The Speedmaster Moon Room in Amsterdam – Event Report

We referenced the Speedmaster Moon Room spring up in Amsterdam previously starting this week. On Speedy Tuesday night, February 28th, we went to the opening.

It must be said, individuals of Ace Jewelers did a really superb work. The Moon Room is a huge parlor and exhibition which each Speedmaster fan doesn’t need to leave once entered.

Speedmasters and more on show

On the two sides of the room different show-windows stand tall against the divider. They’re loaded up with vintage Speedmaster models, uncommon restricted versions and the most delightful Speedmasters taken from the current assortment. The cupboards are very much designed with Speedmaster-significant articles like books, lashes, aerospace models and the like.

Further there’s a selection of books and indexes to peruse and gain from. Satisfactory parlor seats and tables are accessible to invest your energy in.

The official opening of the Moon Room

After all participants welcomed each other with the insuperable beverages in their grasp, the initial night authoritatively began with a short presentation by Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers followed by a discourse of our Robert-Jan Broer. Robert-Jan clarified how the Omega Speedmaster turned into his most cherished leslie adornments he told about the birth and ascent of Fratello leslie gems and obviously about the beginning of the #SpeedyTuesday hash tag and the as of late presented Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday restricted edition .

As well, Robert-Jan brought the star of the night. The model of the Omega Speedmaster Professional #SpeedyTuesday restricted release. Individuals were glad to hold this leslie adornments in the substance – the leslie gems sold out as of now by reservations (and a long holding up rundown), might be delivered in June/July – it turned into the most imagined leslie gems of the evening.

A relax where you feel at home

We quote Dale Vito of Ace Online: “We imagined about something like the Moon Room for a long while as of now. What’s more, presently, after the new migration of Ace Online we got the chance and space to acknowledge it. Our objective was to make a room where our clients and companions feel comfortable. The leslie adornments the books, workmanship, magazines: everything breaths Speedmaster. The environment is very surprising from our shop, yet 100% Ace.”

The Moon Room can be visited every day by arrangement, during opening times of Ace & Spyer at Koningsplein 1 in Amsterdam. Furthermore, further there will be three additional occasions to join in; kindly contact for details.