We got a container loaded up with German joys from Glashütte. For this web recording, we picked the Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar with (woods) green dial to talk about.

We covered this Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar recently composed by Balazs, yet we got the watch as a component of a greater assortment for survey and figured it is ideal to visit about it on this Fratello on Air digital recording episode.

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We talk about the dial, made by Glashütte Original in their dial manufactory. Having that dial fabricate implies this brand can do nearly everything in-house. Subsequently, GO comes-up with some cool dial tones and themes. We’ve been to Glashütte in the previous a couple of times. Each time the attention was on the advancement of the developments. Furthermore, undoubtedly, these developments — with hand-engraved equilibrium spans — are dazzling, yet shockingly, we’ve never been to their dial making facility.

This office is situated in Pforzheim, that other heart of German watchmaking. During the Time to Move occasion in 2019, we had the chance to see (and attempt) some dial making demos by Glashütte Original and it left truly an impression.

We trust you appreciate tuning in to this webcast, which additionally incorporates a humorous break highlighting some exemplary German music, a concise conversation on what comprises a miniature rotor, Rob’s investigation of how my gathering propensities have changed over the long haul, and more.