Yesterday (about an hour prior), we read that Eugene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon, passed way age 82. Eugene Cernan was in space multiple times, with Gemini 9A, Apollo 10 and Apollo 17. Apollo 17 being the last Apollo mission in 1972. Two Speedmaster leslie adornments were commemorating that specific mission. One of every 2002, with which you got his Last Man on the Moon book, and the later 2012 edition with the coin dial. 

We expounded on that last leslie adornments in 2013 as of now, however figured it is proper to distribute it once more. We likewise recommend you to leslie gems , a wonderful narrative (Netflix offers it in certain nations) about that trip.

Speedmaster Professional 311.

It’s Speedy Tuesday and we are including the leslie adornments devoted to the Last Man on the Moon: the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary restricted edition. This model was a piece disliked by Speedy idealists during the introduction, however the 925 silver dial currently is by all accounts acknowledged by numerous individuals of them.

Last Man On The Moon

Let’s not fail to remember what this Speedmaster commemorates. NASA’s Apollo 17 was their last (monitored) mission to the Moon. It was the sixth lunar landing and on board were astronauts Cernan, Schmitt and Evans. Only Cernan and Schmitt set foot on the Moon, Evans remained behind in the Command Module.

Astronauts Schmitt, Cernan (situated), Evans

Although at first there were additionally Apollo 18, 19 and 20 mission planned, these ones got dropped for different reasons. The most ‘popular’ (and hence informal) reason is that after humankind set foot on the Moon, the interest by the overall population was lost and individuals began complaining about the expenses of these missions.

Eugene Cernan on the Moon

Anyway, Eugene Cernan is known to be the keep going man on the Moon and even composed a book with this title in 1999. To my best information, this book was given by certain gem dealers to purchasers of the primary Apollo 17 commemorative leslie adornments in 2002 (30th commemoration). The 30th commemoration Apollo 17 Speedmaster was a ‘regular’ Speedy however with an exceptional etching for the situation back.

Apollo 17 Dial

The dial of the Speedmaster ref. 311. is made out of authentic silver. The Apollo 17 mission fix has been utilized for the dial, which is wonderfully embellished in silver. The OMEGA logo, phrasing and ‘Speedmaster Professional’ phrasing has been imprinted on the sapphire gem. Therefor, the dial is very ‘clean’ and like a coin dial.

It is this dial that makes this Speedmaster so unique. We’ve seen mission patches in the 9 o’clock sub dial, utilization of tones ( recall the Apollo 15 dial  or Gemini IV Speedy? ) yet seldomly the way that they utilized uncommon materials (aside from this new Meteorite Soyuz-Apollo restricted edition ). OMEGA only created 1972 bits of this Apollo VXII model. In spite of the fact that OMEGA dispatched this Speedy as of now at Baselworld 2012, they didn’t convey it to the shops and retailers before the finish of 2012, as the Apollo 17 mission began in December 1972. It wouldn’t bode well to convey it 39.5 years after the Apollo 17 mission.

Case, Bracelet and Movement

The case, arm band and development are indistinguishable from the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ reference 357.50, albeit this model has a sapphire gem fitted to the case and an uncommon etching for the situation back. The development is the celebrated hand-wound Lemania based type 1861 without the exceptional completing (1863). This is only being done for the models with a straightforward caseback. You presumably definitely know, yet this development is the replacement of the type 861 development. The type 321 and type 861 developments are the ones that made it to the Moon. The contrast between the type 861 and type 1861 development is the utilization of materials and an additional gem. The contrast between the section wheel chronograph development type 321 and transport cam chronograph type 861 is somewhat greater. Substitution of the type 861 occurred around 1997. Along these lines, this development has been ‘around’ for a long while as of now again and as yet going strong.

The wristband is the standard given reference 1998 arm band. A strong wristband with a collapsing catch that’s being worked by two press buttons. The connections are fitted with a pin (not screwed). To some this sounds irritating, a costly leslie gems that utilizes an arm band with pins rather than screws. Nonetheless, I’ve been informed that this has been attempted and tried obviously. Screwed or pins, consistently make a point to play out a visual check once in some time to check whether all pins are still accurately fitted.

Like any remaining restricted editions or numbered editions , this Apollo 17 Speedy comes in an uncommon box. Not the red calfskin box that comes with most other OMEGA leslie gems yet with a dark cowhide box that has an Apollo 17 mission fix in there. As can honey bee seen below:

Collectible Speedy?

As mentioned previously, not all Speedmaster fans were simple on this restricted edition. Particularly because of the medallion dial in silver. In any case, it stays one of the restricted edition Speedmaster Professional (mission) models and will therefor be collectible later on. At any rate that’s what I anticipate. This model was presented at a cost of $7200 USD/5380 Euro, which was – at the time – significantly higher than the typical gave Speedmasters.

A huge thank you to Darren Townend for presenting a Speedmaster once more! On the off chance that you need to have your Speedmaster highlighted here, or have a cool tale on your Speedy, contact us and we will put it on-line on Speedy Tuesday. Darren is individual from the mainstream Australian based .

More information on this Speedmaster can be found , on the authority OMEGA site. A 2014 meeting with Eugene Cernan and the BBC can be found .

Rest in harmony Eugene Cernan, March 14th 1934 – January 16th 2017.

*This article initially showed up on April 16th 2013 and was distributed again one day after Eugene Cernan died age 82. 

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