Our exceptional donor Sacha Davidoff is detailing from Geneva on the upcoming sell-offs in May. He will feature the leslie gems from a few closeouts that grabbed his eye. Right away, let’s have a look.

Geneva May 2017 Auctions

PHILLIPS in relationship with BACS & RUSSO

Back for their fifth Geneva leslie gems closeout, Aurel Bacs & Livia Russo in relationship with Phillips sales management firm keep on astonishing the bartering scene with their slobber initiating May list. This group keeps on upping the ante and is persevering in their stand firm on of the top footing among the leslie adornments closeout houses. They have additionally declared they will have a topical Heuer sell off in November this year curated by Richard Crosthwaite and Paul Gavin, creators on the subject.

The Phillips leslie gems office, as they consistently have done previously, shut their list and delivered it first among the May barters in Geneva. An essential favorable position as far as getting their leslie adornments before gatherers before the others. By early April, Phillips has put their index on the web and is finished with their viewings in Hong Kong and London, in the interim different houses are as yet putting the final details on their lists. Notwithstanding this forceful ‘first-to-showcase’ approach, the choice of leslie gems is equipped towards the subtle and practically unfindable ‘vessel’ leslie gems In a market, that is rapidly becoming so request solid that the inventory keeps coming up short, Aurel Bacs and his group continue bringing us.


The sell off, which happens on the nights of Saturday and Sunday May 13-14th in Geneva is comprised of 237 leslie adornments about 40 more than in November , which will compensate for a CHF 11 million steel Patek 1518 not being available this time around. With the all out gauge of the index between CHF 16 to 30 million, they will have the most noteworthy all out accomplished and normal lot esteem, however we will go further in detail and draw a few comparisons after the keep going sale wraps up on May 15th.

Overall, this was an eye-getting list and made it extremely hard for us to pick our top choices. More so than expected since there were no Omega Speedmasters in the index for us to straightforwardly hook on to. With the arrival of the Rolex 6062 “Bao Dai” to Phillips and again under Bacs, we anticipate a heavenly energy during the night. This leslie gems sold for CHF 370,000 at Phillips in 2002, so just about 15 years after the fact, we envision we will see a 0 added to that bring about May.

We really appreciated the early see of the assortment before its takeoff to Hong Kong and coming up next are a couple of our favorites:

LOT #14, LOT #92, LOT #183 & LOT #202 – Tiffany & Co. marked dials

Why would we bunch four leslie gems together? Since we infrequently see such an assortment of pieces in a solitary inventory. In the vintage authority world, there are pursued brands, in which certain models are profoundly alluring and, at long last, uncommon variations of those models make them much more significant. Be that as it may, when those are then added to by a renowned retailer signature on the dial, the collectability factor duplicates. Lot#77 is additionally a Tiffany & Co. marked dial Rolex Submariner 1680, however we chose to zero in on these four:

#14 – Rolex Daytona 6264 14K Gold, Tiffany & Co.

A vintage Rolex Daytona needs no presentation as a sought-after authority leslie gems The 6264 is an uncommon reference having been delivered for just a brief timeframe in the mid 1970’s during the presentation of the new 727 type. What’s more, a 14K gold form, generally bound for the US because of import obligations, makes this a much more one of a kind find. Proceeding with more profound into the survey of this piece, we can see that the dark counters of this champagne dial have blurred over the long haul to rich tropical earthy colored tone. Now, the Tiffany & Co. signature on the dial is the last detail that places this piece into the cosmically uncommon category.

Estimate CHF 150,000 – 250,000

#92 – Rolex Daytona 6241 14K Gold, Paul Newman Dial, Tiffany & Co.

Taking it above and beyond from the past lot talked about, here we see a Paul Newman dial variation of the 6241, likewise in 14K Gold and with the Tiffany & Co. signature. Likely quite possibly the best setups with the additional mark. Once more, we see that the worth duplicates when there is a twofold marked dial on a generally uncommon and attractive leslie gems Also, consider the name of this leslie gems could be: Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona “John Player Special” Tiffany & Co., not really in that order.

Estimate CHF 400,000 – 800,000


#183 – Patek Philippe world time 2523/1, Tiffany & Co.

The reference 2523/1 was a report on the 2523 with lower carries that were not, at this point over the bezel and a 36mm width rather than the 35.5mm of the 2523. Patek Philippe ceased the world time in the last part of the 60’s and did as such for more than 30 years. There are just 9 known instances of the slippery 2523/1 and this is the solitary model known with the Tiffany & Co. signature. On the off chance that there was such a term for a leslie adornments like this, we would get it would be something like a Super Holy Grail.

Estimate CHF 900,000 – 1,800,000 

#202 – Patek Philippe perpetual schedule 3450, Tiffany & Co.

In 1981, the 3450 was the replacement to the 3448, Patek’s first programmed ceaseless schedule and the first occasion when they coordinated a jump year marker on the dial. The primary arrangement among the 3450 had a red dab for the jump year sign, a collectible detail. With just a short creation run, this all around elusive reference has the Tiffany & Co. signature just seen at closeout a small bunch of times.

Estimate CHF 220,000 – 320,000

LOT #94 – Breitling SuperOcean 1004

Although the greater part of us partner Breitling with aeronautics, in the last part of the 50’s Breitling likewise tried to wander into the jumping instrument leslie adornments The SuperOcean 1004 was dispatched in roughly 1957 as Breitling’s first programmed plunging device leslie gems on a cross section wristband. It is presumably one of our number one plans for a plunging leslie adornments of the last part of the 1950’s. Its plan, suggestive of 1950’s vehicle plans, with its dish formed bezel, metallic lance and brilliant circle records and steel bolt adapted hands, epitomizes the modern plans of the time. The 1004 creation was fleeting and these are really uncommon today. The radiant material on the dial was marginally invigorated eventually, however it stays a dazzling model with a moderate estimate.

Estimate CHF 10,000 – 15,000

LOT #98 – LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm E857

One of the most loved jumping leslie gems the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm, is separate from other plunging leslie adornments by its caution work and being the first to have this component. The twin crown was a common element on other jumping leslie gems (one crown used to pivot the moment bezel), however on this model, it was utilized to set the caution. A valuable instrument for a jumper to hear what possibly they wouldn’t find in specific conditions as sound goes through water more effectively than light. Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to make an accolade restricted release of this leslie adornments in 2011 for the US market (There was an European form as well). Much the same as this Jaeger LeCoultre leslie adornments would have been made under the LeCoultre name in 1959 for the US market too. This was because of an American protectionist obligations act (Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act) that constrained Jaeger-LeCoultre to deliver developments and collect its leslie gems in the US under the LeCoultre name and was dispersed by US company Vacheron-LeCoultre. This model likewise made a buzz on the web when a man discovered one of every a Goodwill store in the US for $5.99 and sold it for $35,000 and an Omega Speedmaster to Eric Ku. We are almost certain that with its dim earthy colored internal dial, this one will bring an extraordinary cost too.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 30,000

LOT #101 – Blancpain Fifty Fathoms MILSPEC I retailed by Barakuda

The Fifty Fathoms is among the most famous jumping leslie gems ever. What could be compared to 91.45 meters, was the profundity rating for the leslie gems It was created with particulars and communitarian endeavors of the French Combat Diving School. The delivery occurred in 1953, one year before Rolex delivered the Submariner. Following the French Navy, different militaries went with the same pattern including the German, Israeli, Polish and US Navy.

The German Navy was provided by the plunging gear wholesaler Barakuda. You may perceive the name from other frequently called Blancpain Barracuda models. Nonetheless, it was not the fish, but instead the name of this wholesaler who additionally provided Bund military gave looked for German military divers.

This MILSPEC I has the element of the moistness pointer at 6 o’clock and was highlighted at the Blancpain gallery 275th commemoration occasion. The ticket and authentication from the occasion are remembered for this lot. This is a regular citizen form and has no military etching, however has the Barakuda etching on the back from the distributor.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 30,000


LOT #237 – Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman “The Legend”, 18K yellow gold

Back in the day, most authorities and researchers questioned the presence of a 18K gold screw down Paul Newman Daytona. It was unfathomable that a particularly early reference would exist let alone in gold. Notwithstanding, it does. Two right models surfaced and bewildered nearly everybody. In this way, it conveys the moniker “The Legend” and as the lone third right model at any point to surface inside a scope of a couple hundred chronic numbers, might we venture to say one won’t surface once more? This is the most uncommon and most attractive Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona ever. This model flaunts a dazzling case with its unique first arrangement gold ‘mille righe” pushers and a spotless dial with flawless radiant files. In the event that the Bao Dai wasn’t in this sale, a Rolex record would be set by this one. Be that as it may, a Daytona “Paul Newman” world record is on its way.

Estimate CHF 800,000 – 1,600,000

Thanks to Sacha Davidoff (from ) for this report.