Here’s our recap of the second day of the SIHH 2019. Recently you could find out about our first-day experience at the SIHH, and now we are now most of the way. Also, we’ve currently seen and attempted that much discussed Code 11:59 at Audemars Piguet in the substance, had a fascinating meeting at Cartier and took a gander at the new pieces at Montblanc. We likewise did the photograph take shots at Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Söhne, giving us a smidgen more one-on-one time with their new watches.

SIHH 2019 Is Crowded

But first of all, the SIHH has been abbreviated with one day compared to earlier years. Recently and today it turned out to be certain that this additionally implies that the spot (Palexpo) is significantly more jammed than it was in earlier years. It previously began toward the beginning of today with the van transport to the SIHH setting. There were such a large number of individuals for the buses and after we at long last showed up at the Palexpo, there was a line from the transport to the security watches that I expounded on yesterday. I kid you not that it required just about 45 minutes to get inside the SIHH. Inside, the spot was very pressed throughout the day. Retailers, writers, staff, brand reps… It just appeared to me that they welcomed more individuals than any other time in recent memory. No seats, poop WiFi, no storage spaces, no lunch… Welcome to the #watchpressglam life (the folks from Time and Tide and our Bert thought of that new hashtag this morning).

But what am I complaining about, this is our work (and life) and we appreciate it. I would simply say that SIHH settled for what is most convenient option a piece and is presently moving toward the degree of extravagance we are utilized to from Baselworld. Comes in convenient for one year from now, when Baselworld and SIHH will be held soon after each other.

Enough with the complaining, we should view the brands we visited today, and which established great connection and which, all things considered, didn’t actually satisfy our expectations.


Our first introduction was at Cartier. Cartier is the biggest brand of the Richemont Group (in volume, yet in addition in turnover) and takes a tremendous piece of the SIHH scene. La Maison truly is a maison at the SIHH, it is basically fantastic how huge it is compared to some different stalls. The introductions are consistently faultless, individuals dress rich and look flawless and the timetable is exact as a Swiss development. That was likewise the case again this year, where they showed us some really astounding watches. There is a great deal for women this year, with the Panthere, Cartier Libre and Cartier Privé Tonneau watches (albeit the last were likewise for men, yet I don’t know whether that is actually the situation with such little cases and lashes). At that point, Cartier showed new Santos models. A Santos Chronograph with a pusher at 9 o’clock to begin and stop the chronograph, and by pushing the crown you really reset the hands. Moreover, they showed us a Santos Squelette Noctambule and a more modest Santos Dumont watch with quartz movement.

The last one was unquestionably my top pick, notwithstanding the quartz development. A rich Santos Dumont watch on a cowhide tie, entirely measured as a dress watch. It is a praise to the watch that was given to Santos Dumont in 1904. The quartz development is produced via Cartier and has an elite battery. A combination of that battery and an exceptionally proficient designed development will guarantee it can run six years without having the battery changed. The solitary drawback of this watch was the dial truth be told. It looks somewhat modest, in any event not up to the principles of Cartier. In spite of the fact that I was anticipating seeing and attempt their Santos chronograph, this was an enormous frustration. The watch is basically too huge for my wrists (and I have huge wrists).

Audemars Piguet

Oh kid. Audemars Piguet is all the rage in Geneva in light of their CODE 11:59 watches. Today we had an introduction of the new Audemars Piguet CODE looks just as our one-on-one photoshoot for certain chose watches. How about we start with the CODE 11:59. As I composed yesterday, you need to see it in the substance before you can truly comment on it. Indeed, you can most likely comment on all that you see on Instagram, Facebook or a site, yet a few things truly show better in the substance. Much the same as you have excellent individuals that are not very photogenetic, you additionally have watches that don’t look great on an image yet can completely turn you around when appeared in the substance. All things considered, not with the CODE 11:59.

Journalists are asked by AP not to take a ‘frontal’ image of this watch without showing the case band or carries and so forth That sounds somewhat like admitting something isn’t right with the watch. On the off chance that the plan would be all wonderful, it ought to have likewise looked great when you are taking a gander at the watch (dial side), like the Royal Oak really does. Or on the other hand most other well known plans. The CODE 11:59, and that goes particularly for the three-hand form and chronograph, simply look nothing unique when seeing it face-side. Excellence is entirely subjective, obviously, as I really ran into individuals who are very attached to it. Yet, as far as I might be concerned, at a watch with this cost level and furthermore for a watch from a brand that has been tied in with ‘disrupting the guidelines’, it is a dull watch. It very well may be any name on the dial, and not really a decent one. The completion is wonderful and unmistakably shows, however the plan is essentially worse than average for a brand like Audemars Piguet. The side of the case is a brilliant piece of design however and the new developments look wonderful (and tremendous!), it is only the dial-side that ruins it for me. I can’t envision this was what AP’s CEO Bennahmias had as a top priority when he said yes to this watch. Is it all terrible at that point? No. With regards to the CODE 11:59, I need to concede that the QP variant is basically dazzling. The aventurine dial is hypnotizing and certainly compensates all that could possibly be needed for the fairly dull round situation (when seen from the top).

The other AP news that is barely getting any inclusion is the oddities for the Royal Oak arrangement. Where a year ago was plainly a Royal Oak Offshore festival, they currently refreshed the Royal Oak with another development and their Chronograph with a 38mm case. This consistently used to be 39mm, at that point they transformed it into 41mm for a couple of years and now AP decreased it again to 38mm. Incredible choice. Being the Royal Oak Jumbo fan that I am, I truly love their new 15202 with salmon dial in white gold. I recall the Jubilee form of this watch (reference 14802) with a salmon dial, which I generally appreciated. This new piece with the salmon dial is simply shocking. What a magnificent piece of work. The watch is definitely not a restricted release (as somebody said to me today), yet the creation will be exceptionally restricted (which is something alternate, mind you).

At the finish of the introduction (and he regularly begins with this), CEO Bennahmias told everybody that the brand improved regarding turnover than the prior year (when they likewise plussed a 100 mil compared to the prior year, arriving at the one billion Swiss Francs turnover) with similar number of watches (40.000 per annum). Additionally, the 2000 new CODE watches will replace 2000 Royal Oak models that are currently remembered for the all out yearly creation of 40.000.

One last thing I’d prefer to add. The way that individuals are so quick to bounce on AP and offer a disdainful remark about the CODE 11:59 watches likewise shows that individuals are not especially not interested in this brand. The majority of them presumably care about AP and love their (Royal Oak) looks (as I do), else they would have quite recently shrugged their shoulders and proceeded onward. I’m extremely quick to perceive what will befall the CODE 11:59 and in the event that it will get by over the long haul without significant changes to the plan. I likewise puzzle over whether Audemars Piguet actually needs something different than a Royal Oak watch and a periodic other plan (Jules Audemars, Millenary, Tradition and so on) For what reason would they? Too apprehensive they lean a lot on one explicit watch? Imperial Oak is Audemars Piguet for quite a while now, I surmise a great many people who are simply getting inspired by watches will just know them for this plan. In any case, it is something that will keep us involved in the coming months, I am sure.


One of different introductions that I went to was that of Montblanc. I generally discovered this brand somewhat of an abnormal one in the range of the Richemont Group. They compete with Baume & Mercier, yet in addition with Jaeger-LeCoultre and maybe even for certain models of Vacheron Constantin and IWC. They used to be everywhere. Presently, it appears to be that they have been rebuilding their assortment in only a couple ‘families’ and come up with an all the more clear situating. I will discuss that somewhat later on when we examine a portion of their watches. Today we saw the whole line-up, and I need to say that I am very intrigued by their unending schedule of just beneath 15.000 Euro (tempered steel, and about 25.000 Euro for the gold rendition). It isn’t a similar development as the recently examined Baume & Mercier utilizes, yet another gathering development. This new Montblanc Heritage Perpetual Calendar helped me a piece to remember Patek’s 3940 plan frankly, and maybe that’s why I like it to such an extent. At that point there is likewise the alluring cost, obviously. The dial looks inconceivably great on this Montblanc interminable schedule watch, and I can likewise live with the new ‘heritage’ logo of Montblanc. One of my significant concerns would be the situation of this watch, and fundamentally, the entirety of the Heritage watches. They don’t show a lot of variety in completion, it is totally cleaned. That, and they look altogether too cumbersome. The alluring value point needs to come from some place, obviously. Let’s sit back and watch when we will get our hands on it for an article.


On day 3 we will have more photoshoots and meets and will examine some fascinating subjects with regards to our every day recap. It is likewise an ideal opportunity to talk a smidgen more about the autonomous brands that are available at the show in Geneva.