During the mid year, I went active with three varieties of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar in pink gold. To say I was somewhat enchanted would be putting it mildly. Of the multitude of watches that have come my direction this year, the full gold Overseas was my top pick. Be that as it may, similar to any wrongdoing, it comes at a cost. Which is the reason this week, I am choosing four exemplary Vacheron Constantin watches that motivate the advanced collection.

VC likely could be most popular for its specialty deco and extravagant assortment of exemplary watches. During a time that for the most part requires severe pattern similarity, Vacheron Constantin ardently has faith in its customary watchmaking and plan. You don’t endure 265 years of constant activity without adhering to your fundamental beliefs. In any case, the Overseas brings forth an alternate ethos for Vacheron. It modernizes at a continuous rate prompting the blue dial perpetual calendar in pink gold that sent me feeble at the knees. This rundown takes a gander at the models from Vacheron that either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way prompted the current Overseas.

Pre-Owned Picks

All these watches were chosen cautiously by me with no impact from Chrono24. I picked the subject and discovered appropriate wristwatches that identified with the point. I just solicitation the high-goal photographs from Chrono24 without the watermark. As these are just my proposals, it is worth continually completing your examination on the watch subtleties and the dealer. Ask as numerous pertinent inquiries you feel are vital for the watch, and a decent dealer should reply with precision and honesty.

1980 Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo Stainless Steel

In 1977, Jorg Hysek put pen to paper to plan the inceptions of the Overseas. Reference 222 commemorates the 222nd commemoration of the brand. The powerful and lively watch was strange of Vacheron. It surely shares configuration signals of the ’70s with comparative lively watches from Audemar Piguet’s Royal Oak, IWC Ingenieur SL and the Nautilus from Patek. In any case, Gérald Genta had no contribution with the plan of the 222 — it is only a well known misguided judgment. To peruse more data on the watch architect, Gérald Genta, and his backstory, look at my past article here , that dives into more detail.

This model I select from Chrono24 has a silver/dark dial. As far as I might be concerned, the blue dial is the most delicious and pursued. In any case, there is something in particular about the coordinating dim dial with the treated steel sheen that handles the idea of joining. An altogether consistent wristband with just a small gold Maltese cross on the lower-right corner. The papers have been lost to time, however the watch comes with the first box and a file extricate from a new VC service.

Price: €51,922

1972 Vacheron Constantin Prestige de La France

My next alternative is a particular plan from Vacheron that has been a piece of its family for a long time. The Prestige de La France lives on in the current assortment as the . From taking a gander at the first in the posting, you can see the reasonable ancestry for the situation plan. From the outset, the level trapezoid shape appears to be jostling. However, look nearer, at that point take a gander at your wrist. You’ll see your wrist may not be a straight round and hollow shape — all things being equal, it is bound to be tapered. The Prestige adjusts to this shape with a wide left side and smaller right side when looking over the dial.

This direction restricts the individuals who sport wristwatches on the correct wrist to limit it to one side wrist. However, it is great to accomplish an expanded degree of ergonomic wearing comfort. To highlight the rich yellow gold case, the shark-skin-style arm band follows the lines to the underside of the case. Furthermore, Vacheron didn’t cop out with an imperceptible straight line looking into it back. On the off chance that you turn the watch around, you will see the wristband closes line up with the inclination of the case shape. This degree of constancy in reality prompted the structure over capacity for later arm bands, including the Maltese cross theme joins in the most recent Overseas.

Price: €8,995

1981 Vacheron Constantin 222 Square

Huey Lewis and the News once said it was hip to be square. This 222, likewise from the ’80s, probably taken that guidance in a real sense. The 222 Square combines the bezel example and wristband from the Hysek-planned 222 however fixes the lines. While actually, this is octagonal, the humble corner to corner aspects do little to shroud the general square shape sway. The outcome is an undeniably more modern plan than the voluptuous progression of the underlying 222.

This apparently more “in your face” case shape may not be pretty much as smooth as the round variant. Be that as it may, I do like the punchy ’80s ethos. Similarly as Jorg said here , the decade was “big, uproarious, and over the top“, yet worth embracing. The development stays mechanical, nonetheless, as the type 1124. Apparently a subordinate of the ultra-thin self-winding , that has controlled so many of VC’s pieces throughout the long term. Which itself is a subsidiary the Jaeger Le-Coultre type 899. The posting incorporates the first box yet no papers.

Price: €19,800

1999 Vacheron Constantin Overseas 42040

At last, I show up at the macintosh daddy of the Overseas. The reference 42040 was the main Vacheron Constantin to be alluded to as the Overseas. That round saw-cutting edge bezel looks deadly, however fortunately the tonneau treated steel case driving into the wristband offers some assurance. You would now be able to see that exemplary Overseas outline begin to come to fruition. It is fairly more modest, notwithstanding, at 37mm width, with a lavish angling logo.

As sharp as the case and arm band are, the boundary around the Vacheron Constantin dial text is very matured and deformed. I wouldn’t say it was “puffy” as we have seen on may vintage lume plots. Yet rather the printing material is spreading somewhat like ice framing on glass. In any case, to be first in the line of the fundamental games watch assortment from the most established constantly working watchmaker is very something. At this cost also, it merits checking out.

Price: €7,700

Good hunting!