Sinn, situated in Frankfurt, Germany, is notable for particular reason device watches. They have built up an entire scope of their EZM watches where EZM represents Einsatzzeitmesser – German for mission clock. However, close to their Frankfurt Financial District Watches, they additionally offer some clean rich watches. Also, Sinn appreciates to present new case materials. Utilizing against destructive and non-attractive submarine steel for jump watches is one wonderful example.

Now Sinn’s second model made of Damascus Steel has become accessible. As watches made of Damascus Steel are very uncommon a particularly model introduced by a notable brand merits consideration. We took a nearer look.

Sinn 1800 Damaszener

The idea and configuration is practically indistinguishable from Sinn’s 1800 S Damaszener introduced in 2016. The “S” represents “schwarz” (dark in German) showing that the principal Sinn watch made of Damascus steel had a dark PVD covering. This was the answer for render the Damascus steel impervious to erosion brought about by mugginess. The Damascus steel utilized at that point was made of non-hardened steel. The dark covering added another plan layer (quip planned). However, this covering likewise marginally covered and shrouded the Damascus steel pattern.

Damascus Steel Case

In Balbachdamast, a German company spent significant time in the mechanical creation of Damascus Steel, Sinn has discovered the accomplice to give Damascus steel made of treated steels guaranteed for the utilization as inserts and along these lines even better than careful steel (316L). This outcomes in a material that requires no compromises to be utilized for extraordinary watch cases.

And this outcome is staggering. The 1800 Damaszener epitomizes all you associate with Damascus steel.  Traditionally Damascus steel had been utilized for exceptional blades and blades. The first antiquated method to make Damascus steel has been lost. Yet, more present day proliferation methods accomplish a comparable outcome by produce welding at least two unique prepares to combine their various qualities like hardness and adaptability into a completely new material with completely new attributes. Such a piece of welded prepares is over and over “collapsed” to twofold the quantity of layers. This way hundreds or thousands of layers are made and the average Damascus designs arise. To make the lines noticeable which are brought about by the distinctive combined prepares the surface must be scratched with an acid.

The 1800 Damaszener shows these trademark designs on each piece of the watch. A forte of the 1800 Damaszener is the way that the complete watch case including the dial is cut from a square of Damascus steel. Dial and instance of the watch are one piece. Thus the example on the dial proceeds with the bezel and across the entire case. The screw down case back and the crown are made of Damascus steel, as well. Furthermore, even the clasp and furthermore the pin of the clasp are produced using Damascus steel. This is noteworthy regard for detail.

Each piece of Damascus steel is one of a kind on the grounds that the individual example of lines can’t be implemented or repeated. Consequently each 1800 Damaszener is one of a kind as well.

The case has a width of 43 mm and is 10.4 mm thick. While the surfaces of the dial and case are not cleaned in the typical sense they are smooth and at specific points mirror light like a mirror. This watch is glossy. Also, at this size, the watch unquestionably isn’t attentive. However, wearing this watch you won’t need to cover up it.

Sinn states the heaviness of the watch without tie as 75 gram. Holding the watch in the hand and wearing it on the wrist it doesn’t truly feel substantial yet certainly observable, which is entirely proper. The case is water-safe up to 10 bar.

The dial – more Damascus steel

The dial is overwhelmed by the Damascus steel design. Hands and applied hour markers are planned in a straightforward subtle rod style. The hands are dark. The hour markers are cleaned clear at their sides and dark on the top. Hour and moment hand and hour markers are covered with white Superluminova that sparkles blue in the dark.

There is a date window at six o’clock. Because of the way that the dial is important for the situation, the dial is moderately thick and the date window is a generally profound pipe. The “dividers” of this “channel” are canvassed in dark and the date show is white content on a dark foundation. Perusing the date isn’t actually simple however it isn’t truly hard either and this way the date meddles with the remainder of the dial as little as possible.

The brand name and the name of the watch are the solitary content on the dial. Without the “DAMASZENER” text it would be looking shockingly better – particularly as the plan of this content square doesn’t show up very high grade.


Sinn has applied their TEGIMENT innovation to solidify surfaces of watch cases to a few distinct metals. Furthermore, they have additionally applied it to the Damascus Steel of this model. The unmistakable properties of TEGIMENT are that it doesn’t change the vibe of surface materials and that it is genuinely powerful. Sinn has made a supposed TEGIMENT set to show the impact of that surface solidifying innovation. The set incorporates a watch instance of untreated steel, a watch callous by TEGIMENT and a little screwdriver as utilized by a watchmaker. First they request that you scratch the untreated watch case with the screwdriver. This is a difficult demonstration in light of the fact that the screwdriver effectively cuts the steel extremely profound. At that point they request that you do likewise with the TEGIMENT case. Also, the outcome is a genuine amazement. Regardless of whether you apply extensive power to that screwdriver looking into it the solitary impact you cause is a smidgen of scraped area of the screwdriver working on this issue that you can clear off with a finger. The TEGIMENT solidified case stays undamaged.

Inside and around

The development working in the 1800 Damaszener is an ETA 2892-A2 – no more, no less. So you can expect a truly dependable companion offering a force hold of roughly 42 hours.

Sinn remembers an impressively complete arrangement of adornments for the enormous and incredibly very much made box, which is opened by a comfortable press button. The most viable worth is offered by a subsequent lash. The watch comes mounted on a medium earthy colored vintage tie. The subsequent lash is a similar plan yet in dark. There are substitution spring bars, which put a fulfilled grin all over. The included lash evolving apparatus, shockingly, isn’t sufficient to change the tie on this watch. The apparatus offers two push-pins which are the correct instrument for spring bar openings that arrive at completely through the drags. The 1800 Damaszener (luckily) doesn’t have openings on the external side of its hauls. For this sort of drags, you need an apparatus with a little fork. Accordingly, Sinn, on the off chance that you generously give us a tie changing instrument if it’s not too much trouble, fit it in a way we can apply it to the watch. To wrap things up a loupe and a cleaning fabric are additionally included.


The Sinn 1800 Damaszener is steel as steel can be. This metal in its most restrictive state of Damascus steel characterizes this watch. The plan follows this idea down to the littlest detail. This watch is boisterous yet not senseless. It’s cool. Furthermore, it is remarkable. On the off chance that you like Damascus Steel and are not scared of showing this here is your watch.

At the cost of €7.800 the 1800 Damaszener is penetrating the standard value range for watches by Sinn. In any case, compared to the next couple of watches in Damascus steel available, this cost shows up fair.


Like its archetype, the 1800 Damaszener is restricted to 100 exclusively numbered pieces. The 1800 S Damaszener from 2016 is sold out completely. Also, around early afternoon of the day, Sinn introduced the 1800 Damaszener at the 2018’s version of the Munichtime reasonable the rundown of accessible restriction numbers was at that point filled three-fourths. So Sinn, who straightforwardly market their watches, will have a couple of pieces left in stock. In the event that this survey has wet your craving for this watch you may check one of their business accomplices out who are recorded on their .