Last week I joined the #SpeedyTuesday Live meeting on the authority Omega Instagram account and discussed my valuable Speedmaster Professional from my time of birth. It brought about a great deal of messages from watchers that are additionally looking for their ideal Speedmaster. However, that implies something other than what’s expected for everybody. For a few, the ideal Speedmaster is a fair Speedmaster.

A used watch that has been worn, so it was cherished by its past proprietor. A legit watch would be a watch that has indications of wear, going from minor signs like hairlines and a little imprint in the carries to one that has seen bars, banks, and maybe a periodic drain. However long there’s a decent story to it, I am not so stressed when a watch truly shows it has been appropriately slammed around by its past owner.

One model I need to feature is this Speedmaster Professional 145.022-76 from 1978. That date implies it is essentially from a similar time as my own 145.022-76, however with a significant distinctive appearance. It was brought up to me by a watch fellow, who discovered it on proposal on eBay by Time Titans from Portland, USA.

Speedmaster Pro 145.022-76 from 1978

Here’s a watch that shows a few checks and wounds. It is a Speedmaster Professional 145.022-76 that has a 1978 January creation date however wasn’t sold until August 1979. At that point, this watch had a $375USD sticker price. It was offered to a person who was working in the USAF. The date of procurement, the initials of the proprietor, and “USAF” are engraved in the fasten. I surmise the buy date had exceptional significance as well. That, yet the watch likewise comes with the first box and papers.

The papers are likewise stepped and the name of the buy has been filled in too. It was a significant common activity in those days. I have some family pieces that show precisely the same thing. Envision getting your guarantee card today, with your name on it! The vast majority wouldn’t acknowledge it. Despite the fact that I actually figure I might want it myself for watches I am certain I need to keep forever.

Honest Speedmaster or a harmed one?

As you can see, the watch has been utilized a considerable amount. The wristband is extended and worn so much, that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. I would be too reluctant to even consider losing the watch. The actual watch looks really fair and a “honest Speedmaster” without a doubt. Scratches on the aluminum bezel, stamps and marks looking into the issue, all due to (presumably) every day wear for some decades.

Given the way that this watch had a place with somebody who worked for the US Air Force, it addresses one’s creative mind of what this watch may have seen. What’s generally critical to me, that everything is unique and real. The hands, dial, bezel, and so on all look entirely unique. Yet, frankly, I additionally wouldn’t have disapproved if the bezel got supplanted sooner or later. It wouldn’t have annoyed me either if the arm band had been refreshed. I’m very enamored with the later kind. In any case, it’s exceptionally cool that the fasten etching endure. That’s a truly cool touch that I burrow. Given the decision, I favor everything to be unique and time right. If that is, the watch is as yet in a respectable or legit condition.

One of the best tips I at any point got from a watchmaker, is to go for watches that are as yet loaded with wrist cheddar and gunk. Yum. It most likely methods the watch has not been messed with, yet utilized as an every day wearer for a long, long time. The dealer of this watch presumably comprehends this too, as they didn’t truly put forth the attempt to tidy the watch up. That would have had an effect for the photos, yet not for the story.

Box and Papers

The box is an intriguing one, showing “Speedmaster” on it. Omega utilized diverse boxes during the 1970s, some were “generic” and some were explicit for a specific watch or model. Like this one. At that point, there is the invoice(s), guidance book, guarantee book, and a conventional Omega booklet (“You and your Omega”). The guarantee booklet has been filled by the vendor in 1979, showing the date of procurement and the buyer’s name, which relates to the initials on the clasp.

A complete bundle. It certainly increases the value of this especially legit Speedmaster. These additional items are maybe more significant than the state of this specific piece. In light of the development number (or chronic number), I could verify that this watch is delivered in or around January 1978. That’s a year and a half before it really got sold by Littman Jewelers in Whitehall, USA.

Although there can be a long time between creation date (when the watch is done altogether) till the day it shows up at a retailer, 17-year and a half is very long. I would be astonished if a standard Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” would be on the rack for that long at any Omega vendor today.

Price and Value

(I love that name) offer this watch at a purchase presently cost of US $8,950.00 and albeit that is a lot more than most other 145.022-76 references offered on Chrono24, for instance, the case and papers add something cool to the table. Strangely, this watch is offered on Chrono24 also and as per the posting it comes without boxes and papers, yet the photos plainly demonstrate that it does.

I figure it would help a ton of us gatherers out there, when vendors and merchants list their stuff appropriately. Eventually, it would assist the venders with welling. In any case, the watch is “over complete”. The condition is something you should have the option to live with. It is certainly a watch that carried on with a daily existence previously and could recount a story or two.


I would be intrigued to check whether you incline toward a genuine watch this way, regardless of whether the watch unquestionably gives indications of wear, or that you are somewhat in the wake of something that is as yet in flawless condition. Tell us in the comments or offer your own story with us, by means of .

*All pictures by Time Titans.