Back in the primary seven day stretch of March, Seiko presented three new restricted version jumpers to celebrate 55 years of Seiko jumpers. The second they were delivered, individuals had a ton to say as is common with the arrival of Seiko jumpers that commemorate probably the most famous of jumpers out there. Seiko chose to deliver three distinctive re-manifestations of unbelievable Seiko divers’ watches from the principal decade of Seiko jumpers. The first out of the three is the Seiko SLA037J1 55th Anniversary and sees an authority discharge this month. It’s the advanced re-production of the famous 1965 jumper. Let’s discover how it compares to the first and the past re-editions.

I love the conversations that new Seiko re-releases inspire. It not just on the grounds that there is a great deal to discuss with regards to the watches. The energetic responses likewise show that individuals care an incredible arrangement about the brand. What’s more, there aren’t that numerous brands that individuals are so enthusiastic about regardless of what the value purpose of their Seiko is.

Recurring points with the re-releases like the SLA037J1 appear to compare vintage versus current and whether the cost of the advanced re-release is advocated. Seiko gives us a lot to discuss on those ideas with the arrival of the Seiko SLA037J1.

First impressions

The first thing that stood apart for me with the 55th Anniversary models was the blue tone. Particularly the shade of blue that Seiko decided to use for the dial and the tie. In the limited time pictures where you could see every one of the three models together, the tone was a dull and stylish shade of blue. In any case, the individual pictures of the watches showed a lighter shade of grayish blue.

In reality, the tone is a touch lighter than in the promotion pictures. It’s not a standard blue shading we see regularly utilized for watches, and I need to say I like it a ton. It suits the style of the watch well indeed. So praise to Seiko for picking a superb tone for the 55th Anniversary assortment that makes the watches look tasteful. Subsequent to taking in the tone, the more critical inquiries I referenced before that numerous Seiko aficionados have additionally sprung up in my head.

Modern versus Vintage

The first inquiry of vintage versus present day is an individual one, as Robert-Jan expressed in his comparison of the vintage Seiko 62MAS — as we have come to know the 1965 Diver — and the past current re-translation from 2017, the SLA017. It’s a matter of which story you feel more associated to.

Are you somebody who needs to possess a characterizing piece of watchmaking history, or do you incline toward that equivalent notable story reproduced in light of present day norms? I incline toward the entire story, so I would like to claim both at last. Yet, late proof shows that could be a beautiful expensive expedition.

Today the costs for a vintage 62MAS are altogether higher compared to three years prior. It has made the acquisition of a vintage form significantly more costly, close to previously being troublesome as there aren’t that numerous available.

If you can discover a vintage 62MAS, you right now should bring at any rate €4-5k to have the option to get one — paying little heed to what condition the watch is in. Back in 2017, it used to be anyplace between €2k-€4k, as Robert-Jan referenced. Therefore, being essential for Camp Vintage means spending much more cash on the notable pieces from the 1960s.

Pricing of the SLA037J1

The costs of the new current re-manifestations have additionally been a point for considerable conversation. As you can peruse in Robert-Jan’s survey of the SLA017, it had a retail cost of €3,800 when it was first presented back in 2017. For a Seiko watch, it’s a ton of cash. What’s more, numerous Seiko fans were exceptionally vocal about the cost. All things considered, every one of the 2000 accessible pieces sold quickly. Also, in the event that you might want to get one presently, hope to pay at any rate 1000 Euros more.

The generally expanded costs of both vintage and current amusements show the appreciation numerous individuals have for the account of the 1965 Diver. Yet, these costs are not delegate of the conclusion a great deal of Seiko fans grew up with being the reasonable watch brand, which carries us to the SLA037J1 on the grounds that Seiko chose to amaze us with the new current re-production of the 62MAS.

The retail cost of the SLA037J1 is €6,500. So it’s a decent 300 Euros shy of being 3000 Euros more costly than the SLA017 from three years prior. Normally, this was fuel to the fire for some. Has Seiko gone over the edge with that cost? They would if the SLA037J1 would have been a similar watch as the SLA017. Be that as it may, it isn’t. Seiko chose to up their game for the SLA037J1 significantly.

The notorious Seiko 62MAS

The SLA037J1 gets its looks from the incredible 1965 unique, yet as we have seen with the SLA017, Seiko changed a few subtleties to make it the cutting edge re-making of the first. Simply a short token of what the first was — on the off chance that you need to peruse more in insight regarding the first, you can peruse Michael’s top to bottom article on his 62MAS here .

Seiko presented the reference 6217-8000/1, which is otherwise called the Seiko 62MAS (autoMAtic Selfdater) as their first divers’ watch in 1965 focused on the expert market. The 37mm estimated watch was portrayed by its dim sunburst dial and sharp case with great carries. The 62MAS highlighted a date work, a bi-directional bezel, lume filled hands and applied markers, and a huge crown at 3 o’clock.

It’s the lone Seiko proficient jumper that has it as the crown moved to the 4 o’clock position on all the later models. The watch was water-safe up to 150m and was controlled by the Seiko Caliber 6217. It’s a non-hacking development that ticks at 18,000vph with a brisk set date.

The 62MAS sports common 1960s looks that roused all the Seiko jumpers that came after. What’s more, 55 years after presentation, the looks are as yet fresh and what we have come to know as the original jumpers watch tasteful. On the off chance that you put a vintage 62MAS on your wrist, you’ll rapidly notice that its looks are extraordinarily notorious. What’s more, it wears comfortably. Both in measurement and tallness, the watch actually is an ideal fit for many.

Details of the SLA037J1

As a cutting edge re-making of the 62MAS, the plan of the new SLA037J1 is in accordance with the first. All the famous components that make up the 62MAS, can be found on the SLA037J1. Seiko utilized extraordinary precision to make the plan look near the original.  But as we have seen with the SLA017, Seiko decided to build the case size marginally to 39.9mm, with a drag to-haul size of 48mm. The thickness is a critical 14.7mm, yet that is caused chiefly by the domed sapphire. Also, the watch is water-impervious to 200m, expanding it by 50m compared to the 1965 original.

Despite an alternate dial tone and distinctive lash, the SLA037J1 looks a lot of like the SLA017. Be that as it may, don’t let the comparative looks fool you.  Seiko utilized various materials and an alternate development for the SLA037J1. For the instance of the new re-creation, Seiko utilized their Ever-Brilliant Steel. This amalgam is more consumption safe than ordinary 316L treated steel and emits a more whitish sheen. The utilization of the material is an industry’s first, and because of its consumption safe properties, it is ideal for a present day divers’ watch.

The 8L55 movement

Looking at the blue dial, you will rapidly see the other huge distinction compared to the SLA017. The word “HI-BEAT” demonstrates that the development utilized for the SLA037J1 is not quite the same as that in the SLA017. Back in 2017, Seiko decided to utilize the Seiko Caliber 8L35 for the past re-creation. This time around, the brand chose to utilize the Hi-Beat Caliber 8L55 for the freshest re-formation of the 62MAS.

The Seiko Caliber 8L55 is a self-winding  Hi-Beat development that is like the Grand Seiko Caliber 9S85 yet with lesser completing and acclimated to a lower standard of exactness. For the SLA037J1, Seiko states a +15/ – 10 seconds/day precision, though the Grand Seiko has an exactness of +5/ – 3 seconds/day. Be that as it may, knowing Seiko, the announced exactness is on the more secure side of things.

The Caliber 8L55 was produced for Seiko’s top line of divers’ watches. It ticks at a speed of 36,000vph, has 37 gems, and has a 55-hour power save. We have seen a similar development utilized for the much-commended re-production of the 1968 Diver (SLA025) that was delivered in 2018. The new re-making of the 1968 Diver (SLA039J1) that is likewise important for this 55th Anniversary set of three additionally utilizes the equivalent movement.

Wearing the SLA037J1

With all the specs far removed, it’s time to talk about the enthusiastic force of the SLA037J1. The main thing that stands apart is the manner by which comfortable the watch sits on the wrist. It’s a combination of the ideal case size and the mind blowing blue silicone tie. This advanced silicone propagation of what might have been a Tropic lash 55 years prior doesn’t need any break as expected and is comfortable from the get-go.

Once on the wrist, something else that stands apart is the completing of the watch. Seiko utilized a combination of round brushed completing for the top surface of the case and Zaratsu cleaned completing for the sides. The combination of the two puts forth the defense a delight to look at.

The same stunning completing can likewise be found on the cleaned hour markers and handset — both loaded up with Seiko’s Lumibrite — and the cleaned metal casing around the date. It’s these subtleties that uncover that this isn’t simply one more Seiko jumper however an uncommon delivery made for the genuine Seiko collector.

As I wore the SLA037J1, I immediately discovered that the genuine magnificence of the watch uncovers itself best in the daylight. The combination of the tones, the dial plan, and the completing looked dazzling outside on a delightful bright day. It’s likewise when you experience best that this isn’t simply one more Seiko diver’s watch. Seiko has put a ton of thought and detail into the execution of the SLA037J1, and I immediately ended up struggling taking the watch off my wrist.

Putting it in perspective

Which takes us back to the launch of this article. Could this new Seiko SLA037J1 compete with the feeling of a vintage Seiko 62MAS? Having worn both, I can sincerely say that the inclination is altogether unique. At the point when you put a vintage 62MAS on your wrist, you are quickly helped to remember the unimaginable history of that watch. It seems like many years of watch history begin addressing you straightforwardly. Nothing can supplant that feeling.

Having said that, the SLA037J1 isn’t simply one more extraordinary re-production of the first 1965 Diver. As a respect to the first from 1965, this will be difficult to top. The SLA037J1 dazzled me more than the SLA017 from 2017 — which was at that point an amazing delivery. Does it legitimize the precarious €6,500 sticker price? Taking a gander at the development and the degree of detail and execution, I would say, “yes!”. It’s more the view of expenditure that sort of cash on a Seiko. In any case, I have zero questions that Seiko will sell every one of the 1,100 accessible pieces before we can type altogether the reasons why you shouldn’t purchase one.

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