I’m debilitated to the stomach. It just isn’t reasonable. I thought I’d experienced this as of now. I had pretty much figured out how to persuade myself that I didn’t need last year’s SNJ025 and afterward Seiko chose to deliver the new SNJ029 and SNJ031. Obviously, my determination is in tatters.

I shouldn’t complain. For this sort of cash, you’re getting a tremendous measure of watch. Even better, you’re getting an under-the-radar clique exemplary, brought beat fully informed regarding on-pattern colorways. To be very legitimate, it was the green that did it for me. I have a miniature assortment of Casio Mudmasters that I infrequently wear however can’t quit purchasing due to their dominance of shading. The SNJ031 in green specific snatched me the second I laid eyes upon it and hasn’t let go since.

The Arnie

The unique Seiko H558 line hit the market in 1982 as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brilliant ascent was starting. Arnie wore a couple of varieties of the H558-5000 line in a portion of his most popular movies, like Commando, Raw Deal, Running Man, and Predator. All things considered, the affiliation stuck. However, the “last” activity saint was by all account not the only big-screen genius to wear a H558. One of these ana-digi wonders sprung up on Roger Moore’s wrist in A View to a Kill. Maybe not the best Bond film on equilibrium, but rather it had an incredible reprobate (a completely mental Christopher Walken) and an exceptionally nice effort to sing by Simon Le Bon on the film’s important subject tune.

When a watch has this sort of superstar backing, it isn’t uncommon for it to discover favor with the purchasing public. It isn’t such a lot of that purchasers are directly affected by what their golden calves wear (I don’t, for instance, think wearing an Omega makes me look any more like George Clooney — more’s the pity), however when watches of this sort have that sort of long haul openness they become part of our psyche. Watches like the H558 become antiquities, time cases, rose-colored recollections we can wear on our wrists. What’s more, it turns out all Seiko needed to do to turn my head was color those rose-colored recollections green…

The “Safarnie”

Seiko fans are never scared of a decent epithet. These “urban safari” models have just gotten another moniker — the “Safarnie” watches. It’s interesting, and a ton simpler to swallow than the term “urban safari”. What makes these watches work, be that as it may, isn’t a snicker initiating moniker or a long history of prevalence with the rich and renowned, but instead great plan changed and improved for a cutting edge audience.

The estimations of these monsters are scaring. The measurement is a vigorous 47.8mm yet it truly doesn’t recount the entire story. Piddly little drags imply that the carry to-haul length is only 50.5mm, which is incredibly wearable.

The watch isn’t especially low profile, notwithstanding. While its 14.43mm tallness may not be as worried on paper as the distance across has all the earmarks of being, it looks “tall” on the wrist because of its blockish case plan. Notwithstanding, as I would like to think, it would look agonizingly wide in the event that it were slimmer. Moreover, I don’t think any individual who discovers this tasteful engaging is searching for a contracting violet. “Oh, confound it, you mean it won’t fit under the sleeve of my shirt?” said no one ever, following dropping into a Seiko shop looking for a SNJ029 or SNJ031 .


Obviously, a watch with these sorts of looks infers an exceptionally utilitarian center. Neither the SNJ029 nor the SNJ031 disillusions. These sun oriented controlled, quartz-managed time-weapons are pressing a chronograph work, a force save pointer, a schedule, an alert, and a sweet blue backdrop illumination (I’m a sucker for backdrop illuminations). These highlights are kindness of the H851 development that lives behind a shockingly re-worked dial.

Ah yes. The dial. Furthermore, the hands, so far as that is concerned. I wager you thought I’d failed to remember or hadn’t saw the updates. In any case, that’s why these “safarnies” appear to be so unique from those that have come previously. While last year’s discharge held the “stick and spot” design of the first, here we have more rakish markers the entire way round.

The hands are likewise unique. This break we have brushed hour and moment hands that manage their work competently by contrasting the dial foundation. The seconds hand, with a dazzling candy counter-balance, carries a glimmer of shading to procedures. That clear red is reflected by the pusher collars. Together, those components amount to a pail heap of visual congruity that I just can’t get enough of.


Another disputable expansion is the utilization of non-white lume. Everybody and their canine has an alternate term for this — fauxtina, egg-shell, grayish, light yellow, cream — yet it adds up to something very similar. It is a decision that some will cherish and some will despise. I for one think it integrates the entire thing pleasantly. Besides, the shade in plain view here is nothing similar to the tanish, orangey, pumpkin conceal regularly seen on “homage” pieces. Indeed, it looks significantly more like the C3 style utilized by Super-LumiNova , which is supposedly the brand’s most splendid. It isn’t outlandish to accept that Seiko’s own lume of the equivalent/comparative shade is similarly enormous. What’s more, you’ve got a backdrop illumination on the computerized screen so you shouldn’t wind up in a difficult situation when the lights get low.

If you, similar to me, are an aficionado of these time-following Predator-beating, dress-shirt decrying watches, you’ll be quick to know the cost. Pleasingly — for once — it came in under I was anticipating. Both the SNJ029 And SNJ031 will retail at €530. A little cost to pay for an altogether current update of a disruptive yet significant symbol. Find out more .