The King Samurai is the most recent Seiko Prospex plunge watch to get a genuine redesign. We investigate two variations in the SRPE35K1 and SRPE37K1.

It’s difficult to accept that the first Seiko Samurai initially appeared path back in 2004. These models introduced an altogether different look to Seiko plunge watches and, by most records, they were mainstream. Along these lines, it presently appears to be odd that the line was suddenly dropped in 2008. Maybe the world wasn’t prepared for these cutting edge style jumpers that shunned any retro contacts. Quick forward right to 2017 when Seiko brought back the Samurai and, because of the line’s affirmed prevalence, it appears they’ll be around for years to come. Presently, in 2020, Seiko has added some smart moves up to make what fans have started calling the “King Samurai.”

The Seiko Prospex King Samurai SRPE35K1 and SRPE37K1

Last month, Rob assessed the King Samurai “Save the Ocean” SRPE33 here and he adored it such a lot of that he got one. Today, our article centers around the more standard deliveries which are, ahem, a smidgen more fit for my abilities. Regardless of whether it’s the dark dialed SRPE35K1 on a treated steel wristband or the white-dialed SRPE37K1 on a silicone tie, similar strong specs exist. Thus, this implies a 44mm case with a practically 50mm carry to-haul. The case is cross-bored to make it simple to trade out the 22mm wide wristband or lash. Pleasingly, Seiko reports the thickness at a shockingly slender 12.8 mm which makes things profoundly wearable.

If you’re acquainted with the “King” comment on ongoing Seiko Prospex jumpers, at that point the overhauled King Samurai specs won’t shock you. Seiko did likewise with the Turtle too. Basically, this implies a fired bezel, a sapphire gem with cyclops and an updated dial. What remains and is good enough on the most reasonable Seiko jumpers is the 4R35 development. By chance, this is similar development in everything from the Seiko 5 Sports models up to this value point. It’s a strong sprinter with 41 hours of force hold, a brisk set date, and hand winding. It does, be that as it may, have a genuinely wide compartment of exactness at +45/ – 35 seconds for each day.

The dials are the star of the show

The dials are really recognizable on these new King Samurai models. First and foremost, credit what I’d compare to a profoundly recessed hobnail design. Also, this is combined with enormous records that are loaded up with heaps of ultra brilliant lume and a steeply slanted tensioner ring with a minutes track. Thirdly, Seiko has included some decent gold contacts the range hand and the actual dial. The two models look incredible and more upmarket than earlier Samurai models. At last, I’d say that the white variation is generally capturing because of the sharp differentiation with the intense lume-filled ceramic bezel.

The Seiko Samurai is one of the brand’s few non retro divers

I don’t own a Seiko King Samurai, nor a typical Samurai so far as that is concerned. They’re not little watches, however I regard these looks for one primary explanation. This is about the lone Prospex jumper that doesn’t have its foundations immovably positioned during the 1960s or ’70s. There isn’t anything amiss with those watches and I own a lot of them, however I regard these on the grounds that they show what Seiko can do when ready to run free.

Ok, I get it that the fundamental plan is from 2004, yet the way that there’s an advanced looking crown at 3 o’clock alone makes it altogether different from the remainder of the brand’s jump watch contributions. Additionally, it’s especially a Seiko, however it’s a watch for the individuals who may need something a little out of the Seiko ordinary.

Final contemplations and pricing

The Seiko King Samurai is accessible for €650 with a dark dial on arm band and for €620 with a white dial on silicone. Indeed, this is another instance of Seiko offering fixed arm band and lash combos.

Regardless of which you pick, you’re either getting a nice Oyster-style arm band with a two-button fasten with wetsuit augmentation or a genuinely comfortable dark silicone tie. Taking everything into account, on the off chance that you like a very much created and exceptional present day Seiko jumper, the King Samurai is certainly worth a look.

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