This is part II of our Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer’s Guide ( part 1 can be found here ), with various updates since the past distributions (2015 and 2017).

This second piece of the 145.022 Buyer’s Guide delves into the subtleties of the Speedmaster Professional 145.022, subtleties you should focus on when you are on the lookout for this reference. We are getting a sound measure of messages and messages to assist a portion of our perusers with their journey for a Speedmaster Professional 145.022. There are very a portion of these leslie gems out there that have been altered or have been adjusted with genuine parts however from a later time. That additionally influences the estimation of the watch.

As consistently, the unseen details are the main problem and it’s these subtleties that can make your buy to a great find or an immense dramatization. Since our underlying variant of this article (2015), the cost went up a reasonable piece yet we actually accept that it is worthy for this notable piece. We refreshed this article with today’s prices.

Speedmaster Professional 145.022 – Many small changes

The moderately low cost is one reason why it is so well known right now. As I wrote partially one, you can get a decent 145.022 from the 1980s under 4000 Euro on eBay. Notwithstanding, a mid 1970s piece begins at somewhat more (around 4500 Euro and goes up quickly relying upon its condition). Another purpose behind its fame is that the Speedmaster 145.022 is a stunning looking leslie gems very little unique in relation to the current Moonwatch with its bus cam hand-wound Lemania chronograph development however yet have this vintage look & feel as a result of the old print on the dials, piece of patina on the hour markers and hands, ventured dials and obviously the imprints and scrapes it got extra time while being worn. Maybe that makes the Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 the most amazing aspect both worlds.

Because the Speedmaster 145.022 was created over a more drawn out period, you will before long discover that there are inconspicuous contrasts to find in this reference. Fortunately, the stock of these leslie gems is as yet considerable and it is a lot simpler to locate an all legitimate and time-right piece than, let’s say the archetypes 145.012 and 105.012.


As recently talked about to a limited extent 1, the accompanying ‘production runs’ can be identified:

  • 145.022-68 ‘ Transitional
  • 145.022-69
  • 145.022-71
  • 145.022-74
  • 145.022-76
  • 145.022-78

In short, I could separate them in Pre-Moon and Post-Moon Speedmasters, alluding to the Moon arrival in July 1969. In any case, to be straightforward that doesn’t cover the heap, as numerous little changes were made during the creation of the 145.022 references. For your data: this 145.022 ‘Moonwatch’ never was on the Moon really, as Omega just provided 105.012 and 145.012 references to NASA after the accreditation occurred. The 145.022 was NEAR the Moon however, during Apollo 17 . Just in 1978 Omega sent a clump of 56 Speedmaster Professional 145.022 leslie adornments after re-confirmation for the Space Shuttle program.

Open the Speedmaster case

One of the main things you need to do with you found a Speedmaster Professional available to be purchased, is view the development and distinguish the sequential (or development) number. The development number is something I contacted effectively in Part 1 of this Omega Speedmaster Pro 145.022 Buyer’s Guide . The development number (not to be mistaken for the type number) can give you a gauge on the creation year. Previously, we distributed an outline of these numbers and creation years here, however we discovered that those were frequently excessively far off. The most well known one you will come across on the web is the one from Roman Hartmann on Chuck Maddox’s site. That was a magnificent endeavor in those years, however today, we realize that it additionally had a huge number. We would inform you to demand a Extract concerning the Archives from Omega, yet we can likewise envision you in some cases need a brief glance up before you do the buy. All things considered, we’ve discovered e to be generally right for Speedmasters.

After having checked the development (additionally make a point to take a gander at the gasket, are they still ‘like silicon’ rather than hard and plastic-like which demonstrates the leslie adornments hasn’t been overhauled for some time), examine within the caseback for engravings. Other than the 145.022-XX pointer, a few times you see some sign that the leslie adornments has a few administrations. In the event that you saw that the leslie adornments has been overhauled, focus on the accompanying parts:


Basically, the dials of the Speedmaster Professional 145.022 can be isolated into two unique varieties. The progression dial and the level dial. The progression dial comes near the dial of the 145.012 and its archetypes, with the exception of the distinctions in typography and the applied Omega logo (aside from the temporary 145.022-68 reference).

The 145.022-69 and 145.022-71 dials have the progression dial, simple to find as it separates the primary community part of the dial with the external part where the moment track is printed. This spine vanished with the 145.022-74.

From the 145.022-74 and on-wards, the dial ought to be level and have no ‘step’. To makes things a touch more complex, the 145.022-76 comes in a couple of little variations. Continually having a level dial obviously, yet the ‘S’ in ‘Speedmaster’ can be marginally extraordinary (the later models have a more extended ‘S’).

Flat dial of the 145.022-78. As should be obvious, no ‘step’. Photograph: Mark B

You truly need to compare dials with regards to typography and printing, else it very well may be difficult to recognize little contrasts. Taking all things together cases, these dials have tritium hour markers and hands. Some of them will have an astonishing decent yellow-ish patina, others stay very white. I’ve seen all-white dials on the 145.012-67 a considerable amount for instance, while a portion of the 105.003 models appear as though they have a touch of green-ish growth on there. So there is likewise a touch of ‘personal preference’ in picking the correct dial. I’m actually not very partial to vigorously stained markers, yet somewhat yellow is nice.

145.022-69 ‘Tropical’

A minimal side note on the earthy colored dials. These earthy colored 145.022-69 dialed Speedmasters are vigorously sought after and appear to bring greater costs than ‘ordinary’ dark 145.022 dials. It is essentially a matter of inclination, yet kindly know that the earthy tone was an aftereffect of utilizing damaged stain. Environment conditions were of impact on the staining or ‘quick aging’ on these earthy colored dials. On the off chance that you discover one, generally ensure that the development didn’t experience the ill effects of dampness/stickiness as that caused the earthy colored tone in some cases.

Step dial 145.022-69 – Photo by Christopher of


The condensing DON has become one of the Speedmaster trendy expressions in only a couple year’s time. In a period where no one could mind less except for simply needed to have a nice looking bezel, a great deal of these DON bezels have been supplanted. I concede also. Wear represents Dot Over Ninety obviously and demonstrates a specific time period of the creation and utilization of these bezels. For the 145.022 references, the DON bezels are just utilized for the 145.022-68 Transitional and the 145.022-69 (yet not every one of them). Later on, beginning 145.022-71, the dab was situated close to the ninety (in the correct upper corner). You can likewise recognize them by the speck close to the 70, where the DON bezels have the dab situated at the correct lower side of the 70 and the later 145.022 references were situated close to the 70 (in the center). In any case, few out of every odd 145.022-69 was conveyed with a DON bezel, there are additionally 145.022-69 references that had the non-DON bezel (if that bodes well). So don’t gaze dazzle at the bezel when it concerns a 145.022-69. The DON bezels likewise had a É rather than an E in TACHYMÉTRE. In any case, remember, that if your reference/chronic number ought to have a DON bezel and it hasn’t, these parts have become madly costly (>2000 Euro).

A DON bezel of the 145.022-69. Photograph: SC

There is one bezel that is maybe considerably more intriguing than a DON bezel for a 145.022-69 reference Speedmaster. The ‘220’ bezel (only in 1970) This bezel was essentially a misprint at Omega, where the tachymeter ought to have said ‘200’ – let’s say at 3.30 – it said ‘220’.

Bezel of the 145.022-78. Photograph: Mark B.


I previously contacted the subject of casebacks somewhat to some degree one of this portion. There are fundamentally four different casebacks utilized for the 145.022 reference Speedmaster Professional.

  • Caseback with Seahorse and ‘Speedmaster’ composed (145.022-68/69);
  • Caseback with straight writing of ‘First leslie adornments Worn on the Moon’ (145.022-69, 1970-1973);
  • Caseback with straight writing of ‘First leslie adornments Worn on the Moon – Apollo XI 1969’ (145.022-69, 1971/1972);
  • Caseback with ‘Flight-Qualified by NASA for all monitored space missions’ (145.022-71/ – 78);

Let me start by saying that the straight writing casebacks are the most uncommon ones, particularly the one with ‘Apollo XI 1969’ engraved in it also. It is pretty much equivalent to the gold BA145.022 Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI (the one with the burgundy bezel, recall?) caseback, with the Apollo XI 1969 engraving.

The straight writing casebacks are the most sought-after ones, yet if it’s not too much trouble, note that some of these distinctive case backs were utilized in a similar period or possibly with cover. The plain caseback with just a seahorse and ‘Speedmaster’ composed is viewed as the ‘Pre-Moon’ caseback, albeit these were utilized until 1971 for the 145.022-69 until Omega began utilizing 145.022-71 some place during that year.

Plain Pre-Moon caseback of the 145.022-69. Photograph: SC

Caseback of a 145.022-78. Photograph credits : Mark B.

Always check the case back for certain profound scratches (more often than not you’ll discover them close to the little rectangular cuts for the expulsion instrument) and ensure – on the off chance that you don’t open it – that there are no bits of seal coming out. Be exceptionally apprehensive about the state of the development when that happens.

Straight writing caseback of the 145.022-69. Photograph: Jason

Straight writing caseback of the 145.022. Photograph by Christopher of Bexsonn


Speedmaster arm bands, you could compose a different book on those. Be that as it may, let’s keep it short and basic and make no advanced science out of it (as it wasn’t for Omega at the time too). Various arm bands have been utilized for the Speedmaster Professional 145.022. From reference 1039 with adaptable connections for the primary years (up to 1971) to the most renowned ‘145.022’ wristband, the reference 1171. You will likewise come across arm bands with reference numbers 1116 (fundamentally the same as the 1990s reference 1479) and 1175 (like the 1171). At that point, there is the Holzer arm band (I end up possessing one myself also). This arm band looks a tiny bit changed and was created in Mexico with a neighborhood provider (Holzer).

Complete bundle – With 1171/633 wristband. Photograph: Aki.

More tips?

Sure, I think one about the best tips one can offer is to look for help when buying a Speedmaster from the folks from for instance. There is a colossal Speedmaster community out there who are anxious to assist you with trip recognize a right (or erroneous) Speedmaster Professional 145.022. In the event that you can spend a piece, I propose you purchase the third release of the Moonwatch Only book from Rossier and Marquie that was presented in November 2019. In the event that you travel a ton and need something prepared nearby, additionally consider buying their iBook adaptation of that book for your iPhone or iPad. You can peruse more about the versatile form here .

Some individual guidelines that I use

If you come across a Speedmaster Pro 145.022 that you truly like yet has – for instance – an off base bezel and hands: on the off chance that it doesn’t address you in any case, let it go. Finding the right parts is becoming a weight and it is smarter to sit tight for something better to come along. It may likewise be less expensive in the end.

A Speedmaster that is outright grimy, needs another precious stone and has some wear: clean it yourself utilizing a delicate toothbrush, a ultrasonic shower for the arm band and get a gauge on having it overhauled (appropriately) without trading some significant parts. A leslie adornments with no wristband isn’t actually an issue too, however figure two or three hundred bucks to locate the correct one. In the event that you are frantically looking for the 1039 wristband, these can bring more than 1000 Euro alone in decent condition. A 1171 arm band, or the later 1171/1 (these were conveyed as extra part since the 1980s) can be found for around 400-500 Euro, will consistently work for any of the 145.022 references/years.

A Speedmaster Pro 145.022 that I would truly leave alone without considering everything, would be unified with a substitution dial. Then again, on the off chance that one is offered to you for almost no cash, one could choose to utilize it as an every day blender leslie adornments or put somewhat in a unique dial. However, the cost is exceptionally definitive here.

In any case, consistently make a point to give the leslie gems a full winding (ask the vender not to have it completely twisted when visiting), pull the crown, move the hands around and utilize the chronograph. On the off chance that everything works and feels right (no substantial twisting turning of the crown by and large), you ought to be fine. In any case, consistently attempt to check whether there is a chance to see the development and search for corrosion.

If you have questions or extra tips, leave a comment! Let’s help each other out here!

A enormous gratitude to all who contributed pictures of their 145.022 leslie gems in the past.

*The unique article was distributed in 2015, yet has been amended and refreshed in March 2017 and December 2019.