy set. Not to mention twofold fast set. So a ton of turning crowns included in the event that you need to address the day and date. In any case, kid, it looks great! This watch traces all the way back to 1972 and is offered by a vendor in the USA. .

Day-Date 18038 – € 11.370

Where the 1803 may be altogether too vintage for you (and me), because of the plexi precious stone and interminable crown turns, this 18038 offers sapphire and in any event a brisk set for the date. With box, yet without papers, the merchant (additionally from the USA) asks a firm € 11.370. The type 3055 is genuinely a stage up from the 1556 development, with brisk set yet in addition with a higher ticking speed (28800vph). This specific one traces all the way back to ca.1986. It comes on a President wristband without a lot stretch, in light of the photos of the merchant. .

Day-Date 18238 – € 14.500

As you can peruse in my Rolex Day-Date reference article , the 18238 ticks a great deal of boxes for me. It is the main Rolex Day-Date to have twofold snappy set, and presented in 1988. As indicated by the Dutch merchant, this watch traces all the way back to that year too. The 18238 was underway from 1988 to 2000, so you ought to likewise have the option to discover more current pieces. No container or papers, however in extraordinary condition dependent on the pictures. .

Day-Date 118238 – €18.390

As you can see, the more current references come at more exorbitant costs. Yet, this likewise kinda bodes well, as the later models are a touch more strong and “advanced” over the more seasoned ones. Take the 118238, presented in 2000, and a lot heavier in weight than the 18238 or any of its archetypes. This is on the grounds that the catch is unique, yet this watch additionally doesn’t have any empty place interfaces any longer. That’s right. All models till 2000 had gold empty community joins, which saved some weight (and cost). It additionally shows in cost. The 118238 additionally utilizes the type 3155 development, much the same as the 18238. This would presumably be my pick, of cash isn’t a theme. .

Day-Date 228235 – €35.299

This isn’t what I have at the top of the priority list on spending on a Rolex Day-Date, however I simply need to incorporate it as the most delightful model they at present offer (as I would see it). The olive green dial glances essentially shocking in combination with the Everose gold. Rolex has its own composite for rose gold. This watch, in contrast to all the others in this article, measures 40mm in width. The 1803 up to the 118238 are on the whole 36mm. I have attempted this watch in the relatively recent past, and in spite of the fact that my 19cm wrist can undoubtedly deal with 40mm, I felt the 36mm models have a superior plan proportion. Albeit surely not as terrible as the stopped Day-Date II, the Day-Date in 40mm didn’t make my brain change on a 118238. Be that as it may, in the event that I had 35K to blow on a Day-Date, this would be the one. See this rose gold and olive green! Amazing! .

As consistently, make a point to get your work done before you purchase a watch (on the web, disconnected, doesn’t matter). Of significance is a right working development, obviously, yet in addition the degree of stretch on a gold wristband. You can undoubtedly discover by holding the watch yet its case (crown up or down) and check whether the (shut) arm band twists, and how much. In the event that it is something floppy and hangs down, you better keep on looking further. In the event that it is (generally) straight, there’s very little to stress about.

Happy Hunting!