Romain Gauthier delivers around 60 watches each year, all made in-house and with hand-completed developments. We acquaint with you their new Insight Micro-Rotor Lady Opal, with a creation of only five pieces altogether. That is correct, a very good quality watch for women only, and it is a gift to see more watch brands presenting women watches with a solid spotlight on the mechanical development. All things considered, this watch accompanies a wonderful opal dial. The pre-owned opal comes from Coober Pedy in South Australia, regularly portrayed as the opal capital of the world.

Now, this new Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Lady Opal may look natural to you, and that’s right. Two models were recently presented, yet with a dark Mother-of-Pearl dial and one with a white Mother-of-Peal dial. Today, we as of now have a more intensive glance at this new form with an opal dial that will be appeared to the general population one week from now in Geneva.

Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Lady Opal

In 2017, Gauthier presented the Insight Micro-Rotor development (and assortment) and after one year, the Insight Micro-Rotor Lady was uncovered. Presently, in 2019, there’s another rendition of that watch with an opal dial. Furthermore, the dial is made of opal, however it has additionally been applied to cover the mainplate of the development. The opal was gathered at source by a specialist of uncommon gemstone practically 50 years ago.

The case is made of 18-carat red gold and has agreeable dimensions, 39.5mm x 12.9mm. In no way, shape or form a little watch, yet in addition not larger than average. Adequately huge to get a decent view at the opal covered parts and the development. Discussing the development, this Insight Micro-Rotor has been planned such that it permits the wearer to appreciate the core of the development at 6 o’clock and the 22-carat gold miniature rotor (set with approx. 45 brilliants) at 9 o’clock. The rotor is bi-directional, utilizing a turning around gear. As the weight is moderately weighty, Romain Gauthier decided to utilize a twofold scaffold to guarantee strength. Two barrels that are put in arrangement offer a force hold of 80 hours when completely wound.

As you can see, the development is flawlessly beautified. Hand-made and hand-cleaned angles, hand-icing, roundabout graining, straight-graining and snailing for instance. Romain Gauthier’s Insight Micro-Rotor development is 32.1mm in breadth and has a thickness of 6.8mm. It comprises of 206 components, of which 33 are gems. As composed over, the miniature rotor is made of 22-carat gold yet you will likewise discover parts made of steel, beryllium copper, metal and German silver. The extensions – as you can see – have been treated with 5N red gold to coordinate the case material. The hands are additionally made of red gold, to coordinate the remainder of the group impeccably. A pleasant detail that I truly like, is these (red gold) connects that are protected utilizing screws with S-opening heads. These are likewise made in-house by Romain Gauthier.

To set and wind the watch, you can utilize the gold crown situated at 2 o’clock. Somewhat of a strange position, yet it is really an exceptionally fascinating spot to put the crown. This way it won’t stick into your hand.

The Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Opal comes on a white (normal) elastic tie with a red gold pin buckle.

Looking at this watch, it becomes quickly evident that it doesn’t come modest. Taking a gander at the pre-owned materials, yet in addition at all the worker hours spend on assembling and hand-completing the development, this wonderful lady’s watch should come at a specific cost. Also, it does, as it retails at CHF95,000.= (barring deals tax).

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