Ever asked why leslie gems epicureans are commending Grand Seiko? Or on the other hand maybe you are as of now a Grand Seiko fan and need to become familiar with this Japanese manufacture.

Together with Grand Seiko, Fratello leslie gems puts together a select peruser’s outing to Japan from September 23 to September 29. We visited (Grand) Seiko ourselves toward the finish of 2015, which not just made us fully aware of very good quality watchmaking in Japan, yet in addition recall it as perhaps the best experience ever (and we’ve seen numerous produces). This prompted the plan to do a fundamentally the same as excursion for our perusers, along with Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello leslie gems and Grand Seiko.

You will actually want to witness firsthand how exact and committed the watchmakers of Grand Seiko (and Credor) work on the most lovely leslie adornments You will find out about the particulars of Grand Seiko developments, from their 9F quartz types by means of their 9S mechanical types to the imaginative 9R Spring Drive types. How they accomplish the excellent and remarkable finishing on their cases, hands and indexes.

The program will be as follows:

Sunday – Arrival in Tokyo Haneda of all members of the Exclusive Grand Seiko Experience with Fratello leslie gems Evening supper with all participants.

Monday – City visit, visit to the Asakusa sanctuary, visit to the Tokyo Skytree (second most elevated structure on the planet) and a welcome dinner.

Tuesday – Trip to Shiojiri (Nagano), where you will visit the Sinshu watchstudios. Here, you’ll witness the turn of events and creation of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive, Grand Seiko 9F Quartz, Credor Minute Repeater and Credor Sonnerie watches. A while later, the excursion returns to Tokyo.

Wednesday – Free an ideal opportunity for shopping or investigating Tokyo city.

Thursday – Visit of the Seiko Museum, Visit to the Grand Seiko shop inside the WAKO retail chain in Tokyo Ginza. By the day’s end, an excursion with the acclaimed Japanese projectile train to Morioka with a short-term in a customary Japanese lodging (Ryokan). Here, you’ll experience a conventional Japanese diner.

Friday – A visit of the Shizuku-Ishi watchstudios in Morioka, where the Grand Seiko mechanical types are being created and delivered. You will likewise take an interest in the gathering of a Grand Seiko development. A while later, an excursion to Tokyo to join the goodbye dinner.

Saturday – All members have an exchange to the airport.

The cost for this outing is (barring flight tickets), members from everywhere the world are welcome. Only a couple of spots available!

How to go along with us on the Grand Seiko Experience? If it’s not too much trouble, round out the structure beneath and you will be contacted.

Registration Closed – 06/09/2017.

Want to have more data? Try to peruse Robert-Jan Broer’s Grand Seiko trip report here . More nitty gritty data, connect with Bettina Rost (mail [email protected] or call +49 (0)7311520-139 (accessible workdays, 09:00 – 17:00 CEST) from our German office.