Today, we’ll investigate the Prometheus Zenobia, the most recent watch made for the always developing Divers Watches Facebook Group.

We’ve now evaluated around a modest bunch of restricted release plunge watches made by different miniature brands in a joint effort with the (DWFG).  The gathering, headed generally by Andreas of Cyprus, keeps on extending its participation as the biggest watch bunch on the ground-breaking web-based media network.  truth be told, at season of composing, there are almost 48,000 members!  With the majority of the individuals sharing a genuine energy for sea capable watches, it’s empowered Andreas to work with more modest brands to make redid watches that individuals ought to enjoy.  The pieces, regardless of the producer, all contain the DWFG logo some place on the dial, and most have sold out quickly.  So we should take a gander at the freshest DWFG piece and choose whether it will satisfy individuals from the gathering: the Prometheus Zenobia.

The MS Zenobia posting at 45 degrees (photograph kindness:

Info: Prometheus and the MS Zenobia

Before plunging into the subtleties of the Prometheus Zenobia, how about we explain a couple things.  First, who is Prometheus and second, what’s a “Zenobia”.  If you’re befuddled, don’t stress as I needed to look into both as well!  Prometheus is a miniature brand out of Portugal (like Borealis – another associate with the DWFG) that was established in 2008.  They have some expertise in jump watches that frequently get plan qualities from 60’s and 70’s models, they offer watches with over 300M of water obstruction, and intend to do as such at a reasonable price.  While the watches contain parts from everywhere, it’s nothing unexpected that China is a major ally to help keep costs in line.  Regarding Zenobia, this is an altogether unique subject.  The MS Zenobia was an enormous Swedish-assembled “move on move off” (short for – vehicles and trucks could be driven here and there the ship) ship that was dispatched in May, 1980 in the Mediterranean.

Notoriously, it sank scarcely a month later off the bank of Cyprus (Larnaca to be precise) because of programming mistakes that over and again overflowed its counterbalance tanks (oops!).  On the positive front, nobody was apparently harmed, yet an announced 200M GBP of load was lost!  The MS Zenobia sank 1,500 meters from the coast in a shallow 42 meters of water.  And now we come back around to the plunge watch within reach since this disaster area is reliably casted a ballot as one of the best 10 jump locales on the planet because of its openness, shifting degrees of trouble, and enormous measure of ocean life that makes its home on the submerged vessel.  You can see a straightforward side perspective on the boat working on this issue back alongside data about its sinking.

Prometheus Zenobia – Good for 500 meters

The Prometheus Zenobia is a 500M jump watch in treated steel that will be accessible in a run of 300 all out watches.  With 6(!!) distinctive dial tones, 5 of which can be indicated with or without date work, they’ll be specially made and, thusly, the allotment is TBD.  In request to cover the bases for both the banner shades of Cyprus and Sweden, we have dial decisions of dark, green, orange, blue and yellow.  These, as referenced, can be requested with or without date.  All watches will utilize the workhorse programmed ETA 2824-2.  We’re additionally offered a rendition (no date just) with a shooting star dial and on the grounds that I’ve not had a lot of involvement in the material, I picked to attempt one of these.


At 43mm x 49mm, the Prometheus Zenobia is a moderately squat plunge watch and that makes it very wearable for my thin wrists.  Compared to a portion of different watches that the DWFG has delivered, this is among the most comfortable.

At first look, with its 4:00 screw down crown and level clay lumed 120 snap uni-directional bezel, it appears to share a ton of its plan language with the green Seiko SLA019 that was delivered last year.  That’s not something awful and I’d even say that this watch, with an all out thickness of 13.6mm, is somewhat simpler to wear.  And while I didn’t photo the Zenobia in low light, it blasts with its light blue Superluminova BGW9.  That lume is found in sufficient amounts on the dial, hands, and bezel.

A Different Bracelet for a Micro Brand Diver

Now, I certainly have a model form of the Prometheus Zenobia (it was clarified that the thickness of the shooting star dial will require some acclimation to the crown position and that the test watch has a STP development rather than an ETA), yet it was as yet an agreeable watch to wear two or three days.  The thin hauls and one of the better combinations of a wristband onto a case by a miniature brand just served to upgrade the experience.  What I mean about that last point identifies with the end links.  I’ve tried a lot of miniature and full scale marked watches where these show up as inconceivably modest, however these look very good.  With the arm band, I have a couple reservations.  First, the 22mm wristband doesn’t tighten at all as it makes a beeline for the catch and keeping in mind that that doesn’t influence its presentation, it looks somewhat massive and can feel that path in the heat.  Second, I appreciate the plan of the connections and the vibe while on the arm, yet the wristband did really “crimp” some of the time when nearby connections were bowed in reverse by 180 degrees.  And at last, I truly criticize the fasten in light of the fact that it’s practically extraordinary with its press button opening and press button wet suit adjustment.  Even the logo and substituting brushed/cleaned surfaces look great.  It’s basically that this fasten has become the “go to” for most miniature brand jump watch brands, so a slimmer, diverse take would be nice.  But once more, everything in regards to the arm band and fasten functioned admirably and the surfaces were pleasantly finished.

Meteorite Dial

And so now we come to the dial of the Prometheus Zenobia and honestly, this is the same amount of an assessment piece on shooting star however a medium as it seems to be a conversation about the watch’s dial design.  I’ve since quite a while ago appreciated the vibe of shooting star on watch dials, for example, those on different Speedmasters , yet they’re costly and I discovered them to be altogether too ornate.  Still, it’s hard not to respect having something on your wrist that started in space, later blew through the world’s air, just to slam into its surface.

So for what reason would the Zenobia have a shooting star dial as an option.  Well, this shooting star is from the Muonionlasta, which is a shooting star that affected advanced Sweden (there’s the association with the watch) and Finland countless years ago.  Composition insightful, it’s most noteworthy in iron and nickel and it contains those exquisite striations known as Widmanstätten patterns.

With a shooting star dial, each one is different.  Some presumably show as more silver while some might be more obscure grey.  What I found on my Prometheus Zenobia is that the white composition on the dial mixed in a lot and the equivalent can be said for the silver applied brand logo and record surrounds.  I really can’t help thinking about what dark would resemble, however it may mix into the hazier parts.  most importantly shooting star, because of its changeability across even one dial, makes things difficult.  On the other hand, that is essential for the fun and I absolutely had no issue of perusing the time during the daylight.  One other goody significant is the section ring inscription.  On a generally plane impeccable part ring, there is a dark engraving at 12:00 expressing “MS Zenobia – Sweden” and another at 6:00 expressing “Cyprus – Larnaca Bay – 42m Deep”.

Reasonable and Limited to 300 Pieces

This carries me to the purposes of evaluating, accessibility, and maybe the ones that genuinely tally; is this watch beneficial and who ought to be interested.  If you pick a shaded dial, $550 is the last cost ($100 due now and $450 when the watches are prepared in mid-August).  The shooting star dial comes in at $750.  All watches will come numbered, with a long term guarantee and a movement case.  Regarding my last musings about the Prometheus Zenobia, I believe it’s a truly decent jumper and the estimating positively isn’t offensive.  There are a lot of shading choices and I truly like the shooting star offering despite the fact that it appears to be that there are an ever increasing number of watches being delivered with such dials.  Regarding who might and ought to be keen on this watch – beside 300 plunge watch dependent individuals from the DWFG – indeed, that is easy!  Anyone who dove the disaster area of the MS Zenobia (or plans to do as such) and left away with incredible recollections may consider this to be a pertinent keepsake.  Once again, a job done the right way to Andreas and Prometheus on this little run restricted release jump watch.

For more data on the Prometheus Zenobia and to see the different dial tones, head to the brand’s .